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Yo Guv, We Mighta Found Smoothie, Still Looking For D-Money and Shifty


Yo Guv, We Mighta Found Smoothie, Still Looking For D-Money and Shifty

Sigh. Our racist imbecile of a governor has made news for projectile vomiting more moronic words out of his face - this time, blaming Maine's ruinous heroin epidemic on imaginary black dudes named D-Money, Smoothie and Shifty, who come here from out of state to sell dope, impregnate white girls, maybe rap a bit and go home. Twitter's on it. One guy found the claim "disgusting" - "D-money, smoothie & shifty are actually stand-up guys once you get to know 'em."


The bane of Maine shows plainly he's insane.


the real criminal here is big pharma who bribe doctors to prescribe opiates for minor ailments. people get hooked and when the script/money runs out they turn to heroin on the street which is at record lows price-wise.

governments needs to start treating drug abuse as a health issue and not a criminal issue.


Love the article and the pics!!!!


If this isn't ONE MORE situation that screams for people to get out and vote so imbeciles such as this do not get elected...


So get away from a few fashionable towns on the coast and Maine is basically like West Virginia. I didn't know that...


He should have named top administrators at the CIA. They smuggled in heroin when we were in SE Asia. They smuggled coke from South America and now that we're in Afghanistan (produces 80% of the worlds opiates) we suddenly have another heroin epidemic. As with so many of the rich (and aren't all our politicians either rich or aspiring to be so) Maine's gov is totally out of touch with the real world his constituents must navigate every day. I'm sure next week he'll suggest the starving children of the state eat cake.


And that's if you believe that the votes are tallied honestly, which I do not believe. Electronic voting machines are nothing more than black boxes, easily hacked or simply programmed to flip votes. I am almost positive that the Ohio vote tallies in 2004, which were sent to some server in Virginia, and which re-installed Shrub as president, were tampered with. Local and state elections, and congressional and senatorial elections are not given anywhere near the scrutiny of presidential elections. Diebold and the republicans got away with voting fraud in 2004. With such a success under the greatest scrutiny, why not continue to electronically flip votes more generally around the country? Right now, I believe that we have a sham democracy, where voting is actually only the appearance of voting, a physical act with no real correlation to the pre-determined results.


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But then again, at least West Virginia raised their minimum wage to $8.75 per hr. On this side of the M-D line, it still sits at $7.25.