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'You Are Courting a Fascist': Pompeo Gives Inauguration US Blessing as Brazilians Brace for 'Repugnant' Bolsonaro


'You Are Courting a Fascist': Pompeo Gives Inauguration US Blessing as Brazilians Brace for 'Repugnant' Bolsonaro

Julia Conley, staff writer

While progressives, women's rights advocates, journalists, and the LGBTQ community were among the many mourning Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's inauguration on Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo angered critics with a celebratory tweet congratulating the proud misogynist who has defended Brazil's former military dictatorship and vowed to crush the country's leftist opposition during his first speech as president.


Just as Pompeo courts a Fascist, Bolsonaro courts a Fascist. Birds of a feather…


And let’s not forget that the Washington Post endorsed Bolsonaro when he was running for president.


Well yes, it something the CIA would have demanded.


Look similar to the US? To Germany 1933? To Chile 1973? I mean look back at the statements made in and about Germany AND Chile after Allende’s murder, they are nearly identical the only differences are the other two are in Spanish & German. This is a virus that is spreading around the world and must be stopped. Everyone it seems is afraid to call Trump what he is, a fascist. Just look at a few of the Republican’s shenanigans, Mich, Nc, and Wi where the lame duck Republican legislatures passed laws severely restricting the NEW Democratic governors in these states where many of these laws passed are probably unconstitutional.


Does Bezos have a new “center” going up in Rio?


Pompous Eyore knows not to avoid mistaking an ass for a hole in the wall. That is to say, the underlying premise of the trump machinations is to create chaos. What Pompeo might not realize is that he is Bolsonaro’s and the rural fascists’ ‘a’ in the hole. He and Bolton will be used in unprecedented ways. Keep an eye on any Brazilian corporate holdings in the US - they will not be subtle.
There are checks and balances here that DO NOT EXIST in Brazil. When the PEOPLE finally forced the hand of the fascists in the 80s, the deal that the latter demanded was land grants of a scale that boggles the mind, creating a rural elite called the “ruralistas” that take systems by the tail ( any existing weakness) and spin them over their heads releasing them to the wind. They now run the Brazilian government and share the narcissistic debased scorn for any not themselves - which is their single greatest weakness. Bolosnaro is clamped into place because he is a military ‘strongman’… the final resort of parasitic ideologues. The military studiously corrodes any and all forms of ethical center in its “soldiers”. One of our tasks, is to always work in and for coherence that, whatever the interaction we encounter with forces, is addressed to the better lights of those “serving” during periods of such scurrilous manipulation.

The Brazilian people in the depths of the military-civil dictatorship continued to fight for ALL people and the Indigenous Peoples - for the first time - demanded and secured Constitutional rights in the Federal Constitution of 1988 - yup! its only 30 years old this year. Temer, Bolsonaro and the rural elite are a trump wet dream of how to create local, disempowered murderers and mini- proxies that are protected by municipal, state and federal plants of stunning corruption.

And as Al Jazeera notes, is in the ‘business’ ofexporting that corruption its very own form of parasitic ‘globalization’.

The dictatorship supported by the US from the 60s to 8mid 80s is working on a comeback.


Since Prescott Bush, Republicans have always been Pro-Fascism. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.
Under President Caligula, they are simply saying out loud now.
Still, this is anti-American and anti-democratic, and anti republic.


Kind of reminds me of the Third Reich’s support of Italy’s, fascist, leader, Mussolini!


Could you provide a source for that? I did a quick search and it looks like most, if not all, of the Washington Post articles on Bolsonaro are negative or at least skeptical of him. I couldn’t find one where they endorsed him.


No. The Washington Post did not “endorse Bolsonario”. You made a totally false statement.

US newspapers do not endorse any candidates in elections outside the USA - not even in Canada or Mexico.

But you are welcome to show me where to find the Post’s editorial endorsement of Bolsonario. I just did a search using several terms and found nothing.


Bolsonaro and his cabal got started early this was in October:

In Jair Bolsonaro’s New Brazil, Far-Right Evangelical Billionaire Edir Macedo’s Media Empire Is Being Exploited to Investigate Journalists — Including The Intercept

Reports indicate that foreign journalists got sick of Bolsonaro’s “private prison” implemented against journalists and demanded the right to leave rather than be subjected to paranoid kettling, excuse me, corralling, of journalists.

The Comittee to Protect Journalists indicated on the 27th conditions could get worse

Ahead of inauguration day, Brazilian media braces for Bolsonaro

It has only been 30 years since the Peoples’ Federal Constitution of Brazil. It is also the 30th anniversary of Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent


Were the Brazilians drunk or sleeping on the wheel, why would a nation with high numbers of poor and destitute vote for a fascist moron. Pompeo represents a terrorist state and should never have been allowed to enter Brazil.


Something that I find very disturbing that has arisen over the past few years is this tendency for people - on the internet and also face-to face - to fabricate fictitious facts out of thin air, the basis for the truth of these “facts” being simply that the “fact”, well, just sounds good - i.e. it would fit well in a lurid conspiracy-movie plot of the fact-fabricator’s liking.

The up-votes by the utterly uncritical then follow…

It’s really scary, because such mindless uncritical lynch-mob mentality is the heart of fascism - and it id doubly scary because we frequently see it among my former comrades on the left.


Hi theoldgoat----and he’s coming for the TREES and the indigenous people too. The "lungs " of the Earth will be decimated. : (


I will have to look and see where I have read it, but have seen it mentioned several times in the past few weeks. Give me a day or two to try to find the source(s) where I read it.


Good luck. I doubt you’ll find a reputable source, but I could be wrong.


Pompeo probably asked: “what would Henry do ?”, and then her realized that he is a 21st century Henry Kissinger.


I used the wrong word here,’ endorsed’, when I should have said, ‘supported’ his candidacy. You will probably find fault with that word too, but so be it. As I told Rocky Mtn, I have seen it mentioned several times in the past few weeks, but will need some time to try to locate the source(s).

I wish you could find it in yourself to not be so confrontational in your responses to people. It doesn’t help the dialogue, and is off-putting. We all make mistakes, including you, I’m sure, and there is no need to get in each others’ faces. If I can’t find one of the sources I’ve seen, I will come back and let you know, but please don’t behave as if this is something I made up (I have better things to do), and am simply being deceptive.

Wishing you (and all of us) a good year ahead.


Thanks. I don’t read sources that I don’t find reputable, but I could be wrong too. Thanks for the respectful exchange. I will get back to you, even if I can’t find one of the sources where I’ve read that.