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You Are Not Welcome Anymore


You Are Not Welcome Anymore

Enraged by Trump's mindlessly inflammatory threats to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and cut off aid, Palestinian activists chanting "America Out" shut down a business meeting between Palestinian officials and Americans in occupied Bethlehem, then pelted the cars of the fleeing Americans. Grievous new polls reflect their fury - support for armed struggle has almost doubled among Palestinians - as does wrenching video of the protest.


From the article:

“Protests are growing, faith in peace is fading…”

I believe the Palestinians have faith in peace—indeed, that they pray for it daily; what has faded, and most justifiably so, is their faith that the US will be of any help bringing it about.


US "absolutely opposes the use of violence and intimidation to express political views,”

What does the US think it is doing if not violence and intimidation all over the ME and beyond including at home?

Stand in solidarity with these wronged people!