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Yes, the Looting Must Stop

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/01/yes-looting-must-stop


If nothing else, this is a lovely illustration that Drumpf’s gun waving neo-Nazi astroturf patriots are as record setting in numbers as his inauguration crowds were.

Sadly, Drumpf’s winning here in several ways as Media has completely taken the bait and is ignoring the fact we’re STILL in the middle of a pandemic in which 30% of fatalities are here with us in the US. The media blindly quotes mayors and governors taking their “facts” from their own police depts. And social media continues to causally promote division.


When Reagan was elected at a party the Oligarchs had a cake. The USA was mapped thereon. One pig put his arms around it and smiled and said “It’s ours!”. The Clintons and Obamas have destroyed the Democratic Party. Now it will be years before a Progressive base can meld into action. Good luck future generations. We stopped the Viet Nam war and did lots of other good things, like legal weed, but the Oligarchs who have been undoing the New Deal since WWII ended are just too powerful.


Travesties against brown and black skinned people became a microcosm of the 1% looting the 99% ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981.

Sad to say that too many of the 99% continue to deny who is looting them as they enable the looters.


When rich people do it, it’s called business as usual. When the rest of us do it, it’s considered a capital felony where we’re shot on sight. Especially if you’re a person of color. Private property is sacred, while Indigenous lands and monuments are resources to be strip-mined.


“Looting” in perspective: article from Jacobin: ttps://jacobinmag.com/2020/05/looting-minneapolis-police-george-floyd.

If you feel called to damage property, I suggest FOX News properties…


Sorry Tom Hartman, I’m not letting you of the hook anymore. The Democrats are just as responsible as the republicans. You’ve been pushing the Dems for to long. The Republicans are a death cult, the Democrats are the protection racquet. It’s time for change. Movement for a people’s party. Enough is enough.


The virus isn’t done yet. As more get sick more will wake up. As more wake up more will demand change.


These are some dark days. Chaos has become normal it seems. We must get rid of the main cause. DJT is a cancer to America.


I don’t condone the looting. It hurts the citizens where they live. It’s so disturbing to watch things escalate to that level. That said no one blinks an eye. Mostly because it’s not Main Street news. But the bankster crowd has looted this country for far more than you could ever take from a storefront and that’s just fine ?


This could have been an interesting article, it could have been accurate, it could have been an excellent discussion of strategy, instead it was a ridiculous foray into mindless American partisanship… the corporate elite have looted America and the world and it’s a bipartisan effort fighting over the corpses left behind.


We have to move to a different economic model to do that. Otherwise, every time you fill the gas tank, pay your water or electric bill, or get a bag of groceries at the store, you pay the looters.

And they are still looters, in the sense Hartmann is using the term. But most of the rank and file that carry out their orders and work for wages have no intention of aiding and abetting. Almost everyone is just trying to get by.

Therefore, we need local supply chains and cooperative groups to supply these things–and to use a lot less of certain sorts of thing as well, including things that do not lend themselves to local operations–hydrocarbon energy, nuclear energy, most imported goods, and so forth.

It is a pretty thorough retooling, but there’s no real dodging this one.


Always remember that not a single Democrat voted against the CARES act that looted trillions away from us. And that includes Bernie Sanders and “the Squad”. They are just as complicit in the looting of our country as any Republican.


Millions of people face eviction notices. We’re about to experience a summer of vast numbers, millions of people living on the streets, followed by a winter of vast numbers of people living on the streets. Already in our town, grab and go lunches for students are available for all students. Nobody asks how their parents are eating. Long lines at food pantries?

The Federal bailout is as uneven as uneven can be. The breadwinners of millions of families aren’t officially citizens after 20 or 40 years, although their kids are citizens. These families got zilch. Can the country afford to shelter these families, tens of millions of people, under bridges in winter? More to the point, can a score of fabulously wealthy Ebenezer Scrooges, including their bought Senators and their bought media, afford it?

During Hurricane Katrina ordinary people looted grocery stores for food, figuring that any sane country would allow for this emergency measure.

Exactly right.

No one should listen to Tom Hartmann. He sold out and became a McCarthyist the moment Trump came into office. He sold out everything he claimed to be and instead became a conspiracy theorist aligning himself with the establishment and neo-liberals.


I’ve earmarked my $1200 “bribe” from President Pigface for charitable purposes. I barely get by in retirement on Social Security (insurance), but that money was supposed to help those who lost their jobs and income. I’ll take a democratic party protection racket over a republican party death cult every time. You hit the nail on the head with that description of both major party leadership, but in my opinion, this is one of Hartmann’s better op/eds.


hey homer - you are in the wrong article – go find a FOX news blog…

Just like Amy Klobby mad the choice not to investigate police killings, Kamala Harris chose, made the choice, not to investigate or indict Mnuchen. “Millions of homeowners across the nation had their homes looted by thugs like Steven Mnuchen, California’s “Forclosure King,” and Wall Street banksters like Jamie Dimon, a practice that’s again exploding.” As you say Thom. In return she is the only Democratic candidate that received donations from him. Coincidence?

We need take the moral high ground. Time to let the corporate Dems move to the back of the bus where they belong. They can come along for the ride but that’s it. We don’t need Neo-Con policies.