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'You Betrayed Us' Billboards Targeting Anti-Privacy Lawmakers Erected


'You Betrayed Us' Billboards Targeting Anti-Privacy Lawmakers Erected

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Billboards targeting legislators who voted to end online privacy measures earlier this year have gone up in key districts, as promised by activists.


This is simply 'Awesome.'

We the 'Sane' People of America need to utilize these 'Betrayal Billboards' on a nationwide basis.

I will gladly donate to that use of funds.



We are now in full the scale selling out of everything associated with living in the 21st century, the internet access now the latest victim. Congress is selling the National Parks, drilling rights on other public lands, the internet privacy, healthcare to insurance co's, many others, in a wholesale fire sale of Americans and their lands and civil rights. The 21st century has seen an exponential explosion of selling out to the highest bidder, all for the dollars needed to be reelected. Where or when will it end??


Now this....is Brilliant! :slight_smile:


"Where or when will it end?"

Possibly when Trump makes a 'Deal' with a malevolent Alien race to sell Earth to them on one condition, that they give him his own planet, with unlimited human slaves.


Yes. Sell all of us to alien space traders who were just looking to trade in spices and cloth (so to speak). Your comment reminded me of the realization I had on watching the PBS series on Africa by Henry Louis Gates. I knew that Africans supplied and participated in gathering African slaves for what became the transatlantic trade, I just didn't realize to what extent and hadn't really thought how it was even possible. We tend to think of Africans as undeveloped, incompetent and incapable of resisting. That was because I had not really thought of what powerhouse civilizations were on that continent at the start of that particular slave trade or that the military conquest of Africa by European powers didn't really get underway until around 1800, give or take.
But Africa had magnificent civilizations (something we seldom realize) and some of those rulers saw an opportunity, not at all unlike the corporate CEOs and other 1% of our age, to sell a "product," human beings, to these traders arriving on their coasts on the newly explored route to India. The existing powers in Africa were too powerful to have allowed the wholesale kidnapping of their people by a few foreigners and the traders were too weak to just run their own raids for slaves, not to mention that while this might have been high value "merchandise," it was also high maintenance compared to other kinds of trade goods. So the creation of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade really depended on the powers in that land (today think corporations, 1%, CEOs) selling out their own for their own enrichment.
Unlike the Americas where the European powers started military conquests right away, tried to enslave the indigenous populations and failed as those populations died of disease and ill use and I don't know what all. (again, think of the conquerers as the same as today's corporations, and indeed they did get charters to operate from their various governments). That is when the "CEOs" of the powerful states(think corporations) in Africa stepped up to sell out their continent's people. Never mind that they often got the slaves by raids of acquisition on neighboring lands, not always their very own people, they had the power and the callousness to create and take advantage of an opportunity which could only come back to bite them later. Like today's corporations, they would gladly sell someone the rope to hang themselves.


I'd say let's put up billboards all over about every single foul thing this administration is doing, with names and faces. Flood the airwaves. make sure people can't get away with averting their eyes and pretending they don't know---or else burying their heads in the sand and avoiding it. We absolutely MUST return to government by the people or we are doomed. I just hope it's not too late.


I was hoping someone with an imagination like you Mike, would pick up on my comment where I stopped, and run with it like you did.

Thanks for adding a historical element to it.

Most commenters here are so serious(not that the crap that's going on every day isn't serious), but I occasionally like to add some light hearted humor to possibly make someone out there smile.


AMEN!!!   And don't forget to erect one in honor of Dirty Debbie Duhby-Ass (aka DDWS), whose rigging of last year's DamnocRatic Primary is the primary reason we are stuck with Tweetle-Dumb . . .

Me Too!!!   Please provide a link.


Washington D.C. has been a betrayal since day one. I want my Internet caf'e, complete with happy hour!


Whatever happened to Draining the Swamp (or Cesspool)?  Last I heard, all the snapping turdles and water moccasins had been promoted to the Executive Branch.

I want my Internet Café, and I want it NOW!!  But no Happy Hour until the swamp really HAS been drained.   (To produce the letter e with an acute accent, type an ampersand followed by "eacute" [without the quotes] followed by a semicolon - all with no spaces.)


Please increase the amount of e mail that Marsha Blackburn / Steve (?) Aubrook
& Dean Heller can receive I Could NOT leave a message as their "mail boxes" were