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Yet Again


Yet Again

More gut-wrenching video of sociopaths in uniform and power, this time in Salinas, CA where "law enforcement" beat senseless a mentally ill man who was running into traffic and may or may not have attacked his mother, who called police for help. Nationwide - and globally - the Stanford prison experiment lives on. Salinas police are reviewing the beating "to see if it was justified." In the words of passerby Richard Boxing, who filmed the horror show, "Really?"


this police brutality has gotten completely out of hand. maybe open carry laws aren’t such a bad idea.


Yeah, suppose a parent of one of these black kids was armed in conformity with Texas’s laws. Saw that copper draw down on the kids (police and soldiers are not supposed to draw their weapon except to use it), and took the appropriate actions. Civil War II could have started right then and there.
Sooner or later there is going to be such an unpleasant incident.


Seems like bouncing off of pavement rather than going splat has been redefined as failure to comply and resisting arrest. The powers that be know that their shell game of distraction is breaking down in response to social media. They are amping up the game. The enforcers have to live somewhere, perhaps compounds will be built for their families. Good luck to us all.



Nothing left to say.


You will notice that when one of the later arriving police cars gets on the scene an officer instantly leaps out, readies his baton as he rushes to the already helpless and subdued victim and starts beating him.

He does nothing to assess the situation and seems to be in a hurry to get those beatings in. That is what this was all about. It had nothing to do with keeping the peace or ensuring the public safe from the man being beaten. It was a bunch of thugs rushing in to swing their batons because that is what they wanted to do.

They can beat people with impunity and they want to.They like what they are doing.

One reason the US military went to a volunteer force is they found many draftees reluctant to use their guns in battle as they did not want to kill other people. In some major battles even in the second world war they would find over half of the guns wielded by the troops as never being fired in battle.

When they went to an all volunteer force it was because among those volunteers were those that wanted to kill. It made no difference who they killed as long as they got to kill someone.

This is the state of the police forces in the USA. More and more of those that are qualified as police members are people who like to kill who like to beat people up and who will take any opportunity to do so.

They are in every way thugs even as some of their supporters on these boards wish to glorify that thuggery.


This is a truly stupid, unthinking suggestion. ALL cops have weapons. Many have bulletproof vests. Almost all are very ready to use their weapons, as this video makes ominously clear.

And you want more shooting?



What a creepy police state. There’s only one conclusion you can draw this century: Police Academies are training the Stormtroopers to break the law. I watched one video where they claimed the defendant was resisting arrest, by falling to the ground and then that the officer “Feared for his own life” since the defendant laying on the ground was “Striking the officer with his face”. The suspect was also charged with destroying government property (he got blood on the officer’s uniform).

Then I watched another video, frame by frame, that clearly showed a black officer, long afterwards, pull out and shoot the corpse with a chrome gun to presumably put a close-range powder burn on the victim to match the murdering cops story of a struggle at close range.

Maybe this has always been going on, and we just didn’t know about it since we didn’t have cell phone cams and youtube. Maybe, in this brave new world, we all need citizen drones that hover next to us and disable anyone who starts a violent act.

With protectors like these, who needs criminals? :cop: :cop: :cop:


Abby, that’s more scary than accurate. What it showed is that. unless prepped to resist nearly everyone tries to fulfill social obligations even when those obligations are undesired and/or illegitimately imposed.

It’s the same thing Milgram’s experiment showed: people obey authority unless they have a background (experience, socialisation) that makes resistance a socially-approved option.

That’s why it’s so goddamned hard for us to do anything. We’re enmeshed in a web of obligation that penalises any behavior but the ones desired by the psychopaths who rule us. Any resistance is a bet against the house at long odds, with everything we have at stake. It’s a soft form of slavery, and very, very effective.

But it won’t work forever.


You know that there are some kids, growing up, who fail to socialize “correctly” - they are usually the ones getting beat up by the jocks and the popular kids in school. It’s a form of punishment, early on, to keep those non-conforming kids in line.
Kids are raised in the Boy/Girl Scouts in the USA to be obedient to authority.
Now, there are some kids who grow up, to some extent remaining non-conformists, and they might barely scrape by enough money to survive because the system, in general, does not tolerate these people.
People find their only option for survival is to buck up and “go along to get along” but sacrificing their principles, and who they are - so they can keep a paycheck and housing.
Workplace bullying replaces the schoolyard enforcement of conformity.
Police are a sort of extension of this aspect. Obedience is enforced by fear and threat of punishment or bodily harm.


do your homework in case you’re confused over my sarcasm.

besides, last i checked, they’re not wearing bulletproof vests around their ears.


No. Pigs are sociable animals. Intelligent even.

Those cops are more like human pit bulls. Badly trained pit bulls that are even more likely to attack in a pack.

There have always been those who went into police work because they wanted to be able to tell others what to do. Petty little psychopaths who got off on wearing a uniform and carrying a gun. But there were also those who went into police work because they wanted to help people.

The problem is there’s no longer a balance, if there ever was. There’s an us vs. them ethos that is being encouraged by military style equipment and training.

And I’ve got to wonder if that’s coincidental or if the 1%, looking at the potential results of increasing inequality and climate change, aren’t grooming the cops to be the storm troopers who’ll keep them safe when all hell breaks loose.

'Cause that storm is coming.


Reminds me of the “I wanna kill” part of “Alice’s Restaurant”:


Golden comment.


Seriously. How did the police determine not to let George Zimmerman on the force, but the psychos in this video got through??


Those police are completely lost in their wild, frenzied abandon thwacking that pain-wracked man there thrashing around on the pavement seeking escape from their vicious maniacal incoherence.


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Bet on it.

'deed it is. And soon.


Actually lino, gun nuts who advocate open carry laws are of exactly the same pedigree as the asshole swinging the baton to the beat of that man’s racing heart. Sure, many who own guns don’t ever use them in violence against another human being but people who want to carry a hot lead launcher around no doubt have already formulated visions of killing someone in their mind.

Supposedly open carry advocates are only interested in self defense. Well, to those I say get some courage to walk the streets without a phallus that can kill someone hundreds of feet away. Stop being scared of your own shadow.


How many points can you project upon my comment that I’m not making?

I was responding to someone advocating open carry. If you think that gun nuts who advocate open carry all align themselves with those who want to fight “the fascists” then Endgame you need to wake the fuck up to borrow your phrase.

It is much more likely that all of the gun nuts won’t be interested in governance of an enlightened sense. It is much more likely that gun nuts advocating open carry are much more likely to align themselves with militarized police depts, if not join them so they can legally live out their violent fantasies.