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'You Ask a Lot of Stupid Questions': Latest Attack on Free Press as Trump Threatens to Strip Credentials of Journalists Who Don't Show Him 'Respect'

'You Ask a Lot of Stupid Questions': Latest Attack on Free Press as Trump Threatens to Strip Credentials of Journalists Who Don't Show Him 'Respect'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump continued his ugly attacks on the press during a media gaggle on the White House lawn on Friday morning, smearing one reporter as a "loser," denouncing another CNN journalist's perfectly reasonable question about the Russia investigation as "stupid," and imperiously threatening to revoke the credentials of members of the media who don't show him sufficient "res

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Behind their thin facade of Civility , the way Trump sees others is very much the same way the 1 percent feels about all of us. They all think they more intelligent and superior. The “system” tells them this everyday and they tell themselves this every day. The difference with Trump and the others of that “special class of people” is he is not pretending he something else. He an arrogant ass and reminds of this everyday. If one wants to look on the bright side he helps to reveal what this system called “Capitalism” really all about.


I don’t see trump as president. Rather, I see him as a constant reminder of what our country has become. A society enamored with wealth and fame, without regard for how the wealth was attained. A society that runs on appearances. A complete collapse of human consciousness.


Judge: “Young woman, are you trying to show contempt for this court?”
Mae West: “No, your honor, I’m trying my best to hide it!”

I almost feel sorry for Pwesident Twump—ALMOST!—as he simultaneously craves being in the spotlight and falls to pieces when it gets too hot.

Turn up the heat! Ask more stupid questions!


Great line


I keep wondering the same thing every time this issue pops up, which now seems to be every day. Are they trying to get the press to exit stage left and leave the White House without having to answer for itself. But we the free press is too ardent to just walk away. But how dare Trump demand respect while being as disrespectful as one can be.


Chump sez: “… you ask a lot of stupid questions.”

The reporter is apparently tailoring them for the source.


Bingo - tables are being turned on the chump. Spin baby spin!
The irony of course being that all they have to do is keep demanding the facts, just the facts, ma’am. There comes a point when the nation will simply respond as to an emetic and vomit back the poison.

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There is a method to his madness:


Dear press, except for Fox which is hopeless, stop going to his press conferences at the WH.


I see the same thing on a daily basis: a president and a party convinced that the votes of their loyal base are all they need to grab and retain power. Well, It worked in 2016.


I would go one more…stop covering him altogether. He lives on attention. Deprive him of that and he will implode. Force his hand. HE needs YOU (the press) more than you need him.


You are too generous.

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Good point, Randi. The media will need to start reporting on his actual harmful policies.


…lies the elephantine psychopathy of corporations, their lawyers and their politicians.


Only if nothing spills on the rest of the oligarchs and nomenklatura.

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The WH is owned by the National Park Service who is financed by the People’s taxes. Doesn’t that make the WH really the People’s House…?


Respect is earned, not deserved.
Trump has earned, and deserves everything he gets.


Yes, very true. And many claim that one of our Amerikan, Fuehrer’s favorite books is: MEIN KAMPF !


Trump and his press people have not answered a single important question honestly in 2 years.

They never will.

So why continue to ask him any questions at all?

Leave that for Fox and Sean Hannity.

Boycott those silly white house press conferences with Sarah Slanders.

Trump gives LOTS of speeches (at rallies) and sends out all kinds of texts.

We already know too much about what and who is on his mind.

So give him no more attention than absolutely necessary.

That would be best for everyone and would drive Trump crazy. Make that crazier.