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You Don’t Need a Telescope to Find a ‘Shithole Country’


Why is this sonofabitch still alive? When the fascist right didn’t like someone they didn’t bother with democratic niceties. They just take them out: Salvador Allende, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, thousands of democrats, agrarian activists, environmentalists, feminists and on and on, all the way back to John Brown. The Germans waited till it was too late to try to assassinate Hitler. By then he had already taken the country to war and sealed Germany’s fate.


Thank you, Chris Hedges, for this powerful piece of journalism.


Thank you, Sierra. From a time when “The Atlantic” actually practiced journalism.


Shithole is as shithole does.


I’m glad there are some out there that have noticed…and about many other publications that used to print what hurt…


They renamed National Airport after Reagan and the FBI building after Hoover (another creep). We need a time of truth and reconciliation and take these names off the places and tear down the monuments to inhumanity (the confederacy). We have to face up the fact that most of our leaders have not been good people. We need a wholesale overview of our history. Our actions as a nation have never lived up to the ideals and too many people tend to live in a world of the “mythical USofA.” We need those ideals now more than ever but we need to tear away the myths and mythical thinking and reconcile our ideals to our reality. We need to push for a nation where the ideals become the reality not the myth. We have to eliminate the concept of a class of political and business elites who should dictate everything with money and somehow put the people of the ideals into a place of power.


Even harder, we have to face up to the fact that most of our citizens are not good people. They’re not necessarily bad, either. They’re just brain-dead zombie consumers…


I think we need leaders who can help people see the good in themselves and put it into power. People need to believe and know that they can be better people and do better. We need to have good ideals and strive for them. There is an element in this country that hides behind the flag, wears the flag on their lapels, that seem to have no agenda other than to destroy the good things for everyone but the very rich and powerful. We need leadership that understands and appeals to the best in the middle and lower income classes in the US.


You are correct that the right will stop at nothing including murder. The problem is that they do not see a rule of laws or principles - just expediency. Trump does not seem to understand the rule of law - just understands what he thinks he can get away with. He is not a person of principles and should never have been allowed in the office. The world and our nation will be much better with the ballot than the bullet. How do we stop those who only see the bullet and violence as a way to gain power? It is, of course, an effective means of control - but in the long run only makes things worse and leads to more violence and destruction. In the case of Hitler, WWII. With John Brown - it led to the Civil War. Allende - to the horrible violence of the Pinochet regime. When can people grow up and out of violence as a solution?


Are you aware of the picture that comes up when you share this on Facebook? It is NOT in the article. I can only hope that there was a mistake made. Please correct it.

Look for yourselves. I didn’t see it on the Common Dreams FB page.


I agree with Chris Hedges on how we helped stop the revolution about to happen in El Salvador. I had the experience of driving, Jose, a physics student from Wilmington College with me to the University of Dayton whee I was responding to a Jesuit presenter on our Philosophy of non-violence. The student was the son of one of the country’s oligarchs. Jose was in a panel presentation along with the former Maryknoll Priest, Blase Bonpane. They had made friends and after their panel was over they withdrew from the other conference activities and walked the campus together. I noticed on our way home that my student was espousing quite different views about his country and what he must do about it. I could see that he had been affected by his experience that day and his interaction with this remarkable leader. Would that more of
compatriots would have an opportunity for a similar experience.!