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'You Alone Have the Power to Temper Justice With Mercy': Trump Urged to Stop Execution of Lisa Montgomery

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/you-alone-have-power-temper-justice-mercy-trump-urged-stop-execution-lisa-montgomery


If Trump can pardon those criminals, he can certainly stop the execution of this poor woman.


Hi BocaCat:
Trump won’t pardon her—after all, he is a rapist himself. Besides, we have E. Jean Carroll’s rape case to look forward to. Although, possibly ----by that time, Trump will be in deep tax evasion trouble in NY state and he will no doubt be too busy lying in an attempt to escape, so I am sure he will be awfully busy. : )

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Read this article and see what that woman endured:


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Please spare her life, she has suffered enough.

What about Biden?

Yeah, well what’s in it for me, libturds?

Official Trump response to this request. (presumed)

A society that uses violence to punish violence cannot call itself civilized.

Hi zed:
Yes, Biden… hmmm probably just like his son. Hunter — how weird that Hunter’s wife and mistress were pregnant at the same time. Yes, and too that poor woman that worked in Biden’s office---- And who could ever forget Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh? Sadly, women are so often not believed. Sometimes the rapists just skate away from JUSTICE—although, nice to see that JUSTICE took hold of movie maker Harvey Spermstain. I hope his kids change their last name.

The situation with the GATS is similar. They are taking advantage of our trust to literally steal democracy, and whenever anybody brings it up they try to trivialize it or change the subject. But the fact is, over the 26 years its been rigged, more than a million of us have died before our time. And people shouldn’t get to pull stuff like this when healthcare is involved. Its human experimentation. So its definitely a crime.

Get it?

As I have said here before, Trump is Empty Inside: all these appeals will not met with anything inside him and his extremely narcissistic understanding of everything. (Maybe in his addled and inane brain, he might pardon her. )
But he should, if not be put on death -row (I don’t believe it is a good system! like many here will not, do we need to describe why!?). then sent to the Hague for Crimes against Humanity.
It is amazing that he gets to do his horrendous actions, re this, re the ecology, and what he has incited today!

Get RID… and NEVER LET AN EXTREME PSYCHOPATH GO ANYWHERE NEAR POWER AGAIN! Make a Law saying just this; they did in Finland!

Hi zed:
I think that the pharmacy business does use citizens for testing drugs. I read that Vioxx killed people for 7 years before anyone stopped it. When I lived in CA, I used to read my neighbors computer stuff as he could not see the screen very well. Ralph Nader has a site called, " Worst Pills, Best Pills," where a person can look up drug problems and this was all very helpful information for my neighbor.
And the Sackler family should do more than pay a big fine------for all those opioid deaths!

Its not okay to deliberately fuck up by rigging the healthcare system so it cant be fixed, so it locks in, GATS is being hid because its so evil, and its done so much damage,

They are milking the country and yes, rigging politics to hide how they cant fix it, and then lying about it. They’d only deserve slack if they hadn’t lied about things like GATS but they have, doing that made it a crime, a serious crime.

Politics should be audited, everything should be audited. Politicians should not be trusted any more.

All the theater, all the drama in the world doesn’t make crooked politicians honest.

She’s the wrong kind of criminal for Trump to pardon her.

They would never do that, because a huge percentage of politicians are NPD. And so nobody challenges them, because they know how NPD people never tell the truth, and go berserk if they are challenged with facts, and they just let them go on lying.

That’s just obvious to me.

So do nothing!
Don’t you think things have to radically change just to save our civilisations from climate catastrophe!!? I mean extremely, for Sanity to slightly be and Breathe again!
Most politicos are not extreme narcissists. Some are!

Actually, no, I think we could make the changes we need to make on a great many things fairly simply. They are trying to make everything into a much bigger obstacle than they are. The thing that’s causing all these problems is the push to grab everything before its gone, the oligarchs around the world are basically trying to out-grab one another. They consider this to be their god given right. We the people, wherever or whomever we are, are not even on their radar screens.