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'Yiiiiikes': John Bolton Threatens to Send Venezuela's Maduro to Offshore US Prison at Guantánamo


The sad reality is that, for many in the US, this story will present only a fleeting consciousness of the fact that the US is still illegally imprisoning people without charge. Most will never bring to mind the fact that the US policy is to torture hunger strikers with the international condemned practice of violent forced feeding.

When Maduro is overthrown, if he winds up in the hands of the US, there is no doubt that he will be locked up for the rest of his life. The only question is which prison.


Bolton has a big smile on his face. Could it be that he’s watching some fellow psychopath crushing kittens heads with a ball peen hammer… or keeping score watching Israeli lizoid sharpshooters killing Palestinian children.
Ain’t Nothin’ More Revoltin’
Than That Nut Case Named John Bolton!
If a cobra’s fangs should pierce his hide…
Surely I’d be the snake that would die.


I am so very fond of the warm and fuzzy way the US flouts international law at every opportunity. Warms the heart we have such a fine upstanding rogue government that sets everyone else around the world straight about how good democratic governance should look… smh


Well, let’s start with the hack-able voting computers that Americans have been
voting on for the last 50 years – which immediately began delivering some very
odd and unbelievable right wing victories.
See: Votescam – The Stealing of America/YouTube

After that, we would need to recover our free press which was taken by Operation
Mockingbird when Phil Graham was recruited to enlist the aid of those owners of
our press, networks and publications to create “CIA Journaliststs.”
In the beginning of the operation, force may have been used.
But Phil Graham and his wife Katherine were both members of the Council on Foreign
Relations which called for the creation of the OSS and later for its replacement by the
CIA under Allen Dulles. We don’t actually know how many secret operations were run
out of the CIA – likely hundreds – maybe thousands. But they certainly didn’t support
any notion of democracy anywhere, including in the US.

When Carl Bernstein finally wrote about “CIA&Media” and CIA Journalists in 1976 in
Rolling Stone he identified about 400 of them. His follow up article not too long after-
wards identified an increase to 1200 CIA journalists.
Don’t think that he mentioned Operation Mockingbird in his article, however.

As for the voters, they are victims – but survivors.
Look at the response by the public to “Bernie Sanders launching a political revolution.”
When they heard liberal debate they haven’t heard since FDR, they’ve responded.
And let’s hope they continue to respond, though many avenues for democracy have been
blocked at this point, they are finding ways nonetheless.

Donald Trump represents a real danger not only to Americans but to the world.
His loyalists want a renewal of the Cold War and seem to steadily be working on it with NATO
which pretty much surrounds Russia and they’re working on China, as well.

And don’t let anyone ever tell you that right wing propaganda doesn’t work –
look at the use of the term “climate change” put forth by GOP propagandist Frank Luntz
as he advised W Bush to adopt it.
Global Warming is a term even a third grader can understand.
Climate Change is what you get when you go to Aruba from NYC right now.


You are right, Shantiananda, but please don’t stop there. If you stop there your analysis is dangerously incomplete. Bolton is Goebels, Trump is a Hitler caricature, and the White American People are Nazis, only more illiterate and more ignorant than the Germans of that time. I don’t say this glibly. The German people who became Hitler’s fanatic supporters were far better educated than the ignorant whites who worship Trump.


All options are on the table…,does that mean John Bolton’s head should be on the chopping block.


World leaders have heard a real low class twerp threaten them all. Let’s hope Maduro survives and sends the twerp to work slopping hogs.


My goodness Bolton is such a piece of human waste! Can you imagine a more perverse, disgusting and over reaching threat than that one? The US would not get away with throwing the president of another nation in a black ops prison. Every other nation would start to think that Maduro’s fate could be their’s some time in the future, should they have the temerity to disagree with whatever fool, the insouciant American public has lodged in the oval office! Just one more nail in the degenerate US empire’s coffin.


So the US is able to intervene in the democratic process of another sovereign nation to declare Maduro’s presidency illegitimate and then anoint a replacement. Why can’t other countries declare our own POTUS illegitimate and seek more sane replacement.


There is only one rule. There are no rules. American secret agencies are criminal entities with stolen funding. No oversight. No rules. They are pillaging America and the world. Cuba. No dead. No borders. No allegiance. Stone cold murderers. Please read Orders to Kill by Claude Pepper. We have no conception of the evil they scheme.


I’m wondering what crime Maduro is supposed to have committed, in order to deserve a cell in Guantanamo, other than the “crime” of being elected by a majority of Venezuelan voters in elections that international observers have called free, democratic and fair?


“All options are in the table.” He said as a fugu sandwich is put before him :0


Hogs deserve better than that. They are intelligent, likeable creatures, let’s don’t wish that ugliness on them.


JOHN BOLTON: Threats to a foreign power leader are the ploy of an prepubescent youth!!! Eagerly ignored.


How many Dems posturing against “military intervention” voted for the sanctions that have set the stage for same?


This man should have been strangled at birth. His concept of his–and the US’s–role in the scheme of things is that of godhood…and not a benevolent god…


There’s nothing patriotic about supporting the World-wide terrorist operation we’ve allowed our government to become.

It’s time to make some noise about withholding our consent.


Bolton sez:
“… the sooner (Maduro) takes advantage of that, the sooner he’s likely to have a nice, quiet retirement on a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like Guantanamo.”

Everything out of this dungheap’s mouth sounds like a trial balloon. One that bears a striking resemblance to the Hindenburg.


Planetary Disaster Advisor

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The Hague, that is…

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