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'Yikes': Trump's Personal Attorney Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Talk With President About Playboy Model Payoff


'Yikes': Trump's Personal Attorney Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Talk With President About Playboy Model Payoff

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen, the New York Times reported on Friday, secretly recorded a conversation with the president just weeks before the 2016 election about a payoff to Playboy model Karen McDougal regarding her allegations that she and Trump had an extramarital affair years prior.

The Times reports:


From the article:

“…evidence of serious campaign finance violations by the president…”

What the hell does that even mean, in the age of Citizens United, dark money and superPACs? It seems to me that the entire US political process, from campaign through inauguration to testimonial dinner, is one giant ethical violation.

With that said, I’m not at all unhappy to see as much dirt as possible dug up on Twitler and his motley crew of mischief makers. The problem, of course, is that replacing them does nothing to cure the systemic rot—that’s what we call a “pre-existing condition.”




Cohen’s Tapes…What a Playground for Prosecutors

Let’s see how the “No Evidence, No Crimes” dumpsters on CD spin this one.

I guess we’ll have to go to the video on this play…think there are videos too…oh sorry guess the Russians have those videos.

Even then, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” will triumph for many of the commenters here.


Show of hands, please, of all those here who believe that anyone who voted for Trump cares how many women he paid off to keep quiet about affairs? Or that the Republican controlled congress will take any action against their president for any kind of indiscretion or outright crime?

They don’t care that he ran for office to enhance his brand and promote personal business deals with foreign governments, they don’t care that he admitted to sexually assaulting women because his wealth and celebrity allowed him to, they don’t care about his many trophy wife marriages, or his illicit affairs while married to those wives.

They don’t care that he hires, almost exclusively, foreign immigrants for his hotels, because they are “legal,” but will confront Amercan citizens of color and tell them they don’t belong in “my country.”

In short, they don’t care that he is the most morally depraved president in the history of the country. They think he is working hard to make the country all white, and that’s pretty much all they care about at this point.


Has anyone been claiming that if there is no evidence of a crime, then no crime took place? I’ve seen where people have said that an accusation of crime without evidence to back it up basically amounts to an unsubstantiated allegation–and as such, is probably not enough to amount to a prosecutable criminal case–but that’s just common sense. Asking for evidence that something happened is not even remotely the same thing as denying that it happened. It’s just the reasonable minimum we normally require in order to establish that it did happen.


Not true at all. Most who voted for trump didn’t want him. They realized they’d get Hillary who’s even worse if they didn’t. Remember they were the two most disliked candidates in history. I voted Stein and seriously considered I may be making a mistake if Hillary got in because of it. Couldn’t bring myself to vote for Trump though and breathed a long sigh of relief when HRC lost. She was so bad that even her election fraud wasn’t enough to save her. I wasn’t happy that trump got in. this is where the least evil leads. And most of the voters didn’t want either, ether. I did do a cartwheel when Hillary didn’t get in. Thank God! I’m still relieved. We aren’t much better with Trump but at least WWIII hasn’t started yet. Quit voting duopoly. Look where it got us. We have a fascist for a prez who is destroying the world - just slower than HRC would have.

Let’s not forget HRC still tried to start a conflict with Russia over fake claimes that they hacked her email server so cost her the election (stealing our democracy is what her minion Bernie Sanders calls it.) She’s not safe even out of office.


You’re hilarious.

In the latest Gallup poll, July 8-15, Trump’s job approval rating was 43% overall, 38% among independents, and 90% for Republicans. To say they don’t want him is to deny reality.


Don’t forget, many that voted for Trump would have voted for Bernie if he hadn’t been fucked the way he was by the DNC, the Democratic Party Establishment, and Hillary Clinton herself.


II was trying to see if it was legal in New York ( assuming that’s where the tape was made) whether it’s legal to record someone without their knowledge and consent,) N.Y has a one person consent law—that only one person needs to know. LOL what good is that if the person taping is a lawyer.
Why isn’t it consent from both parties---------New York gets weirder and weirder.


Getting a mental picture of Dump with anybody sexually is enough to reach for the barf bag.


Michael Cohen and the republicans set Trump up.


They got their Tax cuts, repealed the Iran deal and Paris Accords, two new Supreme Court Justices, and open seasoned on endangered animals and Maybe now they think they are pushing their luck on Trump is spiraling, and so They’ll impeach soon enough to get Pence presidential in time to run for re-election.


Yeah, I’ve heard that. If you can’t have democratic socialism, vote for fascism. What’s the difference, anyway?



“No honesty among thieves” …

And it isn’t even the Stormy Daniels’ case – it’s another Playboy model!!

Karen McDougal?

How much further will this push Trump over the wall – hope from the top of the wall.

This is kind of what was shown in WATERGATE, the right wing defeat themselves.

Trump, of course, will deny that this is his voice on the tape – right?

Wonder how many others have been taping their discussions with Trump???


Can we really trust Gallup – or any polls any longer?

This is a liberal nation which has long been true – we are 84% against these illegal wars of aggression by the US/CIA – and against the MIC itself. Internationally, the numbers are even higher.

And the response – and funding – of Bernie Sanders’ campaign is proof of that – a liberal campaign in every way. Would have liked to see it be more anti-MIC but that likely would have gotten him killed.

Trump is running a “White male supremacist” campaign which likely is supported by wealthy/corporations because they profit from discriminations of every kind and in keeping the public split – filled with hate.

Every day Trump is out there trying to confuse the public, split the nation’s loyalties and create new “enemies.”


The poll that mattered in November 2016 showed the clear winner was none-of-the-above.

Of course, you’re right in this sense: The polling that matters now–voter enthusiasm–is high on both sides of the political divide:


Absolutely. It’s too bad there’s no line for “none-of-the-above” on our ballots.

Maybe some of these young people currently shaking up the D primaries can suggest it?


Actually NOTA is a choice in Nevada. NOTA received 2.6% of the vote there for president in 2016.

More telling was the number of ballots where voters left the presidentiai portion blank (referred to as undervotes). Yep, they bothered to vote but not for president:


And when I did that, the voting software not only put up an alert that I had not made a selection, it even had a confirmation screen asking if I was sure I wanted to continue to the rest of the ballot before I could go on, so there was no ambiguity about whether leaving the presidential race blank could have been an accident or oversight.