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Yes to Compassion: 12,000 Icelanders Step Up For Refugees, Thus Shaming Their Government (and Several Others')


Yes to Compassion: 12,000 Icelanders Step Up For Refugees, Thus Shaming Their Government (and Several Others')

Under the rubric, "Just Because It Isn't Happening Here Doesn't Mean It Isn't Happening," over 12,000 Icelanders have offered their homes and spare bedrooms and moral support to Syrian refugees after their own government said they would only help 50 of an estimated 4 million fleeing Syria's brutal civil war. "We have clothes, a bed, toys and everything a child needs," wrote a single mother and teacher. "I would of course pay for the airplane ticket.” "This is humanity," wrote another Icelander. "When world leaders look away, the people won't."


It's happening! It's happening! We the People of the World are finally awakening, despite our "governments" and their propaganda.
* People care! People help! Governments posture.
* Perhaps this mess can finally be turned around, by the people of the world caring, having empathy, compassion and love.
* Thank you, Icelanders, for showing the way.


1,216 total from the UK + the US. Shameful!!!


Finally! Iceland must have something in their water that hasn't diluted compassion. These people in Iceland who are offering up hope for a few is a beginning because what the whole world needs right now, today, is more compassion, especially for those fleeing the wars and terror and corruption in their homelands and for the refugees that the US creates with our invasions. If the US were as ready to offer asylum for those in need as we are to offer up materials for war humanity would might have a chance. But, no, no, no! There is no profit in allowing persons of color into our country, like they are the ones who give America a bad name. In her attempt to rule the world America has already destroyed whatever good name it might have had at one time.


The generous, humane offers from these Icelanders have filled my eyes with tears of shame. They model authentic compassion...
Be well.


This story is a very good illustration of how it is that governments and special interests are actively discarding human beings. The many of us who view this situation with compassion and have viewed similar situations in the past feel as if our government has degraded us into a meaningless mass of potential profit while forceably divorcing us from any real human emotion. That emotion is what the Icelanders still feel and they have acted positively on those feelings. These refugees are living a horror that many "USAans" have a hard time wrapping their heads around. All I can do is quote Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) from Apocalypse Now, "The horror, the horror." My hat's off to the Icelanders. Maybe someday my family and I will be able to get to Iceland so we can stand up on our own hind legs again and feel human once more.


The "West", notably the USA and all the NATO puppets are always willing to invade and bomb countries, but the resulting refugee crisis seems to make them even more hard-hearted. I am speaking of course of the leaders, not the generous normal humans such as we see in these examples in Iceland.


I also read this article in tears. My heart is broken for humanity.

Because I have a conscience, I am a Socialist.


right on. and iceland and its (non existent) CIA + M.I.C. didnt even CAUSE the refugee problem....


i wish there was a way to present this article to our seriously mentally ill members of amerikas M.I.C. and the neo naziCons who are working hard for the so called "End Times". perhaps this could crack their selfish and self centered sociopathic personalities and help them realize that War and Death,defrauding and killing your own citizens (like on 9/11,the war on error + a T) is not the Way to Heaven. it may come as a surprise but the people of Iceland are not only way ahead of you,spiritually speaking,but YOURE IN THE WRONG LINE.


thank you,ive lived too long in the u.s. and was forgetting what compassion and humanity looked like.thank you again for showing me.


right on.plus it would mean No minimum wage hikes for years! wait a minute....lets not give them any ideas.


My ancestors are from Iceland and Norway. I am so proud of them. Why my forebears moved to this insane asylum called the "land of the free", I'll never know. Wish I could move back.


Earlier this morning I was mulling over in my mind what country I would choose to live in when the West's (change that to the US') plan to dominate the world is put into full forward. I thought of Iceland because of its recent courage in refusing, unlike poor Greece, to submit to debt payback demanded by the World Bank and the IMF. And when I found this column on CD, I was even more impressed. The geysers, etc. would be fun and I think I'd like the people, being 3/4 Swedish and all. Oh, though.... that awful cold weather!


Middle income individuals being more help in solving a problem than either government or individuals at either end of the income range.