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'You Can Feel the Anger': 18,000 Calls to Senators in Just 24 Hours Signal Widespread Outrage Over Trump Supreme Court Power Grab

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/you-can-feel-anger-18000-calls-senators-just-24-hours-signal-widespread-outrage-over

That’s politics, people. Like it or not, he has every right to do what he probably will. He could wait if he wanted do, but the fact is, he was elected for four years and not three-and-three-quarter years.

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I still wonder what in the hell Obama was thinking by not pushing Merrick Garland’s nomination forward. Ten months or so!

A couple of things immediately come to mind. First, what continues to make Dems think that the Republicans have any interest in fairness or what is “right”? After years of them demonstrating over and over that their concern is winning, and only winning, what makes the Dems think that this time they will feel shame or the desire to compromise? Second, why, in a professed democracy, are so many decisions affecting the lives of virtually all citizens made by a group of nine unelected, biased officials with nothing at stake?


When the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985 “bipartisanship” and “consensus” were redefined to mean capitulate to the GOP, culminating in handing more power to Moscow Mitch than any Senate Majority Leader has ever had.

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Those who like to catch a clue have twigged that getting a “you can feel the anger” rush from the latest insult Jabba the Orange Hut belches at us is precisely why Jabba’s minions love him so, n’est ce pas?

Meanwhile, dozens of “no fair! no fair!” angry petitioning wastes of time over this inevitable SC appointment have entirely chased COVID from the headlines around here. (Did you notice that? Cute, huh? Jabba don’t like to see COVID headlines.) This whole SC kerfuffle should be regarded by honest, self-critical progressives as mortifying. Marjorie Cohn pointed out that, whatever RBG may have accomplished, it’s all gone and worse than reversed because of that disgraceful career-mistake RBG made (you know what I’m talking about): enough to destroy everything.

Even in the wake of logging 200K deaths, I don’t see a COVID headline here. So I’ll post my final 5-week segmentation into 7 segments right here. In finer resolution, USA’s outbreak trend appears to have just bounced above 40K cases per day.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/25/2020          15          15
>  10.  03/31/2020     186,086     186,101
>  15.  05/05/2020   1,007,712   1,193,813
>  20.  06/09/2020     779,984   1,973,797
>  25.  07/14/2020   1,442,631   3,416,428
>  30.  08/18/2020   2,044,001   5,460,429
>  35.  09/22/2020   1,414,553   6,874,982

Ode to America:
"Well I used to love her,
but it’s all over now.

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So was Obama and his pick was not given any chances. Republicans can’t win without cheating. It’s a double standard for them.

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You need to fight for America or find another country.

The truth is that any candidate that allows her name to stand under these circumstances deserves to be impeached upon the swearing in of a new president. This mad action to seat a new judge is totally destructive of America’s form of democratic governance!

He really did want his nominee to be appointed but Mitch McConnell blocked all attempts to conduct the necessary process. That is why his current rush is so hypocritical.

Already did my fighting in Nam. America is waning. Not much to be proud of imho.
By the way, just being cute with word smithing.

Side note, but as someone living in Los Angeles that week 5 total is probably short by a few hundred thousand .

“As this process becomes even more of a partisan farce, the cloud looming over the legitimacy of the Senate - and the Supreme Court itself - will continue to grow.”

No argument from me, as far as I’m concerned, the SC lost all legitimacy when they weighed in on the 2000 election. Nothing IMO has transpired since that time, to recover it.

But Wait!! There is hope yet, Amy Coney Barrett, Trumps go-to choice to replace RBG, has said justices need to be replaced on the court with someone with the same basic ideologies as those that were lost. I’m sure she has the integrity to turn down the nomination because of this statement. /s


CNN reporters covered for her, but listen to the first part of her comments on the matter.

Likely another full blown hypocrite. It has become part of their DNA.

Yes, 2000 was a partisan circus. Over ruling the Florida SCOTUS still pisses me off.
What’s the point of having a high court if it can be overruled?

She’s more than a hypocrite, she’s a full blown wack-a-doodle. Without packing the court (something Biden won’t do, surprise, surprise), the court won’t recover for decades. The only bit of justice we’ll see is when the far right supporters lose their healthcare and social security. Everything’s on the chopping block now.