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"You Can Stop This" — Venezuela's Message to Americans

"You Can Stop This" — Venezuela's Message to Americans

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The American people can stop a war on Venezuela, that country's foreign minister told Democracy Now! on Monday.

"I believe that the American people and the American institutions can stop this from happening, this insane proposal of invading Venezuela," Jorge Arreaza told Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales during an interview. "And this is the right time to do it."

Who is providing factual proof that there is a crisis of any kind in Vz.


Good question. It certainly isnt the british bullshit corporation.

The same folks that are manufacturing the crisis.

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Jorge Arreaza is correct. The American people could stop this. Where is the so-called “Resistance”??? You know, the ones that continually decry Trump on every ignorant tweet?

Somehow, we must create enough of a public push-back … whether through mass demonstrations or otherwise; or the neoliberals may again succeed in destroying democratic urges elsewhere.

I confess, I don’t know how to organize this given that most people and in my circles are oblivious; but organize we must.

At the least, we should be filling up Sanders’ phone and fax lines and mailbox, insisting that he get on the right side of this issue.

I just faxed a letter to his DC office, after calling to let his aide know. DC numbers: tel (202) 224-5141
fax (202) 228-0776
Please take a moment to contact him yourself.


Roger, I agree with you. Jorge Arreaza makes a lot of sense to me; he seems very astute, knowledgeable, experienced, and good at chess!

One of the things I’ve done is send this CD link to the people in my life who might actually do something; I asked them to call and write as many Congresscreeps as they can, at the least their own delegations. I, too, am writing and calling.

Maybe if anyone has a connection with any MSM person, contact him/her and ask for better coverage of what Dump’s handlers are trying to pull.

There are several petitions going around from people like Win Without War, MoveOn, PFAW, et al.

I’ll look up Bernie’s position on this; chagrined to admit I don’t know.

This godd***ed Dump Deplorable Cabal is the gift that keeps on giving (my new mantra).

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Caitlin Johnstone helps clarify the debate:

My favorite part: “Yeah but Venezuela is in dire straits right now. It’s not like sending in Godzilla could make things any worse.”


This shit will never end - Now Sanders goes down the Venezuela rabbit hole.
Jimmy Dore makes some good points about Bernie’s tweet.
If you want honesty on this subject, stick with Max Blumenthal and Abby Martin, they’ve both actually been to Venezuela.


Sanders buying into the official narrative put out by the Western Intel agencies promoting a coup , is a stand that can not be defended.


All democrats save three voted to recognize the coup.

This is a bipartisan attack on democracy that has gone on for seventeen years.

Obama declared Venezuela a national security threat because he knew Venezuelans already have medicare for all and housing as a right. If US citizens demanded the constitutional rights of Venezuelans the corporatistas would have to give up their welfare checks. That is a national security threat working people should be dunned to pay for.

Cubans are our enemy because they have medicare for all and free education and live healthier lives in old-age.


This US/CIA coup is a sham like all of the others by the CIA –
from Hungary to Syria – and throughout Central and South America.
And taking every new opportunity to intrude on Russian interests with
NATO surrounding them and creeping up on China.

Where are the tools to stop the warmongers, drug-runners and gun-runners in our
government acting for the interests of Elite profiteers?


Where are ABC, CBS, and NBC?

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister is here being interviewed by Democracy Now and none of these Free and Fair Press organizations think that the American people would like to hear what this man has to say.

A Reckoning is coming for all of these selective truth tellers.


Bernie is doing what I’ve unfortunately seen too many instances lately: trying to have it both ways. While he said he opposes any effort at regime change by us, he tweeted on Saturday that “Venezuela should allow humanitarian aid…”. Maduro has refused to allow American “aid convoy” in… but Abrams/Trump are trying to push it through anyway, probably to bait Venezuelan military into a confrontation and to use this theater for reinforcing their claims that Maduro is harming his people. In past remarks, Sanders has also claimed the Venezuelan people are suffering, implying failures by Maduro and sadly ignoring altogether the U.S. sanctions, oil supply & price manipulation and other actions intended to alienate Venezuelans from their government.

I’ve signed some of the petitions you mentioned…at least Win Without War’s. I’ve distanced myself from MoveOn as they have seemed to become ever more just partisan mouthpieces…concerned mostly with “resisting” Trump while not seeming to care at all about the systemic corruption that affects all governance. But if they’re getting involved in actually resisting our meddling in Venezuela, perhaps they’ll re-earn my trust.

You’re also right…we should be contacting MSM as well to hold them accountable for their incredibly biased reporting on this; all from the US Gov’t perspective.


I hear critiques from people I respect though I don’t have a particular article to point to. I like Mark Weisbrot who is sometimes on Democracy Now and the Real News and writes at http://cepr.net/mark-weisbrot-op-eds.

Unfortunately the mainstream media is completely worthless on this story and I wish people would leave them en masse. I wish that about organized religion too but it just doesn’t happen - or not fast enough for my liking anyway.

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I think at this point a million people protest wouldn’t do any good. I believe it has come down to some sort of force being needed. A coup. We need our own version of a Castro to lead a forcible revolution.


Roger, I had to drop this ball earlier today, so I’m glad you replied. Amy Goodman’s program today was centered on discussing this situation with Jorge Arreaza, excellent spokesperson for Venezuela. If you didn’t get to watch it, I highly recommend pulling up today’s (Monday’s episode).

Your post is right-on. So we gotta bang on Bernie’s head and his crew. I will throw out the good for the perfect if he won’t take a position against what the deplorables are doing and threatening to do in Venezuela …or licking their chops about in Iran or NK. I also won’t support him if he shows support for Israel. I could accept his saying he didn’t support BDS but would not support our First Amendment rights being abrogated.

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PB, write them and raise hell.

Today, NPR ran a program in The Takeaway where Fernando Cruz, apologist for Dump’s actions, and Jorge Martín, opposing what the US is doing in Venezuela, answered questions. It could’ve been a better discussion, but it also could have been a lot worse. I wrote the program folks with my critique.

I don’t listen to any of the MSM idjits anymore, so I don’t know what they’re saying. I just assume none has brains or guts.

I saw Amy’s interview with Jorge and LOVED it.

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BB, the only hint I know of for any braking at all is H.R. 1004. It’s weak but it’s a start. I don’t have the link right now.

Kevin Zeeze was also in Venezuela helping with the election https://popularresistance.org/venezuela-what-activists-need-to-know-about-the-us-led-coup/

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Roger, Robert Naiman with Change.org also have a petition, but I can’t figure out how to get it to you.