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You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: A Preview of the Trump Era Crimes to Come


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: A Preview of the Trump Era Crimes to Come

Tom Engelhardt

It started in June 2015 with that Trump Tower escalator ride into the presidential race to the tune of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World.” (“But there's a warnin' sign on the road ahead, there's a lot of people sayin' we'd be better off dead, don't feel like Satan, but I am to them...") In a sense the rockin’ has never stopped and by now the world, free or not, has been rocked


here is one take on the month of January... 2016

and the close of 2016...


Uh, glad you finally mentioned nuclear war, although just in passing and parenthetically. Nuclear war or any variant thereof, will hit us earlier, and even deeper than the long term warming effects which, yes, have already started. In that event, we could easily not be around to experience the results of the Trumpistas destruction of earth's ecology.


Reagan removed the solar panels from the roof of the White House. That symbolic effort derailed America's pursuit of alternative energy sources for decades. China has taken the lead in the manufacture of solar panels. Anyone care to place a bet on how many jobs in the solar/alternative energy industry will be gained under Trump? Or should I say "lost under Trump?"


Hey, if you don't read this along with Chris Hedges' "Making America Ungovernable", you aren't seeing the full scope of the Koch's vision for our country, our constitution, and our Bill of Rights. All kaput.

About as scary is this: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-super-constitutional-convention-balanced-budget-amendment-20160706-snap-story.html


In a system of justice that actually represented and protected the people and threats to the common good rather than defend capitalist greed run amok, some low-level offenders/perpetrators would only be tarred and feathered, and run out of town on a rail, others incarcerated at hard labor, still others in higher positions of authority would be rightly hung...................


great post


Robert Crumb takes on Donald Trump :


Thank you Tom, for a new word to add to the lexicon, 'terraist'.


True but one is a certain (global warming) and the other not as certain. One thing for sure is that global warming will increase the odds of a nuclear war and global warming is a done deal.


In fact the looting of America has been going on for over 300 years and the looting of America's working class for 2 centuries. Racism has always been the name of the game. It is still Wall Street's biggest profit maker. With Trump and the neo-fascists, intensification of racism and exploitation of ALL workers will intensify. But to state it has NOT been a regular part of finance capitalism in the US is huge falsehood.The neo-liberal capitalists have been just as responsible for this exploitation and have paved the way for fascism in this country. There could be no Trump without the Clinton's and Obama. Lie after lie about the "great economic recovery" which netted 70% of all new jobs part-time, without benefits, and just above the minimum wage level. The neo-liberals and neo-cons created this waste land with war after oil war, depleting funds for education, health care, and infrastructure and renewable energy improvement. They have both increased deadly shootings of working class youth, especially Black and Latin youth. This is the legacy that has led to Trump and the neo-fascists. Only multi-racial unity of workers and international solidarity can smash all borders used to oppress workers and divide us. Only active rebellion and uprisings in our inner cities can pave the way to a revolutionary movement with the goal of a new egalitarian society for all. See the website of Progressive Labor Party. At plp.org


Not trying to pick a fight here, since we're both basically right, but I'd just like to point out that the nuclear threat is on a hair trigger, given the bellicosity and madness of the morons in charge of it here, as well as the possibility of an accidental launch or a mistake by some lower level officers. By some incredible strokes of luck we have avoided nuclear war in the past through misjudgement, or equipment malfunction but how long will our luck last? The nuclear clock just moved up to 2 1/2 minutes to midnight. Global warming is here now, it's true, but so is Trump and Co.'s evident hatred of Iran and China.

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place! :worried:


"they will be taking the world’s second-largest greenhouse gas emitter (the US).
If you take the greenhouse gas that the Chinese produce making stuff for the US then the US is still the worlds largest greenhouse gas emitter. Yeah USA #1!!


A couple of years after an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs (and most other living things as well) with the equivalent of a "nuclear winter", all the carbon they once contained hit the atmosphere and a much much longer period of unprecedented warming ensued, which finished off most of what remained. The American People (if such they may still be called) have really done it this time. Reagan was a senile old actor and W just an ordinary frat-rat, and hell even Nixon knew which way was "up", but DT is just that: Delirium Tremens for the rest of us.


Industrial emissions are always properly counted at the point of production - and the carbon footprints pf the various stuff made in china is small compared to the average suburban USAns usage of their car, air conditioning and heating of their big house, air travel, and monster refrigerators.

But nonetheless, everybody seems to ignore the fact that China has 5 times more people, so US GHG emission are at least 4 times higher China on a per-capita basis - which is the quantity that really counts.


I fear that this statement will come to pass, Mr. Engelhardt:
"A Government of Looters
From health care and tax policy to environmental protections, this will undoubtedly be a government of the looters, by the looters, and for the looters, and a Congress of the same."

Trump's craziness spews crap like a sewer pipe, and it is just as you say, sucking up all the media space. Even NPR's news commentators reporting on Washington are ignoring what Congress is doing. The media need to alert us to the legislation that Congress will shove onto trump's desk for quick passage.


Some criminals will do anything to get their name in the news. Wise police create a media blackout to stop feeding into their craving for notoriety. We, the PEOPLE, can do the same by calling or writing our media outlets and telling them we want no more stories about that Trump character cluttering up our lives. "If you assault me with one more Trump story I will burn my newspaper and kick the screen out of my TV, so you have no chance of selling me anything, ever again."

We still have the power, here, so let's stop giving it away.


Another great post by our man.

I read elsewhere where Warren was "red flagged", as she put it, and "put out of play" on her negativity against the racist and bigot Sessions. Now to speak his name is apparently verboten! This is hilarious considering how rabid the Repubs were during the O. reign, and they were never red flagged.

WTF does that even mean? Silenced? Broke a rule of order the RP put in place. If it's broken what happens--go stand in the corner? Jail? Removed from office? Outed as gay or lesbian? Took bribes? That seems so totally like something out of 1984 (I should reread that since it is so popular now--surpassing Ayn Rand who the RP has embraced as some goddess of truth (lacking consequences, of course). Truth hurts so its time for a timeout--go to your room (or the Principals office which I guess would be President ME this time around.

Trump likes the idea of a nuclear option for Sessions if he fails to win the nomination (but he does so love the BOMB and that mushroom cloud!). So instead of putting another nominee up (a sane option), no, we'll nuke the place and get our man anyway. Wow. And this 3rd week has another few days left. Who else will he/they piss off? It's about time the US was red flagged and President ME was given a timeout in a padded room.

Hey, Warren, go for it! Don't be silenced. Speak out. Let's see if they will drag you out of the Senate by your heels, or rendition you (another favorite) to some black hole where you are forced to watch reruns of The Apprentice 24/7 (a President ME fav!), and hear over and over: You're fired!

This is all so, well, Dr. Strangelove! Ride that nuke, cowboy!


People looking back thought that Reagan had alzeimers even when he entered the WH. Nancy: He'll have what I am having.


Take a break from the media. If enough of us do it, they will notice.