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'Yes': Stormy Daniels' Attorney Says Adult Film Star and Trump Did Have Sexual Relationship


'Yes': Stormy Daniels' Attorney Says Adult Film Star and Trump Did Have Sexual Relationship

Julia Conley, staff writer

The attorney representing adult film star Stormy Daniels was unequivocal on Wednesday morning when asked point-blank if his client and President Donald Trump had an extramarital sexual relationship.

"Yes," the attorney, Michael Avenatti, answered when asked by the "Today" show's Savannah Guthrie.



The man is so unappetizing. How did she manage to have sex with him without barfing all over the place…??


I’m guessing money goggles work even better than beer goggles (I never had enough money to test that theory).


We have been reading stories like this about famous people since the beginning of time. I always wondered why anyone would care about another person’s sex life. It is private and if cheating is going on it needs to be resolved with those it immediately effects …like the spouse. I’d rather turn our attention to how this President, with his cronies from both parties, is ruining all that is good in our country.


You couldn’t take enough showers the rest of your life. Ugh! Green soap?


Is this the gal that Donnie paid to pee on the bed while he watched? The 25th ammendment is there folks if someone(s) would just use it!


Here’s Ray McGovern on Jane Mayer’s article.



This man is unfit to even be a school bus driver faaaaaar less a POTOS.


The important thing is the violation of campaign finance laws and purchasing of silence not the sex. Gosh, she has lousy taste in men, but on the other hand is fitting mate for the shit head.
Wonder if Las Vegas is giving odds on Melania divorcing him after he leaves-or is evicted from- office.


No, the Trump golden shower episode occurred in 2013 in Moscow with an unidentified Russian prostitute doing the urination. Stormy Daniels is an American pornographic actress alleged to have had an extramarital affair with Trump in 2006, not long after Melania Trump had given birth to their child.

You do need a scorecard to keep track of the players involved in all these tawdry affairs.


Unfortunately, I have had enough beer in the dim and distant past, but I don’t remember much about any of the episodes.


You might not care about the sex lives of famous people but from the beginning of time billions of people have. So, these stories never go away. As rainshadow notes in this thread, “the important thing is the violation of campaign finance laws and purchasing of silence not the sex.”

This is somewhat analogous to L’affaire Lewinsky Bill Clinton experienced during his presidency, in which independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr just kept investigating Clinton until he could find something that would stick, which turned out to be the infamous stain on Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress. The crucial difference is that Clinton’s infidelity occurred as a sitting president while Trump’s did not.


Too true. The Clinton debacle, for example, was a weird peek into the private life of a president conducted by serial cheaters, liars and hypocrites. So 19th century.


Number one – these GAG rules are protecting men from accountability and way beyond issues like sexual harassment and lies. No GAG rule should be allowed where it covers up illegal behavior, crimes or information important for the public to know.

Meanwhile, it looks like Melania needs emergency care. More than likely she has long known she’s married to the world’s biggest sleaze akin to Weinstein. We all know it. What is she to do? She looks like she’s gone into total shock. She can’t leave. She has a son with this sleaze. She may also feel her parents are threatened by immigration laws should she try to change her circumstances.

And thanks to all of these women trying to speak out and to inform the public. Yes, we need to know.


How cool would it be that a porn star is the one who brings down Trump…


Probably the same way that Clinton got a Lewinsky in the White House - power makes ugly men attractive.


Bet you didn’t say that about Bill the Rapist Clinton, did you?


Oh, phullllllease…stop with the hypocrisy. This is the same Common Dreams where decades ago everyone was jumping up and down to defend Bill Clinton getting his knob polished in the White House as “this is his own private business.”

Honestly, the hypocrisy of you Liberals is breathtaking.


Stormy Daniels…Whether you have an agreement or not, go ahead and tell your story.
Trump… if this is another fake story that never happened, then what are you worried about?


Trump could’ve ensured Stormy’s silence by making her his presidential advisor. The fact that Trump didn’t do that proves that he’s a very, very, serious president.:slight_smile: