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'Yet Another Alarm Bell': Ice Chunk Twice Size of Manhattan Breaks Off Greenland Glacier Amid Record Arctic Warming

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/yet-another-alarm-bell-ice-chunk-twice-size-manhattan-breaks-greenland-glacier-amid

Trump blamed the people of Greenland for not properly raking their ice sheets like they do in Finland.



And Biden originally proposed ending fossil fuels in 2050. He STILL supports fracking.

The DNC is using the courts to KICK THE GREEN PARTY OFF BALLOTS in key battleground states. Read more at the link but take away the ~ first ~https://www.rt.com/usa/500751-greens-kicked-off-ballots/

I’m voting GREEN or Kanye. Our democracy is under attack.


Drill baby drill:



Not to worry, it is all a Democratic hoax, photoshoped satellite images. Watch it all re-attach itself magically after the election


The earth knows what it is doing, its people that need to re-think their understanding of it.


Human habitat is literally collapsing around us, while Americans obsess over other more important things.

Most notably, what circle do we fill in for the election… Shall we pretend it is 2009 again, or pretend it is 1981 again?


Gavin Newsom, in the midst of fire seasons that only get worse year after year, nonetheless saw fit to green light over 6,500 drilling permits in California since he’s been in office – over 2,500 this year.


This is why we must vote out the party of science denialism this fall. We’ve ceded four decades to their shenanigans.


Not surprising at all to me as I have been a Green Party supporter ever since Nader was excoriated by the dems. for costing Gore the election to Bush. .


Newsom fired the regulator who approved these projects because the guy owned stock options in drilling companies and banned further fracking approvals pending review. Should we ignore that? Or, should we also ignore the most forward thinking transportation initiative in the country that will actually deal with California’s key impediment reaching its climate goals, emissions related to transportation? For those interested in actual background, here is a link:


It is transportation that accounts for about 40% of California’s GHG emissions, not everyone’s favorite bugaboo, fracking. You deal with transportation, and you deal with a huge piece of climate change.

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“Dealing with transportation, deals with climate change.” I agree, but I’m not sure California legislature with SB 743 will do enough to address our pandemic level automobile infestation nor the car-dependency by which ‘corporate interests’ derive income (car sales, finance, insurance, fuel supply, parking, MSM advertising, roadway and suburban sprawl construction, etc).

“our democracy is under attack” is a common phrase im seeing…i really wish more people could get to the point where they actually remember this before they make that lament:

You don’t have a democracy to attack! It’s like 2000 just didn’t happen, or didn’t register in you people’s minds…

And then it’s like these past primaries didn’t just happen: Sanders clearly had the most supporters; they just weren’t counted. Save your bullshit about “get out & vote, then” - that’s a conservative bullshit-talking-point to try and distract from tptb actively suppressing the vote. Stop peddling their shit for them.


So. Forty-eight drilling permits. Who cares? Transportation is the issue in California, not drilling permits.

Agree. My point is you can ban fracking as much as you want, but here in California, it’s a tiny piece of the puzzle compared the emissions from transportation. Ban large SUVs and trucks, now you are talking. In lieu of doing that, which would be electoral death, getting to the factors that drive increased single occupancy commute miles is the next best thing. That is what SB 743 does.

Not claiming it’s a panacea, but it’s a piece of where we need to go.

“I’m voting GREEN or Kanye.”

I’m not judging, but I saw where you posted this the other day, so I have to ask. Why in the world would you vote for Kanye?

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Green is fine. Don’t vote Kanye. He’s suffering from mental issues and is being taken advantage. That’s called abuse. Don’t participate in that.

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Wings of a douche.

He’s an establishment Dim. He was fvcking married to Gargoyle.