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Yes, We Can Resolve the Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/05/yes-we-can-resolve-climate-crisis

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Fundamentally, a full reworking of the money system is required to effect sustainable change in anthropogenic impacts upon the globe. Still mired primarily in the petrodollar system, which has a perverse way of rewarding inefficiencies, inertia is our enemy. Altering the decision-making apparatuses (economics) is the only way to proceed away from the excessive greed that has captured and entrenched them. Tweaks (subsidies and taxes) and schemes (cap and trade) do not go far enough to provide a sustainable system. The People must act as if their (and all) lives depend upon genuine change. Bernie 2020!


What do you mean “we” Kemosabe?

This sounds like some alternate universe of actually intelligent, informed, dedicated people and leaders (rulers) rather than the cluster farce of idiots, morons, deniers and vulture capitalist thieves and parasites that will do none of the things you list here David - Hell they don’t even believe there is anything wrong that needs fixing!

By the time the court cases they would file reach resolution, in ten years minimum, we will be fried, with millions of critical species extinct! I will not include humans in that “critical” group.

WTF, man, “Yes, we can resolve the climate crisis” should be highly clarified to reflect the utter lack of actual leadership, wisdom, understanding, sanity and that those in control of government are to stupid and corrupt to really give a shite or do anything of substance!

Maybe a nice war or genocide instead? Now that “they” can get behind!


Yes, increasingly people are beginning to realize capitalism is at the center of so much that is wrong with our world.
But alternatives???

some, on the Left. But no one on the Right (of either party) does and even if they had that thought of heresy, they would never admit it or act on it. We Still have a long way to go.


If our government wasn’t so corrupt, would we really be facing and struggling with the issues that we do?

Could the fossil fuel, or tobacco, or pharmaceutical, or healthcare, or any other parasitic industry exist and be so profitable for so many if those in government did not share in the spoils?

Cui bono, indeed.

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It is too late. This train has already left the station. Our task now is how to live with Global Warning.

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At least a day late and a dollar short on this. The answers to all the ‘why?’ questions are rooted in human psychology, a complex and interconnected web. Can that factor be changed?

A dozen years? We’re already well down the path to “climate catastrophe”. It’s now a runaway train, rapidly gathering speed.

An old bit of folk wisdom reminds us that actions (and inactions) have consequences. This time, on a global scale.


No - it can’t, nor would we want it to, but ~

That same psychology will turn on the proverbial dime when the threat becomes personal.

The Greta Thundberg Movement is also here -

Our world is unfolding along tried and true lines.

But the outcome is still up in the air - we will need to be lucky.


"machines that remove atmospheric carbon to create fuels "

Cannot believe that David Suzuki fell for this scam. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has no available chemical energy. Creating fuel out of this will require external energy input. It is much more effective to let plants and trees do this.



Carbon Engineering in Squamish, British Columbia, David Keith of Harvard, backed now by Occidental Petroleum et al

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It’a simple. No wars. No flying. No shipping. No driving. Live simply. Problem solved. Yeah, right. In that order too. We don’t need techcnology. We need to be rid of it.

The Friends Committee on National Legislation has mounted a page to write reps encouraging them to join the Climate Solutions Caucus, officially relaunched in the new Congress! The two co-chairs, Rep. Ted Deutch (FL-22) and Rep. Francis Rooney (FL-19), hosted the caucus’s first members meeting on June 20.

The Climate Solutions Caucus is a bipartisan group of legislators who regularly meet to advance climate solutions. This caucus draws from all political ideologies. It fosters conversation and action across the aisle to address the impacts, causes, and challenges of climate change.

There are currently 63 caucus members. Check to see if your representative is already in the Climate Solutions Caucus.

If not, ask them to join!

It’s time for us all to accept reality and work together to address the challenge.

Sorry, David, it’s time to accept the fact that much of the population will NEVER accept reality, even when the effects of climate change are knocking at their door and threatening their very lives. More importantly, it is definitely NOT time to work with all the climate deniers, the corrupt lords of industry who give a shit only about profits and all the politicians they control. This is war, not some “let’s all be friends and work together” picnic. It’s time to defeat them. Removing this filth from power will require tearing down the very fabric of our economic and political systems. It will require a true revolution, not a tweak the status quo cheap imitation of a revolution being proposed by leaders, experts and politicians who still believe they can work within the world’s corrupt political and economic systems that have created the problem. 25 plus years of talks with no results have proven the folly of this kind of revolution. We can’t afford another 25 years of empty, feel good talks and agreements with no teeth. This is a war for the very survival of the human species and thousands of others we are taking with us if we fail.


Missouri, not a snow ball’s chance.

But I did send the letter.

The reps here are clueless, unhelpful or just downright corrupt.

My small family gave up our car over thirteen years ago. I do miss a vehicle for out of town stuff, but inside the city of Calgary, despite the fact this is an oil town in petrostate Alberta, “No Problemo”.

In fact, a lot less headaches.

Below - a link on the thinking that electric cars are not the solution either.

It is unclear how quickly we can get rid of all fossil fuel transport - at least without making things worse, but it is time to explore all possibilities - very quantum world in that way.
Electric cars not the answer

Can’t agree there Olhippy.

Sort of like marriage - the good with the bad - a package deal.

Technology has always defined much of what being a human means - at least for a million or two years.

And personally, I’m OK with that.

What’s lacking now is respect for each other, and without that, there is no real respect for anything else, including the environment, shall we call it.

I think it is the distance between individuals and the real natural world severe hierarchy imposes upon us that is the problem.

We can no more dispense with technology than we can with breathable air.

But we can culturally change very quickly and dramatically to suit the circumstance.

I would give Suzuki more credit than you do. I guarantee he has a full working understanding of the first law of thermodynamics. I agree that any technology that proposes taking carbon out of the air has to compete in a trade with normal horticulture. This is true whether we are talking about fuels that will put carbon right back in to the atmosphere (competing with various energy plants including algae) or if we are talking about trying to bury the carbon in long term storage (like what the fossil fuels were to begin with). The trade would involve investment cost and energy input (obviously the technology method is going to have to be powered by renewable energy or it is an obvious loser in the trade). And it may be the case that horticulture wins, but don’t make it sound like Suziki believes in perpetual motion machines or something.

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we can also build a space elevator. We won’t, but we can.

Enjoy your wishful thinking snacks.

Anyone that thinks you can address this crisis–or any crisis–within the framework of the psychotic system we’re chained to is either high or delusional.