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You Can't Read This


You Can't Read This

Elizabeth Warren

Have you seen what’s in the new TPP trade deal?

Most likely, you haven’t – and don’t bother trying to Google it. The government doesn’t want you to read this massive new trade agreement. It’s top secret.

Why? Here’s the real answer people have given me: “We can’t make this deal public because if the American people saw what was in it, they would be opposed to it.”

If the American people would be opposed to a trade agreement if they saw it, then that agreement should not become the law of the United States.


The missing link:


It’s getting to the point where our corporate stooges on the Hill don’t even have to pretend that the bill is good for the 99% because public opinion has ceased to matter at all anymore. Whether the public is against war, mass incarceration, for-profit healthcare or global warming, Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court will ignore the consequences of their actions provided that Wall Street gives its blessing.


Be careful Elizabeth, they are paying attention to you. If you have any chance in the future of become more then a senator, you are surely pissing off your financiers and killing of your political career.


I agree with you, Senator, but have you considered that there is a national security aspect to the TPP? If the trade deal with Japan and other nations on China’s periphery is designed as part of Obama’s “pivot to Asia,” then keeping the details secret may be consistent. Since the TPP will undoubtedly ship out American jobs and allow foreign, as well, as US-based corporations to override democratic processes, what is the trade off? If Obama is not a total corporate shill - and I don’t think that he is - why is he trying to ram through the TPP.? My suspicion is that it is part of the attempt to encircle and weaken China, which the Pentagon has long seen as the next big threat to US global dominance.

My larger point, senator, is that you cannot be an effective critic of Obama’s economic policy if you support his foreign policy. It is the imperatives of empire that drive decision-making, whether the issue is Russia, Israel, China, or any other place on the globe where the US projects power.


I call you out on trying to slime Sanders.

First of all, the prospects of military hegemony and profit to global corporations–few of which pay their obligatory tax obligations to the U.S. department of treasury–are not mutually exclusive. By setting up a FALSE “either-or” argument, you then use it in a CRUDE attempt to demonize Sanders.

Posters like you are paid to EXPLOIT any flaw they can find in those persons standing up to today’s corporate-militaristic controls. In so doing, you PRESERVE the deadly status quo held in place by military muscle (Mars) and the corporate love of money (mammon).

Oh, and as to this “imperatives of empire,” the premise is fast becoming passe. That’s because corporations are stateless and the benefits accrue to them. Heck, these corporate hegemons are setting the rules for global trade with their very own legal enforcement framework. You should understand how things like that work… what with the military having its own courts (which many informed persons rightly regard as Kangaroo courts) to grant their own imprimatur to whatever they elect to do.

These entities only answer to themselves thus turning any prospect or premise of “a free people” or “Democracy” upside-down.


For consideration - The ‘cultural’ back-story engine in a rollicking romp through ‘culture is what you do not do’ of naked extraction and tuber- burocracy. Chock full of humor and dots connected
David Graber (formerly at Yale) prof of cultural anthropology at London School of Economics.

Culture is not your friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fV9oX5YerA


Lets see.

Strike one: Patriot act 2001;
Strike two: Citizens United some 3-4 years ago;
Strike three: Fast track for TPP & TIPP.

Game over as Democracy is KO’D in the 5 th round.

Democracy dead. Long live the Eternal Corporate State!


If Mr. Obama passes the TPP over the objections of the electorate, he should be simply
removed from office. Enough is enough.


Obama is not in control of whether TPP is approved. Article II of the Constitution makes it clear that the consent of the Senate is needed.


As long as she remains a Democrat …


True, as long as we leave the D/Rs in charge …


Methinks you may have missed the point - Warren is pretty much on board with O’s foreign policy, as is Sanders. But that policy stinks, as i think you would agree … To point out that (s)he may, with one hand, be supporting US hegemony, which doesn’t serve the American people, while on the other opposing a trade policy in the name of serving the American people, is, indeed a contradiction - if (s)he truly wants to serve the American people, (s)he would be just as vociferous in opposing O’s foreign policy as (s)he is in opposing O’s trade policy …


Which is what Fast track is all about securing, ASAP …


I can add to your strikes:

Strike one: eliminating the fairness doctrine so propaganda can florish.
Strike two: Allowing media to consolidate so you can control the oligopoly and what is says.
Strike three: Dumb down education so critical thinking is reduced.
Strike four: Keep the common person so busy working to survive so they do not have time to think and march.
Strike five: Create artificial disasters to scare the population in to being subservient.
Strike six: Make sure that the people do not discuss politics at work, or they will be terminated and always fear for their jobs
Strike seven: Make running for office so difficult that only those with lots of money can afford the teams of experts and lawyers necessary to run.
Strike eight: Create right wing think tanks to create propaganda that makes the average person vote against his best interest.
Strike nine: Create a National Election Commission made up of the two dominate parties only, so they can write election rules that make the two dominate parties all who can win an election.
Strike ten, eleven, twelve …


It appears that Warren is what Obama pretended to be… before he got elected.


Sioux, I understand what are saying about corporations being stateless, but the state as such - meaning the US state - is the ultimate unifying force. The giant corporations of course have great influence but their needs are conflicting and competitive. This is what I think Senator Warren misses in her critique of the TPP. Yes, the proposed agreement wil enrich and strengthen certain corporations, but it also binds the signatory nations in an anti-Chinese alliance. The US state is not blindly pro-corporate - Chinese and Russian corporations are never viewed as friendly because of their linkage to the Russian and Chinese states which will not bow to the global power of the US. American working people are the losers in this “game of thrones.” as are Chinese, Russian and all members of the international working class.