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You Can't Eat Civility: A Messge to Joe Biden and the Democrats

This must be the IQ part of the discussion.



It really matters much less than people think because of the treaties that discipline domestic regulation.

Please look that term up.

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This will look like the golden era for work in a few years because so many will be out of work, and the safety net will have been privatized into something women are likely cheated out of given that the minimum benefits now paid by Social Security will likely be gone.

They were based on the labor scarcity of the past, So many workers will be competing for so very few jobs, why pay more, workers will be disposable.

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That’s nothing new. Workers first became disposable in the early seventies.

Before services liberalization? I don’t think anything compares.

Everything is changing, you know that right? We decided tom liberalize services decades ago, but here in the US its only beginning now. That means most Americans wont be needed.

Basic common sense good points in this article - that first reached a national audience in political talk in 2016, by Sanders. Which is precisely why we got Biden - who based on his factual contributions to several issues that have affected the American people, including the Iraqis and others, and based on the big money that went his way - is not really quite correct to call decent and honorable by the standard use of those two adjectives.


You’re an idiot. i must be sexist!


I agree with everything said here except the claim that Joe Biden is an honorable man. If he were honorable he would have refused the nomination and thrown his not-inconsiderable support behind someone who could have won the election without the help of a global pandemic.


Bet we hear terms like "…so for the good of the country.…" and
“Truth and Reconciliation commission” that’s where criminal confess and then get to keep everything they stole and go home and live fat lives (Hartmann pushed that one after Bush. I expect it won’ be long before he strikes that one up again)

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I know, but I just couldn’t get past the nauseating delusion that anyone would apply those terms to Biden.

Of course everything changes. It certainly changed when the labor market was suddenly flooded with ten of millions of job-age Boomers seeking employment in the late sixties and early seventies. That influx of entry level wage employees, combined with increasing anti-union sentiment and the growing popularity of 25+ MPG automobile imports during the oil embargo, put single-earner households on the road to extinction.

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Relevant to what?

I don’t follow your logic - that is if there is any there.

Oh FFS. Must I draw you a picture?

No thanks. I’ll forget you said anything.

My guess is that you can see only one explanation and think therefor it is obvious.

Excuse me, but wasn’t it you who asked, “How is that relevant?”

Yes. So?

I think I’ll withdraw from this conversation. Continuing it has no potential value…

Get to know Biden’s Chief Of Staff


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I don’t have a good feeling about this, I think the country is being set up for a major disaster.

In fact Ive been watching it play out for a long time like a slow motion train crash.

Wonder what they plan to blame it on, you can bet it wont be themselves. The American people don’t realize how thin the ice we base our prosperity on is at this point. I think that the end result is going to be that a lot of trump supporters are likely to totally fall for whatever they have been told, Trump seems to have been preparing for this moment for years. When he became President, you can bet he was filled in on the pending WTO case by India against us. But I actually think he must have gotten the full lwo down on WTO and the GATS from golfing buddy - and close friends Bill and Hillary Clinton decades ago.

GATS and its progeny TISA are basically a scheme to lower the wages of thye entire world and lock down everything that can be owned for corporations.

Its the real reason nothing progressives want ever happens. GATS and similar deals prohibit all of it.

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We eliminated welfare in our time, but instead of a war on poverty it was a war on the poor, which is actually global, as its embedded in the WTO services agreement, the General Agreement on Trade in Services. Thats the real reason why we no longer have a functioning democracy, except in name only.