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'You Ask a Lot of Stupid Questions': Latest Attack on Free Press as Trump Threatens to Strip Credentials of Journalists Who Don't Show Him 'Respect'


Interesting. A rebuke of unpresidential power of a president. A protest like that would have to be held well away from the capital of course so it wouldn’t be interrupted by Trump’s goon squad. A secondary benefit would be to show an entrenched senate they too are not insulated from the public’s wrath when they overstep fair treatment of people they serve.


So many people say that if they had the chance to kill Hitler in his crib they would. Well Hitler his alive and well. The White House is his crib.

Where are these heroes?

  1. Government led by insidious fanatic organized religion (at least in this country and during the inquisition)


You seriously need to read the constitution. There is no “intervention” power given to Congress regarding the president save for impeachment, which will be impossible with the makeup of the Senate.

Only, arguably, the Supreme Court can constrain the president on constitutional grounds, and that is highly unlikely with the SC packed with Trump sympathizers too.

Regarding the prevention of the rise of a dictator, the Wiemar Constitution of 1930’s Germany was more effective than the US constitution is. But look at how well it worked!


Thanks, excellent comment.


When the people revolt, and they will if Trump has any group who speaks out against him jailed or shot upon, the military will have only two choices, join the people, or go down with Trump.


Senators will be hunted like coyotes out West, if they take actions to steal from those who worked all their lives and retire with their Medicare and Social Security.

That will be our Red line.


Add in the fact that the Supreme Court “interprets the Constitution.”


I mean how hard can you bend over for Trump? I mean the Trump-leftist “nuclear war” card has already been played ad nauseum, AND Trump trumped that card already, or haven’t you noticed?

Nixing the Iran deal? Not a word from you. Called for the largest nuclear weapons build up in a generation? No word from you on this (and yes, I know about Obama’s “modernization” program which doesn’t compare with Trump’s nuclear buildup proposals) Or the fascist jerk withdrawing from the nuclear weapons pact with Russia. Nope, no word from you on this.

You start out your Trump-leftist post by making the case that Trump’s treatment of the press is “not unprecedented”. Is that so? Well that’s a bald faced lie. I challenge you reference any such instances where past Presidents have called the press “the enemy of the people” and openly advocated violence against journalists.

Of course it’s an affront to our most cherished illusions about our “freedom of the press,” but it does us no good to regard it as proof that we now have a dictatorship.

This certainly qualifies you as a full blown Trump-leftist. But you’re not defending Trump. Yeah right.

That has to be one of the most twisted comments I’ve read on this forum. You should sign up to be an errand boy for Bannon, Miller, or why the hell not…Trump himself.

So it’s only an affront to "our most cherished illusions about our “freedom of the press”? What, there is some illusion? Are you that logically challenged? I think it is a problem of philosophy, not logic.

Carry on dismal Trump-leftist.


“Assuming without conceding that my question was stupid, please answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’”


Now we are cooking. That’s the only reason I keep a little heat.


Ever check out this group of young musicians that formed in the mid 90’s? This is from their 1st album. Oldest in the band was 17, youngest 14.


The guillotine – off with his head … both of them!

But then I do like the idea of “a little bit of everything” as the chair would take care of his deplorably scant ‘gray matter’ and the guillotine would remove that frighteningly ugly face and his mushroom you-know-what, and finally, we cut off those teeny-tiny, miniscule hands b/c he uses them to do such disgusting things!


Perfect! They seriously do know how to deal with a problem like the prictator – see my latest response to Harry directly above ^^^ … they know how to do what I suggested the guillotine could do!


Signing off, Happy Sunday!


You’re in exceptional form tonight my dear Wolfess.

A song for you…


Watch this video Chicken and see why there can be situations like this where there are no good guys. It is perfectly reasonable for CNN to be horrible journalists at the same time as Trump is spouting anti-free speech rhetoric.


I’d like to hear them without the fuzz guitar to compare but sounds perfectly peace-nic acid


I put that in my category of , “I like a lot of different kinds of music but some of it only a little at a time.” If you like this you should visit our “Mile of Music” in August. It’s a three day festival. Original music only. Festival originator Cory Chisel


It’s incredible how much music there is out there.

I took a Baroque music class when I transferred into a new school in late 1971. It opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities.

Like you say though, “some of it, a little at a time.”