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Yet Another Analysis Shows How Trump-GOP Tax Scam Will Bury Middle Class


Yet Another Analysis Shows How Trump-GOP Tax Scam Will Bury Middle Class

Julia Conley, staff writer

"The GOP tax plan is a simple political statement about who matters more in American democracy: the heirs to hedge fund fortunes or everyone else in the country."


The part that is ALWAYS ABSENT from such tax plan analyses is the part that explains which services will be cut and to what extent.

If you pay $1000 less in taxes and receive $750 less in services (for example, medicare, old age pension, infrastructure, etc.), you gain $250, not $1000.

To read or listen to American media, you would believe that Americans receive absolutely nothing for their tax money. Not true.

You can argue that Americans don’t receive optimal value for their tax dollars but it is wrong and misleading to report that they receive nothing.

Perhaps Americans will see tax cuts in this way when social security is gone or so low that it offers no security.


I, just once, would have at least one political idiot would; STOP LYING!! and tell everyone that all they’re here for is to fatten the ungodly fat wallets of the oligarchy they serve, just one damn time.Of course anytime you hear “tax reform” from the GOP it’s actually a code that means tax cuts for the wealthy and wealthiest people in the history of the world. What galls me and also of no surprise is how Trump keeps fleecing the idiots that elected him that are still LOYAL!?? The biggest tax cuts come from a lousy B actor, Reagan and a reality TV robber baron flim flam version of PT Barnum and The Insane Clown Posse. I’m hoping a modicum a reason prevails and this neoliberal gift to the very ones that don’t need it somehow fails to get through. I’m now counting the days when they come after my SS disability, from the ‘man’ that promised not to touch Medicare and SS, ya know, lying Donald the Trumpster.


The Empire falls:


For a good many of us, myself included, this is the case already. But then, we socialists, despise this system and are not surprised by any of this. When capital “trumps” living beings this is the logical end game.


DC politicians have been “burying the middle class” one shovel full at a time ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981. The 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation confirmed that Democrats would be also be shoveling theretofore.


Paul Ryan takes more special interest money than any other Congressman.


Paul Ryan needs to be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity. We CAN fix this.


There is an advantage to the Republican Strategy. They are killing their own party. It might not be long until one of us can write an obituary.; that is if the environment doesn’t collapse first.


All predictions say that this tax bill will not pass by the end of December, no matter how it is crafted/changed, as long as Republicans grovel before the 1%. It probably means a government shut-down in January and hopefully a battle royal between Republicans and progressives to bring the tax structure into reasonable parameters.

I will post my dream tax here for the 1% (which I’ve done before) since corporations are now considered to be persons – their highest tax rates should be increased to 39.6% (the highest rate for individuals), not decreased to 20%. That would certainly enable a stronger push for Medicare for all or single-payer health care. I’d LOVE to see Republican faces if it were a serious possibility.


President Donald Trump called 12 Senate Democrats Tuesday, hoping to sway them in favor of the Republican tax cut bill, and told them he would personally “get killed” financially by the GOP bill. He said the wealthy need a repeal of the estate tax, according to multiple people who were present.

Who the f**k cares?