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You Don’t Save Money By Forcing People to Go Hungry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/01/you-dont-save-money-forcing-people-go-hungry

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Jill’s right of course, but the point is not to save money, it’s to advance another sadistic policy to appeal to Trump’s repulsive base.


The money that is saved from cutting back food stamps is used to expand corporate welfare wherein every $9 that is spent returns $5 in campaign contributions that assure corporate welfare is an ever growing profit center for corporate welfare queens.


Yeah, money to food stamps means people grow beans and corn and wheat and vegetables and fruit. Among other things, it becomes a subsidy to farmers. Money to war means bombing and refugees and blowback and scarcity.


Trump has a simple plan.

You take Food and Money away from poor people who will never vote for him and transfer that Money to Farmers who are losing money due to Tariffs, but will vote for him.

It is not a question of feeding the needy it is a question of feeding his voting base.


Running a $trillion deficit and they’re going to say we can’t afford to feed hungry kids.

But we can buy more bombs and give the rich a tax cut.

This country just plain sucks.


It will show us how low farmers are willing to go. Much of their reasoning for voting republican is because they feel they are more moral. Now that we have overwhelmingly proved that wrong what will they do.


No bread

Only circuses


Fortunately the majority of people on food stamps are actually Trumpers who will help vote him out in the next election when he cuts them off.


We have all of the bad players for a Robin Hood story but no Robin Hood… And we certainly have no idea who maid Marian is, or who’s side she is on. The cast seems weak at this point, but we know our taxes are not being spent on the people of the forest.

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**The bible says that those who oppress the poor for the sake of the rich shall come to NOUGHT. The book of Psalms Chapter 37 also says “Thou shall diligently consider his place(the wicked) and it shall not be. God will handle Donald Trump in his own time, in his own way. He will not be re-elected. The Democratic voter turnout will be greater than it has ever been for 2020. Those who have had their food supply cut off will be requited double for their pain and they shall be replenished. God will help the poor and needy and he WILL also save the CHILDREN of the needy. That’s a Heavenly PROMISE!” **

Sounds sinister up front. But makes total sense considering the liar -in-chief we have.

Several remarks can be made from different angles.

An obviously first remark is that there are many obese people, many of them poor, who would be better, in health, if they have less access to food to stuff in their mouths.

Another remark is that current eligibility rules, as expanded during the Obama era, refuses to consider a recipient’s assets. So a trust-funder with no job could receive food stamps without being obligated to spend down the trust-fund first. This is abetted by corruption of the states and Wal-Mart and several others who want to receive money and more and more money from the Federal government. As Maggie Thatcher (early called a ‘milk-snatcher’, before she became PM) said “Such things (Socialism) is great, until you run out of other people’s money”. (People here might say “We are a long way from running out of other [rich] people’s money. Let’s spend!”)

Another remark, I make: Writer Jill Richardson spends all of her piece complaining about money taken away, presumably from her. But it isn’t being taken away from everyone, and we ought to ask whether it would be taken away from her, or whether it is all taken away from people less deserving than her.