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You Don’t Need a Telescope to Find a ‘Shithole Country’


You Don’t Need a Telescope to Find a ‘Shithole Country’

Chris Hedges
This shithole country (United States), which saw the world in black and white, communist and capitalist, was determined to thwart the aspirations of the poor and the landless in El Salvador.
"It had disdain for the aspirations of the poor, especially the poor of Latin American or Africa, the wretched of the earth, as writer Frantz Fanon called them, people who in the eyes of those who ruled the shithole country should toil in misery all their lives for the oligarchs and the big American companies allied with them." (Photo: Mr. Fish)


Powerful words and excellent historical overview, as expected from Hedges, to which I would add only that “capitalist shithole” would be my preferred descriptor.


Indeed it does! Thank you, Chris, for writing this! Americans need to know the truth about Reagan’s “shining city on the hill”, and the reality of the things done by this “shithole” country
in the 1980’s. Everything the MSM spouted at the time was blatantly misleading.


Paradigm shift underway ???

Western democracies from the Treaty of Westphalia on seen for what they always were - shithole countries ?

Crude - but - possibly - effective !


Let us not miss one point of Mr. Hedges article which is that the Shithole country that funded the murder and mayhem in Central America, did so with the blessings of the parties of the Duopoly.

You don’t need a telescope to see how the Duopoly has fucked up our nation.

All anyone needs to do, is open your eyes to the truth, and close your ears to the lies the Duopoly is selling.


a truth teller of the highest order! thank you Chris. so refreshing to read the truth about the real shit country of the world. should be required reading for all our school children of every level!


To too many Americans the subject of our murderous policies in El Salvador training and assisting the ES military in slaughtering tens of thousands of El Salvadorans by death squads mainly rolls their eyes with disbelief. Chris Hedges writes a good overview, but in deference to history, this policy didn’t “begin” with the idiotic Reagan presidency. President Carter played a large role in pushing the policy uphill and then under Reagan it was escalated. Nobody’s hands were clean, either Republican or Democrat.
“Dirty Hands”: “The Success of U.S. Policy in El Salvador…Preventing a Guerilla Victory Was Based on 40,000 Political Murders” Benjamin Schwartz. December 1988 The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1998/12/dirty-hands/377364/
“Our Own Backyard” William Leogrande
"Weakness and Deceit" Raymond Bonner
With the escalation of those policies under the incoming Reagan administration ambassador Robert White tendered his resignation.
There is ample writings with solid documentation about our sordid, ugly, utterly racist policy history in Central America. It’s up to the reader to have the tenacity to want to learn our true history in foreign policy deceit and propaganda to its’ own people regarding that deceit.


Thank you for the reading recommendations. The dirty tricks of the U.S. in Central America go back a Hundred Years. They were the inspiration for Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket, based on his own direct experience. We were just as bad, and probably worse than, the Soviet Union ever was.


HEDGES. He is tough. But he is true.

He USED his experience of trying to be a real journalist, to really SEE and courageously describe what he saw — on the ground and behind the scenes.


Many thanks for your sources.


Hedges typically gets criticized by some as being too dark, heavy, dire, and the rest.

Well I wonder why?

Not only has he witnessed the brutality of war, but he did so more open minded than most, through the lens of a good conscience. That takes an incredible amount of courage, especially considering the risk that continues to this day.

Keep on Hedges, you are a treasure.


So much for st Ronnie Reagan and his band of “thugs”. Why is it always the Republicans? I know, I know the Dems are ass holes too, but USUALLY not quite as bad as the “family values” Republicans. By the way, I AM NOT advocating for the Dems to be in control.


One of the chief allies of the U.S. in all of this is the “only democracy in the Mideast,” which provided (and provides) training, weapons, etc. (usually paid for by the U.S.). This is worth mentioning IMO because Israeli agents and companies have become a permanent factor in Latin America’s “Dirty Wars” - always on the side of the U.S. corporations, the Right and oligarchs. This combined with the fact that the U.S. under Obama gave Israel a $70 billion/ten year military grant gives the U.S. murderers more “plausible deniability.”


Look more closely at Jimmy Carter (via Henry Kissinger), the Clintons in Haiti, Columbia, Nicaragua, etc., and the many Obama interventions and hiring of mercenary countries and supporting dictators under the guise of the “U.S. War Against Drugs.” The U.S. domination of the nations south of the Rio Grande and in the Caribbean have been consistently “bi-partisan” since the Founding Fathers imperialist “Monroe Doctrine”.


Absolutely agree, including the “Founding Fathers’” Monroe Doctrine.


Yes. If memory serves, Israel was also instrumental in helping the apartheid regime in South Africa join the nuclear club. “With friends like these,” and all that…


I said “usually not as bad”. I’m 71 and been around a long time watching this shit. Like Vietnam for instance, a completely “bi-partisan” clusterfuck. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and finally Ford.

Edit to add: Carter was a fucking horrible Prez. He is the one that started the mass deregulation of airlines, trucking etc.


An essential report by Mr. Hedges on Salvadoran history. Also glad to see mention of the great and little known poet Roque Dalton. The accepted view is that Dalton was murdered by the radical group which he had joined but maybe other readers heard he was set up by the oligarchs? Another question I have is what role the FMLF plays in contemporary Salvadoran politics?


Don’t forget the complicit Congress.


definitely. I have said that there are maybe 15 Senators and 75 Reps that are worth a shit. ALL the rest can go to hell.