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Yikes! New Polling Shows Clinton and Trump Still Neck and Neck


Yikes! New Polling Shows Clinton and Trump Still Neck and Neck

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"Trumplosian," Clinton landslide, the downfall of the GOP.


And the excitement is rising....or is it acid reflux bile?


The fact that Hillary is not running away with the race, or as MSNBC - clearly now the mouthpiece for the establishment Democratic Party - keeps saying, "it's over, it's over, nothing to see here anymore, she's got it locked up". Then why is this even close if Trump is today's Barry Goldwater/Dr. Evil? Clearly someone is not being totally honest, or the polling process has become really, really effed up (I'm leaning towards the latter).

Those of us on the hard-left have a chance to make a real impact on this election by sticking to our guns, and standing firm with the Greens and voting for the Stein/Baraka ticket in November. They keep gaining support and ballot access, and look very likely to be on the ballot in 46-49 states (S. Dakota has totally locked them out, but who cares about their less than 2 million voters). Over 90% of U. S. voters will have her on their ballots. The Greens need to get to 5% of the national vote and whatever percentage in the states it takes to get them automatic ballot access the next time. Stay strong and firm in your resolve. #NeverHillary. Stein/Baraka 2016!


Why are Hillary and the Democratic Party trying to get Republican incumbents reelected?
Hillary's message is that Trump is not a "typical" Republican, he's the creature from the black lagoon.
But there are "acceptable" Republicans out there who deserve to be supported she tells us.
Hillary's message gives permission to voters to vote for her and not Trump, but at the same time vote for "traditional" Republicans down ballot.
The result of Hillary's messaging can clearly be seen in Pennsylvania, where she leads Trump by 9 percentage points, while incumbent Republican Senator Pat Toomey leads his Democratic opponent by 6 percentage points.

Maybe Hillary would rather work with a Republican House and Senate?


My prediction is an electoral college gridlock that is unable to choose a president for two years. Americans of all flavors elect a brand new congress in 2018. The electoral college then gives up and says the people should choose the next president in 2020.

Four years without a commander in chief leads to world peace. Tussi Gabbard becomes the first woman US president in 2020. She finalizes closing US foreign military bases and appoints Raúl Grijalva secretary of State.

We have about 70 days to engineer a Clinton/Trump defeat. It's now or never. Put on your thinking caps.


She absolutely would. Remember she really is a Republican. What a nightmare would it be for her is she had to deal with a Democratic Congress, especially one with strong majorities and a progressive agenda. What excuse would she have to pursue corporate policies? She definitely needs a Republican Congress.


Hillary is following the same DLC play book Bill and Barack followed to assure the GOP controls Congress as much as possible. Bill achieved that goal by zealously promoting and signing NAFTA, causing the Democrats to lose control in 1994 for the first time in 40 years. Barack achieved that goal by dusting off the GOP's 1990s "health care reform" and relabeling it the ACA.


We might want to take a glance at Nate Silver's hard work, which tells a very different story: http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/?ex_cid=rrpromo


Yikes! New Polling Shows Clinton and Trump Still Neck and Neck

Why are Common Dreams' staff surprised?

Hillary is the more deeply flawed candidate. She's got a criminal record. He doesn't.

Trump taps into the anger and alienation the majority of the electorate feel. Hillary does not.

Trump may say outrageous things. Hillary has done outrageous things.

Common Dreams should stop supporting Hillary and focus instead on getting Stein's numbers up.


Nate does not include Jill Stein in his research. Why is that?
What if Hillary actually loses a majority of the popular vote to Trump, Stein and Johnson, but gets a massive electoral college vote win?
What then?
Would her presidency have any real legitimacy?

We should vote for Stein and 'against' every other incumbent on the ballot.


With a bad case of outright shame. As in shame for my country. If this piece of inhuman shit actually becomes president it will be a "jumping the shark" moment for the United States. I shake my head and look around at this appalling landscape of corporatism, spiritual bankruptcy, ignorance, and bigotry and I honestly don't recognize the country anymore. We seem to lost whatever soul we had and replaced it with idiots yelling "USA! USA! USA!"


But what is the basis of this "anger and alienation"? It is not anger of low wage USAns at their capitalist bosses, it is not anger at arrogant US militarism, it is not anger that we don't have universal healthcare and a guaranteed social wage for all. It is anger of a largely comfortable white middle class seeing their position of privilege eroding. The average Trump supporter earns about $70K a year and has a nice home - this being confirmed by where Trump yard signs are springing up in my area.

Also Trump would have a very long criminal record, including connections to the mob, were it not for the crooks in the NJ and NYC governments supporting him, as it is, he was found to have practiced housing discrimination in his rental properties and was forced to take corrective action under a consent decree.

And as awful as Hillary's foreign policy actions were - they followed a broad European-US consensus.


Or they could actually try to become a grassroots party by organizing and running candidates in local and state elections. The presidential campaign is simply for fund raising.


If a candidate doesn't win an electoral majority, the House of Representatives will begin a process to choose the next president for 2017.



OK, I'll play. What criminal record?


I've already bought my bumper sticker: "Don't Blame Me, I voted for Bernie"


Hillary will win the electoral collage vote going away.
The oligarchy has already seen to that.


Yes - Fivethirtyeight has the best forecasting available using the most unbiased methodology. HuffPost Pollster charts do the next best job. Unfortunately, neither of those poll aggregators publish data that includes Jill Stein's current standing. Originally this was because Stein was not included in enough polls to fit minimum standards set by those sites. However, that situation has now changed and the Green Party is included in all of the polls for which the Libertarian Party is included. I recommend that folks here email Nate Silver at Fivethirtyeight and Natalie Jackson at Huffington Post asking that Jill Stein be included in their aggregate charts moving forward (since they do include Johnson).


You have never had a decent class in American Government. Apparently you also just don't read much. A failure to gain an electoral college majority passes the decision to the House of Representatives, which will vote by state delegation, not individually. They will quickly choose Trump.


The MSM is working their 'horse race' magic? Gotta keep it tight, right?