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You Can’t Report Truthfully on Israel Without Facing Its Wrath


You Can’t Report Truthfully on Israel Without Facing Its Wrath

Richard Falk

Makarim Wibisono has announced his resignation as UN special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, the position I held for six years until June 2014.

The Indonesian diplomat says that he could not fulfill his mandate because Israel has adamantly refused to give him access to the Palestinian people living under its military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Saudi Arabia recently appointed to the Human Rights Council? Aren't they heading the panel that selects whom is to be fulfilling jobs like the one in this article?
* I suppose the Saudis are on this council because they are so good at wielding the sword of justice on any hapless protester.
* What a mad, mad, mad world we live in today! I'm sure that, since Israel and Saudi Arabia have such similar views on human rights, they'll probably establish a bilateral commission to decide how to treat the poor, the disenfranchised, the conquered and occupied. They've got the weapons and ammo for it, compliments of the US Fourth Reich and its Axis.


You are correct in this article, but you neglect to mention that the opposite avails as well. You cannot report and witness on the exalted, hysterical, fanatical exploiters of others' misery- Hezbollah and other power hungry, organizations, without facing risk of retaliation. Yes, with the bizarre rightist leadership in Israel- which still compares favorably with the murderous weirdos in Iran, and the evil ones in Saudi Arabia, and the Taliban, and the likes of Cheney, and the all too many others, it is easy to hate Israel. The latter is suffering from fear. They are fear biters. They are afraid of the unthinking masses, manipulated masses who want and have wanted to annihilate Israel since 1948. By now the situation is a horrendous mess but beating on Israel, and not on what caused the situation in the first place ain't gonna produce no positive results, nohow not never. Quit that one side crap and look at holistic possibilities that are not dictated, once yet again, by Western powers whose only vision is OIL. Read history (Anglo Persian oil company history is a good start; so are the multi century exactions of the Ottoman Empire, etc, and lay off the recent history which you contemplate so blithely and blindly. I am a far left type, but I get so tired of my brothers' hysteria over proximate nonsense. There, I have said it! Now you can respond with the usual anger and fiel- just as the radical reactionaries would, only in different words. And then what, solutions involve more sides than one, especially when the ONE is self righteous.


This comment deserves a respectful considered reply. The comment's author has the courtesy to say that the author of the article is correct but that he neglects to mention that the opposite avails as well - in other words that the article commits sins of omission. Undoubtedly this is true. The world has many evil contending forces, and the political forces swirling around the Israel-Palestine issue are hardly exempt from that. However I have reservations about that criticism. I was an editor and reviewer for major science journals over a half-century. One of the first things I learned was that I shouldn't criticize an author for failing to write the article I would have written on that topic. It is the article he chose to write that must be critically reviewed. If he is wrong then pointing out his "wrong'ness" is not only legitimate, but it is professionally/ethically required. The same applies here. If no-one else was pointing out the evils of other players, or failing to review the historical context and the constraints it imposes, and if the commentary is one-sided to the point of ignoring similar wrongs of others, then I would be more sympathetic to the "sins of omission" criticism. But this is hardly the case. Israel does a fine job of railing at the Palestinian extremists, and Hezbollah and its Iranian sponsors get plenty of negative coverage. In North America at least it is criticism of Israel that is politically incorrect and therefore insufficient, especially in the mainstream media and in domestic politics. And since it is the US that supports Israel politically and militarily and makes the hard-line position of its "bizarre rightist leadership" possible, in the face of the disapproval of most of the rest of the world, that makes the American perception critical to what happens. It is certainly correct that past people with political power but naive superficial understanding and little sensitivity to what they were setting in motion, are responsible for the current "horrendous mess". British and American politicians, Arab leaders, Zionists, and on & on. There is plenty of responsibility to go around. But in the end I have to say that if we are ever to escape from the dead hand of history then we have to criticize or praise people and countries for what they actually do in "real time". Historical context aka the dead hand of history can become a never-ending excuse, otherwise.


The Jews/Israels are the invaders, the occupiers. The declaration of the State of Israel was, and is a war crime under international law.
Under international law it is war crime to seize land by force of arms, it is unlawful to dispossess people of their land, to move an occupying
population into the occupied land, to appropriate the resources fo the population that you are occupying, not to ensure the health and safety of those who are occupied.

The Jews/Israelis are in the wrong, have always been in the wrong in relation to Palestine.

Because the Israeli/Jews have no respect for international law, or for any other religious group, they logically expect that others will treat them as viciously as they treat others.

The Americans suffer from the same affliction.


Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. What is this, another binding glimpse of the obvious? At this point who in the world doesn't know what Israel is doing to these poor people. United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, wow, what a great title. How about the United Nations Special Get Something Done For A Change Guy on Palestinian human rights.

Sorry; but, after a while it gets a little old.


What you say is simply cut-and-dried from a knowledge of history. That is why a huge Zionist con game for the purpose of obscuring that history and discouraging others from learning about it is in place.


Roger. I appreciate the very thoughtful answer. My comment was motivated as probably was apparent by a frustration with the more often anti Israel posture of my fellow progressives. It is great that you chose to respond with apt counterpoints. Unfortunately neither the main street media (owned by money interests) nor the alternative progressive media (owned by blind morality) cover the issues adequately. To wit the unconsidered comment somewhere in this thread beginning with the notion that the Jew are invaders, that the creation of Israel is a war crime.... Again Roger, thanks. Peace brother.


I am sure you now feel better having stated the Truth according to Saint Peter. Best wishes for an uncomplicated life.


There ain't nothing cut and dried ever: First lesson of adulthood.


So your second lesson of adulthood was that the Zionist con game is wet with uncut delusion.


Why would you claim St. Peter, unless you were doing a specious mock from your own rigid Zionist theology?


Why should you be bothered by people objecting to the invasion of other people with the objective of seizing the land and transferring the indigenous population?

Why should anyone respectful of decency be for Israel?


Typical--declaring something you simply don't like is a crime under international law--Israeli independence was recognized by the UN and almost all non-Muslim countries and it is in no way a violation of any international law. You guys jut make this stuff up to suit yourselves.


Check the facts! No way was this a genuine admission of a real nation. Israel had been helped by the British and had bribed the USA to allow its entry, and never kept to any of the rules from day 1.


[quote="haveyougotscience, post:3, topic:17037"]
They are afraid of the unthinking masses, manipulated masses who want and have wanted to annihilate Israel since 1948.
Why use this hysterical language, when the israelis have constantly taken over more and more land into what they were "given" (not by the owners!) and illegally place Jews on stolen land and destroy any hope of fairness for Palestinians.

Hezbollah is a resistance group protecting Lebanon-what on earth did you think?


Richard Falk managed to stay bravely in the position of Special Rapporteur for six years, and was disgustingly treated by Israel. I remember reading articles by him right from the first years, but he continued to speak out. It must be one of the most difficult diplomatic tasks, as the USA and many other nations persist in seeing no fault in their "ally" despite its constant policy of murder, theft and mendacity.
Now that the BDS policy is having some effect (COMPLETELY NONVIOLENT), Netanyahu claims it is the most terrible disaster to befall his beloved Israel, yet the news is about the knife attacks on Israelis, one of the rare responses to the daily killings of Palestinians by the "IDF".