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You Can't Eat Civility: A Messge to Joe Biden and the Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/16/you-cant-eat-civility-messge-joe-biden-and-democrats


So in essence, Biden should listen to Bernie & The Squad!


Unless Biden launches Nuremberg style trials on January 21 that bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice, the GOP will continue to gain power while the Democrats fade into irrelevancy.

Bringing the GOP to justice is the only way to start fixing the damage the GOP continues to do. Civility plus three bucks will buy a cup of coffee and not much more.


“Almost two-thirds of all student debt—nearly $929 billion as of 2019—is held by women”

How is that relevant?

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But Nancy Pelosi says there’s chocolate ice cream in the fridge?

Can’t we all go to Nancy’s house?


Because for every dollar a man with a bachelor’s degree earns in this country, a woman with an equivalent educational level is only paid 74 cents.

Would you prefer that we just stay home and make you a sandwich?


You’ll have to be more explicit in your argument: I don’t follow it at all, and I doubt anyone else does.


It’s so simple: If you’re poor and hungry, just get rich.

There are so many ways: Borrow from your parents; just a couple of million should be enough. Start a new social media platform, a congressional lobbying firm, a venture capital company. Become a slumlord. Get a job as an anchor on Fox News or CNN. So many ways. You just have to want to. Also, don’t be Black, brown, Muslim, atheist, LGBTQ, or a female.

Problem solved.


It’s harder to pay back debt when you don’t make as much money due to systemic misogyny.


This disparity in pay means it takes women much longer to pay off their student loans, a situation only made worse given the additional interest charges that entails.


Thank you.


I don’t think you can make the case that that is the explanation. It is fairly well known that women today outnumber men in American colleges . . Google it!

I don’t think women are worse (slower) in paying off their student loans than men. Perhaps you have evidence?

It doesn’t mean that other forms of parity are equal, percentage of the population, percent of graduates, and employment.

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OK how about this: when women are working their way through school, they are more likely to take out a loan than men because they are making less money. You must be a cranky old white guy. BTW I don’t need to google it, it is obvious that there are more women in college because they tend to be smarter.


Sooo…the fact that women, who now constitute 56% of the college students in this country, also carry two-thirds of the student debt is relevant after all.

Imagine that.


That might be a good start, but not nearly enough, of course, if you listen the DNC the way Biden does, you’d see that as nothing but a sad Progressive wet-dream. I’m more than willing to be surprised and impressed, but I have no expectations that the Biden administration will not be as predictable and failure prone as his entire political career over the last 3-4 decades.

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Thank you for what you do Joe. Excellent piece and hoping Biden pays attention unlike other corporate dems.

Wow, then according to you the difference in income between male and female “working their way through school” must be gargantuan.

No wonder you feel so aggrieved and sexist.

First acknowledge that Biden is not decent, compassionate, honorable, civil, or sane. Then you might have a chance at getting Biden to do some of the things this country needs.


Every single suggestion mentioned in this article has been taken off the table long ago (in the 1980s and 1990s) by treaties we signed in 1994 and 1993 and others. I’m sorry.

The safety nets are now seen as too generous, also all the New Deal type programs, are now illegal for nations to establish new, and the existing ones are being phased out, like building codes, changing anything requires they be fully privatized and self sustaining, (an end to government subsidies) They are framed as stealing the profits that corporations are entitled to now.

Affirmative action is international, (like the LDC Services Waiver) and funnel public procurement, for example, infrastructure and environmental and dozens of other kinds in ever increasing numbers - service jobs to Least Developed Countries richest. If any ta money is involved they will end up globalized. Unless they involve national security or warfare, etc.


jobs are now entitlements of foreign firms in they bid cheaper. Look up “National Treatment” that means they are US companies in every way, once they win it.

Literally every single thing you said we need is not possible, without our buying our freedom first, which will have to be based on the value of that service sector.

If anybody wrote you a check, based on these promises, its going to come back marked “insufficient funds”.

Any candidate who tells you otherwise, is lying. They should brush up on the history of the last 34 years, starting with the meeting in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, September 15-20 1986. (The Uruguay Round)

Where have you people been the last couple of decades not to know all this?