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You Don't Have To Show Them Shit

You Don't Have To Show Them Shit

With immigration and other agents of the state increasingly untethered - they've now come for refugees, asylees, toddlers, Dreamers and a few citizens - we present a role model for the times. Tiana Smalls, a self-described "LOUD ass Black woman" and small business owner who knows her rights and is "willing to act a WHOLE DONKEY," was on an interstate bus when Border Agents boarded and demanded passengers' papers; it did not go well for them.


Thank you, Tania!


There are those who still refuse to see that the USA has become a police state.

I am an expat that lives in a South American country that has more than three times (per capita) the the number of law enforcement agents than the USA has and I have more liberties (freedoms) here than what those of you have in the USA now.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
― Benjamin Franklin


It is the apathy and sheep-like qualities of the American populace (with some exceptions, like Tania) that make US society so juicily ripe for authoritarianism. Fascism and tyranny cannot take root without nice, fertile soil to grow in. Ours is absolutely perfect for it - screen-focused dead-eyed zombies that can’t go 2 seconds without their iPhones or Netflix or smart TV’s or Twitter and Facebook feeds, like big sponges just sucking up all of the BS propaganda fed into them. Zero critical thinking skills, deliberately programmed that way in our education system, which is designed purely for producing non-thinking, non-questioning drones. 24/7/365 right-wing authoritarian propaganda machinery (Fox, hate-radio, Sinclair Broadcasting, etc.) blaring across the visual and audible spectrum of tens of millions of Americans in a non-stop barrage. And a political system purposefully designed to limit “choices” for the citizenry between two right-wing parties, one moderately so and the other crazily- so. (For you LOTE voters disagreeing with that statement, ask yourself why we have a majority of Americans who want universal healthcare, a decrease in military funding, marijuana legalized, free college tuition, etc, etc, etc, - but yet none of these things ever materialize, regardless which Party controls the government).

I always saw fascism coming to the US, but I am alarmed at just how quickly it is arriving these last few years, and especially under Trump. It saddens me to see how little resistance to it there is (with Tania being one of those brace exceptions).


Thanks to heroes and true Americans. How many other people complied to the jackbooted thugs that didn’t have the hero. This is what we get when we elect fascist and we did this to ourselves by using a flawed electoral system designed for other centuries. This “CULT” administration needs to be impeached for treason and jailed. Start with the architect Stephen Miller and don’t forget Rudi the mouthpiece. Trump should be marched in front of a military tribunal summarily incarcerated for life without parole. NO, Donald, you can not pardon yourself for treason.


Ironic , is it not , that when it comes to those “Jackbooted Thugs” in Governments as alluded to by the supporters of the NRA , that it the NRA that in fact one of the greatest supporters of the erosion of Civil Liberties with their blind support of the Republicans.

Then again perhaps it less a thing of Irony and more added evidence that the NRA is just about Racism given the people asked for their papers tend not to be white men.Apparently it quite alright to ask for the papers of those brown people or to shoot down a Black person exercising his “right to carry” just do not do it to the white guy.


Unfortunately you have just responded in the exact manner that the Elite want us to. You have been distracted by the current occupant of the Chair Of the Chief Operating Officer Of The Empire just like a dutiful little Citizen X should. Distracted. Distracted. Distracted. Gotcha! Oppressed!!! game over. out with a whimper in 300 million part harmony.

Screw that BS

We have to clean house again and again and again.

Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty.

Starting with Trump, his minions and any one else who wimpers, “don’t pay attention.”



It’s time we had some “LOUD ass White Folk” as well.

The RACISM is quite clear to all those Paying Attention.

Those of Us on the Non Harassed side need to Stand UP for our Oppressed Brethren of Color.


Going on a bus? Bring along a bunch of pre-printed brochures (they can be home-made) explaining in Spanish, Portuguese, Hatian Creole and whatever other languages the rights that passengers have with respect to these Nazis.


Oh please. There have been a number of Black Americans shot by the police when the police claimed they had a gun in those right to carry states and I never saw the NRA rush out to protest.

Your right to carry crowd , dressed in Camo gear also went out to do joint patrols with the Police when Blacks were protesting. They also were very vocal in their support of the Bundy Ranch siege and not so much so when Native Americans were protesting the pipeline. Indeed one of the Directors of the NRA went on to take a job at the American Petroleum Institute.


Forget Bernie – TIANA SMALLS for PRESIDENT 2020!

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Thank God for bad-ass black women who have the courage of their voice and hearts!


" I’ve seen many times where the NRA endorsed the Democrat over the Republican in a race when the latter didn’t support the rights of the people to keep and bear arms."

A couple is 2, a few is 3 or more. “Many” is 5 or more. Describe in some detail a few of the “many” times with which you are familiar. Name the body of government for which the candidates were running for which particular office, name the candidates, name the year in which the race occurred and reveal the winner of that race. No Web searches allowed as you have already informed us of your particular knowledge.


Ms Tiana Smalls —spoke up for the TRUTH!***
She said, " We’ve got laws—and that is your proof!***
The FOURTH can’t be violated***
Your rights can’t be Bifurcated!!***
For these border guards are LYING! FORSOOTH! ***


Of course the NRA is political. They know that any effort to enact legislation at the national, state or local level to reduce gun violence will never originate or have support from the GOP. They know who to align with and have adapted their behavior. The GOP being a minority party for generations, due to who they openly represented for generations, implemented the ‘Southern Strategy’ a half century ago. It was an attempt to erase the Reconstruction-ist tag the Republican Party had in the South. It increased its membership, essentially by adopting racism as a party norm, not that it was a difficult transition for them. Libertarian civil rights protectors the GOP and the NRA are definitely not.

You apply the usual weak side damage control method with the push towards the middle. ‘Both parties are rotten’, thus it’s 50/50. Tomes can be written about the failures of the Dems but they finish 2nd to the GOP in pure egregiousness. Try to even vaguely envisage a New Deal being created by the GOP. It’s beyond human imagination.


Agreed - you should not be required to show ID in the United States when you are simply traveling from place to place regardless of whether you are 1000 miles or 1 mile from the border. However, I do think we should have federal ID that proves you are allowed to legally work in the US - this was Robert Scheer’s idea for correctly handling the immigration issue (one part anyway) - require all employers to check work status and fine employers (including private homeowners presumably) for hiring people without valid work status.

A very timely quote from a very wise man!

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