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Yes, We Can Fight Trump’s Deportation Force


Yes, We Can Fight Trump’s Deportation Force

Mehrdad Azemun

On the same day the Trump administration detailed its cruel plan to target and deport undocumented immigrants, Chicago Public Schools sent some guidance to its principals:


When the strawberries and tomatoes are rotting on the vine, when the celery and lettuce does not get harvested, when the chicken and pork does not get processed before it spoils, when scarcity drives up
the price of foodstuffs, then I hope those who voted for this abomination, and those who didn't vote because they thought the candidates were equally bad, will just take pride in the fact that "America is white....uh.....I meant to say great again!


I have a gut feeling that this fight is going to expand into a much larger conflict involving all our civil liberties that will end up with the states calling for a Constitutional Convention .


No, to constitutional convention ... that will open up the whole document to be gutted, totally kaput which is exactly what prezbannon wants... has said so ... he belongs in jail as traitor, self confirmed enemy of our constitutional guvmint ... his boss should be jailed, too, for not upholding or defending the constitution. .. no, to a constitutional convention, never, never, never ...


That's both possible and downright scary, since the majority of state legislatures are now controlled by right-wing Republicans.
I think that the 40+ years of sustained assault on democracy and civil rights, well-funded by "Conservative" think tanks, and well-orchestrated
by the right-wing propagandist media machine, is about 90% of the way to achieving its goals. We don't have much time! We must unite, putting
aside our differences, to have any chance of fighting climate change, environmental degradation, social injustice, economic injustice, war and militarism!


I don't see how we can fight and win without calling a convention in the end. I know it sounds unthinkable right now, but in order to achieve all those ends that you just listed two big things must first come to pass- all immigration barriers between nations must be destroyed, and the land made the natural common right of all in every country.

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markus, I agree with what you are saying.


We need 50,000 ICE agents! Illegal immigrants are all criminals. Do you lock your doors at home? Do you lock your car every time you get out? Then shut up and lock our borders! Every person who enters our country without legal papers is a criminal, it is black and white, stop with the grey crap already.