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Yes. Trump's FART Act Is Now a Thing. Reportedly It Has To Do With Trade Policy.


Yes. Trump's FART Act Is Now a Thing. Reportedly It Has To Do With Trade Policy.

Common Dreams staff

Before there was a limerick written in its honor or a viral sensation on Twitter, Axios on Sunday reported on an internal White House draft bill—titled the "United States Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act" (or the U.S.


With this “Shit” in the White House, and all of the “Turds” he has surrounded himself with, we had to expect some FARTs.


no fan of this asshole in the white house but he ran on blowing up free trade agreements and it seems hes keeping his word.

if you haven’t worked in manufacturing the past 25 years you might not understand what its like to see your workplace shuttered and all the jobs sent to mexico and then later on china.

its a devastating experience


Sadists enjoy FARTing in your face.

The name of this act was no more of an “accident” than Melania’s jacket, o.k.?

These are not idiots. These are habituated social predators. They are addicted to violence. They feed on chaos and misery. They enjoy the suffering of “others”.

Especially they enjoy telling you what they’re going to do, watching you react with helpless horror, and then doing it anyway.

The way they see it, you didn’t stop them—so you asked for it!

You think they’re stupid? They know you do! That’s why they enjoy destroying you so much!

You think you’re so smart, huh?

They show you who they are, they tell you exactly what they want to do—but since you refuse to believe anyone would really be so cruel, you think there must be some mistake…

Therefore, you are utterly unprepared—shocked, simply shocked!—when they do exactly what they promised they would.

They laugh, and tell you what they’re going to do next.

You gasp, say, “No! You wouldn’t! You couldn’t! It couldn’t happen here! Not to me!”

“Surely, someone will stop you! Surely, someone will save me!”

And you think you’re so smart…

They laugh as they watch their prey running about like ants whose hill was just kicked open.


So we’ve had our FART jokes.

But the WTO and the so-called “free” trade arrangements from the coup over Allende through BClinton’s NAFTA to Obama’s various"free" trade deals have been catastrophic, though probably less so than the TPP that was looming until 2016.

Does anyone know what’s in the bill?


Exactimundo! The trolls who wander in here often use phrases like “watching libs’ head explode” or “Liberals with their hair on fire.” A couple of days ago our most brash troll posted, “…it’s really nice being on the dishing out side.”


The trade agreements have their problems - especially when they attack things like environmental and worker protection as “non-tariff barriers to trade”.

But lets not throw babies out with the bathwater - we absolutely do not want to return to the era of nationalist gunboat-mercantilism and the continuous state of war that goes with it.


I agree that we do not wish to return to an era of nationalist gunboat mercantilism. But when the US, at least, is bombing seven nations at once and has soldiers stationed in most nations of the world and plays its games of chicken with other nuclear powers, we have not left the era of continuous war.

If capitalism reduces some ill of mercantilism, I am not sure which. Surely it is not the tendency to war.

When borders are enforced and families separated as a stimulus to illicit trade to fuel an “intelligence” community that we come to understand, somewhat, as “shadow government,” we have not left the era of nationalism.

There has been an easing of borders within Europe. But Europe’s eternal wars are mostly fought from the United States or in support of United States invasions and depredations, so the example is far from simple. How much is this a reduction of nationalism, and how much is it the formalization of a larger entity that further evolves to lever national differences to suit its own power and profit?

I’d say it is more prominently the latter.

The problems with the so-called “trade” agreements are not a few difficulties within essentially reasonable structures put together or at least attempted for the benefit of large populations. The problems with the so-called “trade” agreements come because they are the continuation of what was imperial gunboat mercantilism, a continuation and extension of the system of keeping populations in check to extract goods and services.

I don’t think that this means that there should never be a trade agreement. But it seems to me that we need some indication that we are actually talking about a baby and bathwater and not a dragon and a lair.


I’m all for the idea of a politician getting stupid, after all, it’s America, but for this President to take over places or taking away tariffs on goods is defunct on so many levels. Although one way to look at it is that other countries that react to this in kind will end up forcing us to buy 'Merican just from the simple fact we won’t be able to afford anything from another country. As a mechanic, I wouldn’t buy anything from this country in terms of automotive. I watch cars from other countries come in at 130k miles and be in great condition and no leaks, while anything 'Merican pouring oil from the seams at 60k with the front ends needing to be replaced from normal use.