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Yet Another Study Ties Fracking to Negative Health Impacts—This Time, Fatigue and Migraines


Yet Another Study Ties Fracking to Negative Health Impacts—This Time, Fatigue and Migraines

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

New research published Thursday links severe fatigue and migraine headaches to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, leading to renewed calls for a ban on the controversial oil and gas extraction method.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reported their findings online in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, saying their research adds to "a growing body of evidence linking the fracking industry to health problems."


"Yet another study..." When is enough enough? It is time for our congress-critters to acknowledge that products and policies need to be PROVEN safe BEFORE they are marketed and/or implemented. Jeez


The evidence continues to come in and yet, and yet, not only no ban, but continued fracking.

Protracted suicide foisted on us by professional death embracers.


Fracking will never be banned.
Hillary supports it.
Which is why as Secretary of State she ran around the world selling lots of countries on it's benefits.
Then after her tenure at state ended she received several million dollars speaking about fracking's positive attributes around the world.


Up until 1975, automobiles had positively horrific health effects, from lead poisoning and carcinogenic hydrocarbons to nitrogen oxides to getting impaled by the steering column in relatively minor crashes. Were there ever calls to ban the automobile? No, there were calls to remove these adverse health effects of automobiles - and the removal of them has been largely successful.


Good question.


To be sure, I'm all for banning cars from urban areas and doing away with car-dependent suburban areas but that is another topic.


So far, "another topic" it remains (if even that).
Agree with you. I'm so far gone on this subject that imo, monster trucks, SUV's and "mini"vans should not be manufactured, anywhere in the world.


The fossil fuel industry had a very large role in killing the EV-1, the first Detroit production electric car.


Also Hillary has chosen Pro-TPP, Pro-KXL, Pro-Fracking Politician, Ken Salazar, to Head Her Transition Team. Ain't we got fun?


I think you missed my point. I was using the automobile as an analogy to fracking.


No, but it can be cleaned up, and production limited to domestic needs only while we convert to other energy sources. Practically every coal burning power plant in my region has shut down or will likely shut down in the next couple years. Fracking made that possible.


Politicians and those in the oil business dont care about the issues concerning fracking they only see dollar signs....They dont frack in rich mans land where the mansions grow...They always frack in places of less resistance....Poor mans land....Its all politics and money and how much money politicians can get from these poison makers....Peoples health is never an issue when it comes to money and this is more in line with the republicans than the democrats even though their are some blue dogs democrats who vote with fracking...same ones who will vote with TPP....Our government has turned into our enemy when they quit representing us and take corporate money and jobs....They have people so divided over non issues so they can blow smoke rings up our ass pandering to the stupid people all while fleecing the county while our backs are turned...Its your basic shell game..


"Fracking made that possible." Yeah, the oil giants began fracking purely for altruistic reasons?
And even if they did, what good does it do us to be able to drive just one more mile in our cars if we're being poisoned by drinking the water coming from the ground?

Nationalize the fossil fuel industry. Why isn't Hillary saying that?


Too true. What would you like to see happen, and what do you think will happen? I am horrified at the reality that will face 2 grandchildren (5 & 2).


Because she is solidly in the money camp and cares nothing for anything but her power and presence.


To ban fracking there has to be plan to replace the energy from natural gas and there would also be affects on the oil supply, particularly access to oil produced in the US. Natural gas accounts for about one-third of the energy for generating electricity in the US and about two-thirds of natural gas now comes from fracking. Natural gas also plays a big role in heating and is often an alternative to using oil for heating. Without any plan in place banning fracking would result in a spike in the price of natural gas which would mean it would be cheaper to use coal. There would be an immediate increase in coal burning which would been an increase in carbon dioxide emissions and harmful air pollution. The US has relatively little natural gas left that can be obtained through conventional drilling but an abundance of coal. There would also be an increase in imported oil if fracking were banned. So to ban fracking a plan has to be created to avoid the considerable negative consequences of such a ban. Fracking will not be banned if it means additional burning of coal.


If Bernie had said nationalize the fossil fuel industry and there was a good response maybe she would have said it. But if Bernie isn't for nationalizing the fossil fuel industry, and he claims to be a socialist, why would Hillary, who says she is not a socialist? I don't think even Jill Stein is for nationalizing the fossil fuel industry and she is to the left of Bernie on a number of issues.


Maybe preventing the release of methane into atmosphere at well sites is possible, but after that your comparison to the automobile breaks down. The frackers are spewing unknown tons of toxic chemicals into the ground water aquifer system. Chemicals that are trade secrets. This is almost impossible to ameliorate and really the only sensible solution is to stop poisoning the earth and us.


Some chemicals used in fracking "cocktails" are known, but there are many differences in formulations.Formaldehyde, benzene, PHA, silica fracking sand, radon exposure, and Diesel fuel containing known carcinogens has been used in the tens of millions of gallons.
Bottom line is the entire process from platform to drilled shaft to transportation and infrastructure, billions of gallons of water contaminated and "disposed", are a clear danger to surface and aquifer water, humans especially children, farm and wild animals, air quality and soils.

http://environmentalintegrity.org/wp-content/uploads/FRACKINGS-TOXIC-LOOPHOLE.pdf - The Halliburton Loophole exempts fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act