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Yes, Those Earthquakes Are Caused by Fracking Boom, Studies Confirm


Yes, Those Earthquakes Are Caused by Fracking Boom, Studies Confirm

Zahra Hirji, InsideClimate News

Two new papers shed light on role of fossil fuel industry in driving surge in earthquakes, from Oklahoma to Texas.


Its not bad enough that fracking causes earthquakes, but injecting toxics and poisoning the groundwater when wars are being fought over drinking water scarcity is insane, brainsick, crazy, daft, demented, disordered, distraught, dotty, ignorant, dense, foolish, dull-witted, slow, simpleminded, vacuous, vapid, idiotic, imbecilic, obtuse, doltish and stupid.


Yeah, I was just going to mention that there was absolutely no mention in the article as to what fracking was doing to the diminishing supply of potable water.

  • But, “Thar’s money in them thar holes!”


There is no scientific evidence that deep enema injection of fracking wastewater into oil executives would cause cancer…


Oklahoma City is where huge government building are. I wonder if they sway to and fro, with the bureaucrats wondering what’s going on? At the top of large buildings, you can really feel 4.0 and above earthquakes, when people on the ground cannot. Those gov buildings are also downwind of the WIPP Government plutonium dump accident, and got dosed with dangerous radioisotopes along with Dallas Texas.

Maybe the same people who approved this destruction of everyone’s drinking water and air, are setting themselves and their families up for heartbreak and misery.

Poetic Justice, if you ask me.


Environmental systic ping. Externalizing costs and convenient ignorance, a violation against the planet and people.


I was going to say … but refrained… So, why wouldn’t it be important that this was happening, considering that this could lead to some type of more serious destabilizing of the ground in these areas… leading to some thing much much larger… and why not bring up every type of effect that this activity causes?.. you do not make sense.


The industrial mind (if there is one) at the scale of the oil and gas industry is being proven in far too many cases to be criminal. There has been little news recently about the case of Bayou Corne in Louisiana. Emblematic of the silenced scale of impacts being brought to light and the changes needed.