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Yet Another Legal Loss for Trump as Pennsylvania Supreme Court Finds No Fault With Philly Observer Placement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/17/yet-another-legal-loss-trump-pennsylvania-supreme-court-finds-no-fault-philly


Get the F out, Trump, you pathetic loser and farce, and face the prosecutions and shame that your reign of terror have earned you.


In choosing to claim everything that happened was “fraud” and hiring teams of lawyers to pursue the same he accomplishes less then nothing. He just looks every more idiotic.

The manner in which he chooses to leave the Office of the president will be the last thing many remember him for and will make him the object of ridicule for decades to come.


Sad day for our car that had gone 18 years without a scratch. No accidents. Until trump lost the election. Brought on I assume because of the Bernie stickers still on the back. First time our car has been keyed. Nice long scratch cover both drivers side doors… Makes want to arm up.
I got an early xmas gift the wife though. A dash cam.


I can sympathize as I had my license plate stolen in the parking lot of a grocery store in my rural town about a year ago which just so happens to have many progressive and leftist bumper stickers on the vehicle. The vast majority of the people in the town are loyal Trump supporters and it is a good bet that one of them took issue with my allegedly radical stickers.

As for Trump one would hope that he would be arrested and charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice very soon before he wreaks more havoc in the two months that he has left in office. Or to quote a title of a song from the 1960s:

Hang 'em high


tRump supporters are some of the most useful pawn IDIOTS ever!


I extend the invitation to every piece of subhuman sh_t who voted for the vermin as well. Get out of the country you loath and despise passionately. The country whom you wish death and disease upon; the country whom you would enforce despotism upon, disenfranchise the voters in, lie and deceive; eliminate religious freedom; and upon whom you would wish eternal warfare. You are anti Americans to the last - move to your beloved Russia if you hate us so much. Why impose your will where it is not wanted and violate every decency we are accustomed to. Go someplace where you treasured policies are already in effect, Saudi Arabia maybe.

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I confess–I am scared of Trumpers, who tend to be armed, bellicose, invasive, rapey, twisted people. I’m not into guns and don’t want to have to be, don’t want to live in a country that has decayed so much.
I’d rather just emigrate to a sane country and leave this dying empire behind.

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The trumpers that committed crimes have to be punished.

They remind me of the Hell’s Angels. The mean and nasty ones.

Speaking of the troomps… Hasn’t the trumpet has been neglecting to blow us some thrilling trills for his troomps? He’s just mad at USA for going thumbs down, for crushing the trumpet, and so he golfs & sulks, golfs & sulks as he runs out of lawyers willing to risk their licenses by filing more frivolous suits.

I’ll admit the Lindsay Graham episode had me rattled, as Graham is a notorious rattlesnake. But Orangeman does nothing but rot there, foisted on his own stupidity petard, apparently with no plan to rally his troglodyte troomps. Nothing to say to all those red-bearded armed nincompoops, awaiting his tardy call to action with bated (albeit beery, bad, or virus-shedding) breath.

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That, and injecting bleach to cure covid19.

Useful information on the two who didn’t vote against the case because it was “moot” due to the electoral college count. The Trump supporters will probably only hear the two against…

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