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Yet More 'Shameful' Evidence Trump Is Actively Sabotaging Obamacare


Yet More 'Shameful' Evidence Trump Is Actively Sabotaging Obamacare

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Trump is personally intervening to block states from shoring up insurance markets and lowering premiums


We all know where Trump’s sympathies lie (with his class) and on whom his antipathies fall (women, the poor, children not his own, and pretty much everybody else).

With that understood, can we at least agree that a health system which requires “navigators” to help people shop around is fatally flawed by design, and should be replaced by something much broader and simpler—and therefore much less expensive?


Trump is consumed with a Hatred of all but his own ilk. The charade he is playing as one who cares has been recognized by all, except the few too blind or poorly educated to see.

It has fallen to us, We the People, to drive him away.

The Democrats will never be the ones to organize mass demonstrations demanding resignations as they know they would indeed be targeted as useless and told to resign as well.

Until We the People take to the streets with the common message of: “Resign Now” for all those who would do harm to our country’s people for profit, they will continue their legalized raping and pillaging.


Trump doesn’t need to sabotage OB/Heritage Foundation/Big Pharma/Big Hospital Industrial Complex/Care. It sabotages itself. It is some of the worst legislation and social policy in U.S. history. That says alot.


Can I have what you are smoking? Because going out of your way to wreck people’s lives just to make room in the budget for a massive tax cut for yourself seems pretty shitty to me. And that’s what these idiots are up to. Here’s some more information if you are interested:

I know the ACA is a neoliberal sellout scheme and whatnot, but it did actually improve lots of people’s lives. Some of the exchanges have problems, but not all of them do. And, there are some fairly easy fixes to the problems at hand.

People are sabotaging the ACA on purpose, it’s not sabotaging itself. They are also working to sabotage Medicaid and Medicare too, which were big parts of the ACA. The game is about making sure the Republican donor class doesn’t have to pay taxes. It could take years to undo what these saboteurs are doing.


This aligns very much with the same vindictive and ignorant character who was taking out full page ads to see to it that the Central Park Five were executed. It turned out they were innocent and never an apology from Trump. Draw your own conclusions.


I feel your sentiment, but Republicans have all the power right now. Participating in elections and voting for Democrats or folks who will caucus with Democrats to create a majority is way more important than demanding resignations. Trump and his ilk aren’t going to cede power because the Left doesn’t like them. They have to be beaten out of power electorally.


Obamacare, tragically, left millions out and has pitted one group against another giving the GOP and single-payer opponents in the “Democratic” Party something to exploit, in the former, and undermine single payer, in the latter. No cost controls either.


I agree with one thing you say KC.

They need to be beaten. Beaten real good.


For anyone who would like to have a brief rundown on the impeachment process popped into a handy file, here is the Congressional Research Service Ëś The Library of Congress
Overview of the Impeachment Process


“If the Black man in the WH created it, then not only destroy but obliterate it and bury it so I never have to see it again.” Thus sayeth the vengeful demented dimwit currently lurking in the halls of the now-dingy-grey WH.


“now dingy-grey White House:” I like it: sums quite well.


And WJC was impeached for getting a BJ in the Oval Office and not telling the truth about it. You can count on one hand the number of U S presidents that have not practiced peccadilloes behind closed doors while occupying WH with T Jefferson leading the pack. Yet the GOP controlled House, Senate and SCOTUS turn blind eyes to the heinous crimes being committed daily by DJT and his henchmen…crimes against society, the environment, the nation, and all life on the planet. They and their families are not immune to the consequences of their denial and inaction. And they take us all down with them.


Don’t even need impeachment. The Cabinet can declare him “unable to govern.” But they won’t because the Rethugs are so hated they need him to prop them up. Pence won’t cut it, even with the fascist-crazies.

Meanwhile the Dems need him because without The Idiot of Tweet to piss on, they’ll have nothing: no agenda, no candidates…NOTHING.

So the naked nutty emperor will Tweet On, oblivious to humanity or his fellow oligarchs and plutocrats. This is “democracy” in the strange place that is DuopolyLand. Maybe an “Act of God” will get him. If it does, I’ll become a believer.


Millions of people gaining health care is such a pain. Damn that obama.


And then you throw out Obamacare and only then realize how pathetic Trump Care is.


YES. The Congressional Budget Office evaluated Trumpcare and came up with the conclusions that it would increase costs by 750 percent and leave over 23 million Americans uncovered. So basically that leaves us with Obama’s “Affordable Healthcare” program to aid the poor, the elderly, veterans, etc… and then on the other hand you have Trump’s UN affordable healthcare program that fails all benchmarks for what the healthcare federal intervention was supposed to do, assist the poor. His healthcare program was designed for one purpose only, to boost corporate profits. That’s why when his healthcare was being debated in congress there were eight lobbyists with bribe money for every one legislator. Our prostitute legislators and corporations got richer and that is all that counts for Trump.


This is Trump’s revenge for the way Obama humiliated him in public at the Washington Correspondent’s Dinner. Juvenile and petty.


Obamacare isn’t perfect but he was trying for the AFFORDABLE Healthcare Act in sharp contrast to Trump. Trumpcare is the UNAFFORDABLE Healthcare ACT. The Congressional Budget Office evaluated the situation and what they found was Trumpcare would increase costs by 750 percent, and that over 23 million Americans would go uncovered. Excuse me for noticing but for someone criticizing Obamacare that is absolutely appalling and nauseating.


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