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Yes, Reporting Confirms, Rudy Giuliani a Subject of Criminal Investigation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/11/yes-reporting-confirms-rudy-giuliani-subject-criminal-investigation

Dracula always gets staked in the movies.

Man, do I hope Rudy’s end comes in a similar fashion.


And our flawed electoral system has allowed him to thrive. Slowly over the decades our politicians have ceded power over to the administration and court where it is virtually impossible to rid ourselves of criminals. We now have a corrupted administration that has made government for profit, no matter how illegal, seem totally normal. Elaine Chow and Hubby Moscow Mitch have guaranteed rubber stamp on anything evil.


“Progressives reacted Friday with grim satisfaction at the news Giuliani is allegedly being investigated.”

I guess than means they’re happy that investigators will pursue evidence of crimes or make stuff up in the event Guliani is innocent. After all, that is what they assumed was happening when the President of the United States asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the legal corruption of Biden and his son. According to Adam Schiff, Trump was using the carrot of military aid to pressure Zelensky to come up with the equivalent of the Steele Dossier against Lunchbox Joe.

I consider myself a Progressive and I am sick and tired of having that label dragged through the mud. Most progressives want the 2020 campaign to be about the issues that most affect average Americans. Instead, the media and DNC have decided to pursue a political vendetta that has been predetermined to fail in the end. Every two years the media and political class bend themselves into pretzels in their efforts to avoid covering real issues. Looks like the SOS this time as well.

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What a crazy way to get dirt on Biden. The whole thing’s at Consortium News, and at one point was even in the WSJ.

Though I wish I could, like Harry Shearer, laugh every time I hear or say “president of the United States”…bfleury is nevertheless totally right.

I’m gonna test out embedded links here…it’s getting to where you have to make references…it’s getting moderately complex.

The way overlooked factor I quote below you can find
here at The Nation…

The Washington-led attempt to fast-track Ukraine into NATO in 2013–14 resulted in the Maidan crisis, the overthrow of the country’s constitutionally elected president Viktor Yanukovych, and to the still ongoing proxy civil war in Donbass.

Hmm…embed doesn’t seem to be working. If interested, yall can duck search it in the meantime (the text with “Stephen Cohen”), but I’ll return saying more, and trying to make’em work

I guess we’ll be waiting under articles like these every day for informed commentary like yours.

What in the world reason can one find to defend Trump after all the wreckage?? There is only one. That Democrats (and the Republican impeachers) are not using the opportunity to send a message to future presidents to get our armed forces out of where they are causing more problems. All the replacement candidates in the wings, save maybe two if you include Gabbard, are giving no indication they will be copisetic with such a message regarding “aid” to Ukraine. One looks at this 60/40 split [58/38] over impeachment, and mental anguish over gridlock in the polity raises its ugly head. All the while, I remember Arlie Hochschild being on Democracy Now in 2016. https://www.democracynow.org/appearances/arlie_russell_hochschild

In the first place we don’t know where Trump’s even handed view toward Russia comes from [in terms of all his other views it’s out of place, though on protectionism there’s somewhat of a similarity]. Is it because he’s impressed by the power of Russia’s “mild” version of autocracy? Is it the money laundering contacts? Or is it the only principle that survives in Trump’s unprincipled brain? We don’t know. The only thing we know is that we’re faced with this gridlock in the polity. It’s as if Trump already has the civil war he wanted.

There are probably more people than me that think, because of the facts here at this link, now…

…is the time to make a point…before Trump totally slides over to the neocons and before that aforementioned “principle” of his goes totally out the window.

Below is something from a René Girard interview…

CH: You’ve pointed out that our whole contemporary
society is reaching a point of ‘mimetic crisis.’ What, exactly,
causes a mimetic crisis?

RG: A mimetic crisis is when people become undifferentiated. There
are no more social classes, there are no more social differences,
and so forth. What I call a mimetic crisis is a situation of
conflict so intense that on both sides people act the same way and
talk the same way even though, or because, they are more and more
hostile to each other. I believe that in intense conflict, far
from becoming sharper, differences melt away.

When differences are suppressed, conflicts become rationally
insoluble. If and when they are solved, they are solved by
something that has nothing to do with rational argument: by a
process that the people concerned do not understand and even do
not perceive. They are solved by what we call a scapegoat

What everyone wants is to live in a “smart house,” and have a smart job, and have the bullying the US does (to bring in the consumer items at low cost) continue on and on with no obstructions?

The fact is we could be VERY lucky Trump hasn’t been more aggressive, as Clinton may have been, in Ukraine (against Russia), but at the same time he won’t get us out of Yemen [if you agree with me, you could call it a fact in relation to reasonable probability]. Democrats for their part might very well beef up “aid” for Ukraine, while most probably voted back in March to stop supporting Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. If you’re a Republican you conveniently avert your eyes in regard to the Yemen war. If you’re a Democrat, you avert’em when it comes to Ukraine. If Pubs don’t speak out on the Yemen war, they’re allowing an extreme. If Dems don’t come out of the woods on Ukraine, same deal. Both may be quiet on the respective issues, but both are allowing extremists to go forward (talk their talk and do their thing without challenge).


As in 2016, I am in the Sanders camp. For me, the dream team would be Sanders/Gabbard. Different ages, different backgrounds, different religions, and they could not come from two more distant locations in the US, Vermont and Hawaii. I have been voting for president since I cast my first vote for Jimmy Carter in 1976, my best vote, but the first of many votes for election losers. I voted for Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, and Obama which brought me supporting the winning candidate more, but at a price.

I spent 8 years defending the Clintons from all of the faux scandals from Travel-gate through the death of Vince Foster, Whitewater, and impeachment. I was pissed at Clinton because before the first run, he went on national television with Hillary to promise to me he’d keep it in his pants. I believed him. He lied.

At the time I thought it was cool having a Teflon Democrat for a change after suffering 8 insufferable years under Reagan. I cheered the 3% raise in income tax in 1993 because I believed it would show the world that the US was serious about deficits and, of course, because the Republicans declared it would bring the economy to collapse. It didn’t collapse the economy. The economy boomed (ok, The Internet revolution may have had a hand in it).

But, much to my folly, I didn’t really understand the full story with the specific aims of Al Frum and the Democratic Leadership Council. I had considered Clinton a breath of fresh air after the 1970s and 1980s but in retrospect I realize what a disaster his presidency was in many ways, among the most egregious being the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 which brought us Enron and the repeal of Glass-Steagall which brought us the great recession of 2008.

After the appointment of Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State by Obama, I started to really see the Clintons and their political entourage differently. I always believed she supported universal healthcare. I was wrong. I had never realized what a bloodthirsty psychopath she was in regard to foreign policy. How could any person who joked and laughed while relating the story of the sodomizing and murder of a fellow human being ever be nominated for the presidency?

So I voted for Jill Stein (I live in Massachusetts, I did not affect the electoral vote one bit), abandoning the Democratic party for the first time in my life. I did not want Clinton nominated nor elected and actually welcomed the election of Trump. The people had spoken and with one voice they said to the establishment that they weren’t going to take it anymore. They could have had Bernie as their outsider, but he was shivved by the DNC.

But then came the coup. I had been watching coups in Ukraine and Honduras, the attempted coups in Venezuela and Syria and I connected the dots. For years I had been saying that everything we do abroad comes back to the American people. The violence, drug addiction, and immorality of the Vietnam War came back to poison us for a generation. The terrorist attacks we sponsor and US armed forces commit abroad came back to New York in 2001. After the fall of the Soviet Union, we became the most intrusive surveillance state in the history of the world, mirroring our Cold War opponent. What was happening to Trump, that odious gasbag, was a repeat of the CIA’s regime change strategy and I was having none of it.

So, the bottom line is, In 2016 I considered Trump both the lesser of two evils and the direct message to the Democratic party that selecting a candidate just slightly better than the Republican just won’t fly anymore. IMO for this lesson to take hold and we get the political revolution we need, Trump needs to be defeated at the polls, not roughed up in the parking lot. 2020 has to be about the issues, or we are back where we start in 2009 when Obama was elected for hope and change and the American people ended up with no hope and little change.

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Ruddy at first appears to be a cuddly cartoonish character. His a glory hound, and has proven to be another right-wing hatchet man.
I think he will seat nicely at one of those long picnic style prison mess hall tables, where he can tell the tales of the day. Many days.

Thanks for relating that saga. I traveled a similar road, got away from the details for a while, but then Iran/Contra brought’em all back into my head [or wherever you think the real thinking goes on]. Now with the unpredictability, as Chomsky mentioned early on, you can’t get away from’em at all. My point above I guess is that the two camps each have a war they’re OK with. “The base” I think will move away from Yemen and Iran (wars), but what was prior is what we look at to see what we should
do now…different.

Always a way out (I only know of El-Tayyeb’s proposals as they exist on facebook) https://www.facebook.com/hassan.eltayyab/posts/10156720888555838

Out of online time for today.

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Make America great again my patootee.
Let’s forget that bull s_ _t. How about dump trump, and make America good again.
I don’t see America aspiring to greatness while I’m still alive. If our children want America to be great it will be up to them to turn this country around.

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