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You Could Even Call It a Blessing From God. Trump's Resignation Would Save Countless American Lives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/09/you-could-even-call-it-blessing-god-trumps-resignation-would-save-countless

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“You can’t fire me, I resign” - Words that won’t be heard
inside heads with enormous egos.


excellent writing, Tom.

But trump will not resign.
Get ready for expensive court fights over vote counts in the
states that have close contests for president.
They may also be able to stall certifications by disruptions at
a particular county election board.
May extend electoral college meeting a few weeks past mid December.

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For trump to resign,he would have to admit that he is a loser, something that won’t happen.
See Amy Goodman’s interview with Mary Trump a few days ago on Democracy Now.


Pretty good article, other than the very first line; I cannot wish him a speedy, or even any kind of recovery. The world would be far better off with the trump thing gone gone gone, solid gone!

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With the carnage he has brought to bear on our nation, his resignation would only be the temporary stopping point before his indictment, conviction, and incarceration.

This done, we will need to make much more room in the prisons to house his complicit enablers.

Trump resign and leave the nation to the fascist left? No. He will be re-elected to many tears of the same ppl attacking him since Obama and Co. began investigating the candidate illegally to distract from her email scandal. The Harris/Biden ticket will fail.

BTW, When will Harris/Biden denounce white supremacy since Richard Spencer supports them?