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You have a Constitutional Right to Record and Report Illegal Activity at Factory Farms


You have a Constitutional Right to Record and Report Illegal Activity at Factory Farms

Paige M. Tomaselli

Ag-gag laws have become an increasingly prevalent way for factory farms and slaughterhouses to hide unsafe, inhumane animal treatment practices. But yesterday, a federal judge declared that Idaho’s ag-gag law is unconstitutional because it violates the First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution by suppressing speech that criticizes factory farms.


A Cow Named Dinner

A good friend’s family had a ranch on which grazed livestock. I remember a Kobe-Angus cow named Dinner. She was nice. Gave good face licks. I don’t know if I ever ate any of her, but I know she had a good run. Where I live, there are restaurants that source their animals under humane conditions. These animals are born to be eaten. Horrific to the vegetarian, I’m sure. (And I respect that emotion completely.) They are not born to be terrorized. I know Dinner is no longer with us, but she reminded me of the wonder of life while it lasts. Cruelty has no place and should be extirpated whenever and wherever found. Viva the muckrakers!


I read The Jungle and found it to be a great book. His description of the blood on the slippery killing floor and workers running and slipping while carrying sharp knives certainly led to laws that made slaughterhouses safer for humans. The killing process also became more humane although to this day kosher killing methods which are hyper-cruel still persist and the majority of animals are killed that way (hung upside down by one foot, rupturing joints, while still alive). We don’t need to eat animals to preserve our health and in fact the opposite is true: Humans thrive on meat-free diets. The creation of so much misery in the animal kingdom is so unnecessary. We need less discussion of “food safety” and more discussion of nonviolence toward creatures over whom we have “dominion.” That awful Bible word could just as easily have been translated as “stewardship.” There is a huge difference between the exercise of dominion and the exercise of stewardship. The former is cruel, the latter is kind.


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“Protecting the private interests of a powerful industry, which produces the public’s food supply, against public scrutiny is not a legitimate government interest.”

Overturn Citizens United.

In far too many ways the “Social Contract” has been rendered a prison into which one is born, the rhetorical arguments of financial system debt slavery, PR the infrastructure with which to mine, refine and cast the irons.
Beyond ‘rights’ are the responsibilities we have to the Nature of Sister Earth - life itself, when faced with the institutionalization of barbarities inherent in the dissociative ‘pride’ of domination. For thousands of years human beings have repeatedly returned to the intuited recognition that ‘Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.’ (Proverbs 16:18). In counterbalance to this is the corollary that DIGNITY is key to healthy equilibrium and sustainability.

We live in an era of intense need to recognize, articulate and engage the constantly evolving concepts of social agreements currently considered ‘contracts’. In contribution toward this effort, CIVICUS published “Towards New Social Contracts: using dialogue processes to promote social change”


I live in Idaho and I was DELIGHTED to read that the law those regressive scum-bags had put into place had been declared unconstitutional. They needed to be slapped down, and it happened. YES!!!


Hardly the same thing…you’re trying to make correlations that don’t work.


Zenpractice, thank you for your words that I share! I have been living a very healthy life for over 30 years without eating meat, even have runs several marathons! I also share my life with animals and know that they FEEL not only pain but have emotions. What occurs in the XXI century in our society regarding the way we treat animals makes us primitive savages. Even having gag laws is scandalous in a so-called democracy with “freedom” of expression and shows the power of the lobbies. All mamals share a large % of DNA so why do we think we have the right to torture and murder another specie?


Who decided that? you or them?