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Yes, There Is Hope

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/27/yes-there-hope


A timely article that speaks to the need of the working class to cooperate.

It worth reflecting on the time period of the great depression where there a mixture of that working class cooperating and them being used against one another.

As example in the Grapes of Wrath , which reflected much of what was going on , there the example of the Joads being thrown off their farm and of local people being hired to plow those farms under . When asked how they could to this to their neighbours and friends they respond with their need to do so because they too are hungry , are being paid for this and have children at home.

In other examples we have banks seizing all of the assets of a farmer and selling it at auction and local farmers refusing to bid so that the Farmers whose assets seized could bid and buy it all back.

Much the same is happening today. There ads in papers in the USA where employers seeking GIG workers that will pay 125$$ per hour. The job they needed for? To help evict tenants behind on their rent.

People have to pick a side. Which shall it be?


Kind of like the Jews who were not inmates in the “work camps” because they were selected by the Nazis to be “workers” there…until the Nazis no longer needed “workers”.


Indeed the one remaining “hope” does come from the poor, the working class, the middle class, and all people of conscience coming together to cooperate.

Notice I didn’t mention anything about race? No mention of multicultural, multidimensional, social justice, identity politics.

The neo-liberal globalists litter their pamphlets and speeches with these terms for the simple reason that they are the pedagogy of “division” based on race. Hell, they’ve even gone so far as to turn the worldwide environmental destruction into a race thing - they call it environmental justice.

The problem is the elite billionaires, their corrupt “elected” servants, their thinktanks and lawyers, their media companies - and their constant use of race to divide us.

Keep your eye on the real problem and dispense with the divisive jargon. Until we do, there is no hope for the common people of the world to cooperate.


You’re referring to the Kapo:


An historical wrinkle which brought severe pain into the life of a great 20th century philosopher, incomparable Hannah Arendt. Because her investigations took a particular interest in how Jews could join into their own persecution, merely for remembering the existence of the Jewish Kapo… for telling that truth many Jews very close to Arendt turned their backs on her, considered her an enemy of Judaism. The most energetically repressed stories are always the most dangerous, interesting stories, like the story of the Jewish Kapo – at one point considered terribly impolite to breathe a word of.

There’s a dynamite (very moving, well done) biopic about this out there:


You’re a thinker worth keeping an eye on. And that’s a major ouch to contemplate: a pain in the ass!

Allow me to play with the following interpretation: White-supremacy has been historically center-stage during the establishment or construction of the vivid inequalities we call “environmental injustice” (contaminated municipal pipes all over Flint, for instance). However, this does not mean that disestablishing or deconstructing such problems has anything to do with “intersectionality” – with merging the various special interests of all the kinds of people dumped on. No no no. The way to turn it around is to open the eyes and recognize we’re all getting dumped on. Time to close the goddam dump.


I find hope to be cruel. In the age of late stage capitalism and increasing climatically triggered disasters, and the complete inability for governments to do anything other than say a few words then go back to business as usual, we are crashing at full speed into a solid brick wall. Hope does nothing to change these dynamics. I hope humankind survives the great collapse that’s coming. But that hope does nothing in a concrete fashion to affect change. Maybe my words will though. Perhaps a few will be inspired to act accordingly, but judging how ineffective the 'Extinction Rebellion" has been, I highly doubt it.


For me it’s a mixed bag: I’m planning my outfit for getting shot and killed in during the coming revolution. And then there’s all the tiny babies in the last five years born to people I work with. And then there’s the Sunrise people that I phone bank with, young, idealistic, hard workers, organized, and clear-eyed. (Yes, clear-eyed and idealistic at the same time.) So, even though there’s not a lot to be hopeful about, there’s plenty of action to be taken, come hell or high water. Yeah, with the high water at least we’ve got a chance, right?

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