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You Can Save My Life': Traveling on Same Plane, Man With ALS Confronts Sen. Flake Over GOP Tax Bill


You Can Save My Life': Traveling on Same Plane, Man With ALS Confronts Sen. Flake Over GOP Tax Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"What should I tell my son or what should you tell my son if you pass this bill?"


I have approached my Senator’s Flake and McCain about this very issue and have been ignored. This past vote I sent an email saying thank you for signing my death cert. to McCain. They do not care, period. They have been sold and bought.


I, too, live in the Sonoran desert near Tucson, AZ. Both Flake, a U.S.senator and Ms. Martha McSally, my congress person, are corporatist ideologues, beholding to the bankster money that floats their campaigning for “public” office. Ideology is a flawed belief system that takes the “being” outa “human being”. Both are experts of the “double-speak” that enables them to skirt human morality, (as their responsibility), as public servants. Kindness, Honor and Respect for ALL others, as their equals and their donors’ equals is ignored. Well, I have a surprise for all these corporatist wannabe banksters: Reverend Barber and

“The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival”
is coming to a congressional office near all of these corporate “takers” in America, of both duopoly parties and any wannabes waiting in the wings.

Thank you Ady from all of us “slackers” on disability, myself included!



Pärtē über alles! Above and beyond everything else, THE PARTY…and as for the “people,” the ignorant lazy slackers can fend for themselves (GOP mantra).

Use of the German translation for obvious reasons…under the current tyranny of the maniac in the WH along with the goose-stepping GOP Congress and the corrupt corporatist Cabinet all in lockstep with each other.


I’ve written several times to each. So far only McCain sent a reply that was canned. He’s part of the cabal that is robbing the treasury while they’re in charge. This was his reply:

 Thank you for sharing your views with me. Your input on this matter is of great value to me. 

 I take my job of representing the people of Arizona in the United States Senate very seriously. Your concerns, opinions, and views are important to me and I always take them into consideration before casting my vote.  

 Please be assured that I will keep your specific views in mind as I continue to work with my colleagues in the Senate.  

 Again, thank you for your recent correspondence. Please feel free to contact me again regarding this or any other matter of concern.


     John McCain
     United States Senator


They are worse than useless.
Can we get a law written that states when the elected government willfully and with disregard for their fellow citizens enact laws that financially benefit a few over the many, and when those laws serve to create an aristocracy - a class of citizenry this country was founded upon abolishing - and when that few includes themselves, they shall be put to death by guillotine in front of the Washington Monument!


He is a flake .


No, they don’t care. I’ve talked to my rep once about what was happening to me, and within seconds, he’s looking at his watch wondering if his tee time is in jeopardy.

These people are psychopaths. Killers. The lot of them.


Amazingly, after making an angry call to my rep’s office in DC regarding how he had some healthcare activists arrested when they brought a “Medicare birthday cake” to his local office in Mt. Lebanon, PA, the (recently resigned for having an affair then telling his mistress to get an abortion) Rep Tim Murphy (R-PA) actually called me back, at home, on a Saturday FCOL, to accuse the cake-bearers, and me, of being members of the “dangerous, extremist, socialist, Move-on”. I was kind of flattered by that accusation even though, of course, I’m way to the left of the useless “Move-on”. But, I long ago accepted that Move On or the Clintons are about as far to the left that the extremist-right running the US Congress are capable of even conceiving.


They don’t see any difference, except maybe you are a real commie.


How can American political leaders just abandon people to find money from nowhere or die. Even sitting with his other Republican millionaires in their DC clubs sipping single malt surely there must be some disquiet in his mind. How could you just abandon people to die. I can’t believe it.


If they can ignore 10’s of millions, they will damn well ignore one. Slimy bastards.


Or in front of the Lincol Memorial; or the White House! :hugs:


The dark lords of republican and democrat fashion are fine with the deaths and unnecessary sufferings of many millions. Geez, they look so nice on the campaign trail.
You want change?
Get these brutal barbarians out of office for good and create an accountable democracy that serves the majority.


Getting Congress/Senate to pass a law to get themselves guillotined seems a bit iffy. However, if you could get Association-of-Guillotine-Manufacturers to contribute enough money to their campaigns, who knows, maybe it could work! We just have to come up with a nifty name. How about “The Get Ahead of the Pack Act”? Hey, we can make it one of those we have to pass it to see whats in it laws. Won’t they be surprised!


Not even the Mormons are bothered by KNOWING they will be responsible for human deaths!


Can we do it by statewide ballot initiatives?
LOL. That cracked me up!


A useless Flake.


If that were the only senatorial response, a signed mimeograph or two,
with no follow up, then yes, McCain stiffed you, for whatever reason.
Guillotine need not be mentioned as referenced, pitchforks are handy objects.
Chains also an ironic means for them to observe their own justice punishment.
A few battles won up north, anti-coal/oil public office rejection of a scenic gorge
sacrifice zone for oil. FU 2 Warren Buffet, oilman burning keystone. Battles won!


He knows I’m not fan. Ive contacted him many times. Hes a short timer making life better for the rich. For a while, until folks have had enough asmd grab pitchforks to lead them all to the guillotine. They deserve no less.