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"You Don't Give a Shit About Puerto Rico": Trump Heckled at Golf Event


"You Don't Give a Shit About Puerto Rico": Trump Heckled at Golf Event

While president continues to give self-praise for hurricane relief efforts, spectator's remark offers firm rebuttal


What a putz, pardon the pun.


Trump dedicated a golf trophy to the victims of the hurricanes? A golf trophy?

My God, what would a golf trophy do to help? He is insane. He has no IDEA what to do in tragedies. He’d be better helping if he’d go hide in a hole.


Sorry, but this is EXACTLY “demonstrative of our power and our wealth.” Or, more precisely, how our power and wealth are so obscenely concentrated in so few hands, who do not give a shit about anybody in need. Trump’s racist response to Puerto Rico is exactly demonstrative of how power and wealth in this country view those deemed as undeserving of attention and compassion.


The elites in power have no way to identify with the massive tragedy which has befallen those in Puerto Rico.

Their extreme wealth has made them as cold blooded as the serpents that slither on the ground.


This article explains how the US failed Puerto Rico after Maria. Until I read this, I thought the problem was what the press was reporting: no drivers, blocked roads, mountainous terrain, etc. Those were not the problems.

Over the past few years, the military has conducted textbook operations in Pakistan, Japan, Thailand and Haiti—pumping in massive amounts of aid after devastating earthquakes and hurricanes in those countries, no matter how rough or isolated the conditions. Just weeks ago, the military response to Hurricane Harvey in Texas was rapid and powerful. In preparation for Hurricane Irma, the Trump administration again ordered up an extensive military relief operation.

But when Hurricane Maria struck at full strength several days later—precisely as advertised, and similar in scale to Harvey—the U.S. military simply called off the huge resources it had mustered for Hurricane Irma. An inadequately small military contingent was left on its own for nearly two weeks to help with the damage. If there was a plan for disaster relief it was not publicly apparent. And on-scene commander—crucial in crises this large—was not appointed until nearly 10 days after landfall.

It is heartbreaking, but this is the only account of the reason Puerto Rico was left alone that I’ve seen. It looks intentional…


Dumb Donald will probably forget to bring that trophy when he visits Puerto Rico Tuesday.
That trophy could have gone a long way toward helping the people of Puerto Rico.


Perhaps to further weaken the island’s economy so that the vulture capitalists can enforce their will on an already debt-ridden society.


The $trillions of tax cuts little Dumpy has in mind for the wealthiest, should all go to those suffering in Puerto Rico. Full stop.


I’d like to see Trump’s “fortunes” given to those in Puerto Rico, myself.


My thoughts exactly. Freaking insane.


Forget this bigot, donate for relief of Puerto Ricans:

Here is one place–https://secure.actblue.com/donate/puerto-rico?refcode=em170930-full


The inheritors are the worse …not a clue!


The Estate Tax should be raised, not eliminated!


To speculate on your comment, also Annie12’s, a wild ass guess might be that the people currently living on Puerto Rico may lose all hope of ever getting their lives and property back together because of the non response and non effort of the US government to assist the hurricane survivors. People giving up, selling out at bargain basement prices and leaving the Island would give our fake President and his rich ass relatives and friends, the buying opportunity of a lifetime; prime beachfront property for pennies. Though there’s no guarantee a similar hurricane wouldn’t come around in the future and cause issues with whatever these rich, useless people might have built, they could simply leave the Island until the storm passes, then get some government assistance to rebuild what might have blown down or away during their shelter on the mainland.

I’ve bought valuable lakefront property for pennies after the owner couldn’t afford or find time to maintain what he had and let the buildings fall into disrepair and become a liability. I think this will be a buying opportunity on PR for the wealthy, and the poor residents who remain and can’t afford to leave will become the slaves of the rich.


Finally…finally someone in the croud with a pair voicing the truth, I have been amazed at the lack of calling this oaf out in public more, I realize that his events are carefully vetted , or even paid for pro trump fans, but there needs to be some serious heat put on this guy , start calling his b.s. at every turn, or he is gonna be around for another term. and it is beyond painfully obvious how unfit he is for the job. He is delusionall in every sense and heckling him over a golf trophy is a start, i guess, but where are the hecklers concerned about his tweet spat with Korea? is the country going to let this madness of king trump lead them into yet another war? ,


Come Tuesday, DJT will be lucky to not be pelted with rotting fruit or worse when he goes to PR. As for shouting, he will be silenced by the uproar.


man i would pay to see that…


More proof that with Puerto Ricans in distress that cheap oceanfront parcels will be available soon for a land grab by 1 percenters:


A golf trophy?:confounded: What a fukin’ dimwit. Trump is two bricks short of a load. Heckling is to good for him. A big congressional boot up Trump’s rump would be more like it.