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You Have Disturbed Our Peace

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/02/you-have-disturbed-our-peace


A lot of people turn out to have been sick and tired of pretending to be good." For them, he suggests, “the face of America has always and forever been the face of Donald Trump.”

“Trump has liberated a lot of people from the last vestiges of the Sermon on the Mount,”

These two sentences jump out for me because they ring true. But Trump is also our very own.


Abby, today I needed some gonzo journalism, a modern day Hunter and you delivered again. Thank you and good luck to us all


FYI…not hunter Biden


Here in Michigan, we have legal open carry, and polling places are not included in the list of places where weapons of any kind are prohibited(hospitals, schools, churches). So…MAGAs are planning to carry their fetish totem to polling places, ready to intimidate voters who they think won’t vote for Trump. Local authorities are informing people to call 911 if they’re confronted. But what if the cops won’t respond? What if you’re an elderly person in a wheelchair with an armed person refusing to allow you to pass?
Me, I recommend recording it all on your phone and immediately post it to social media before calling the cops. Let the world see what’s going down.
I haven’t felt this edgy fear since the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. But I was a kid then, 13 hoping to reach 14, and not too sanguine about the chances of surviving those few days. Now I’m in my 70’s, and don’t really fear death. But the idea of four more years of Trump’s madness is not a pleasant prospect…


" But the idea of four more years of Trump’s madness is not a pleasant prospect…" Don’t you mean it’s the most horrendous prospect any sane person could imagine. (I’m not saying Biden is the savior of democracy.). I remember Oct 1962 also though I was only 8. I remember being mad because I couldn’t watch my regular shows on the 3 available networks. I didn’t realize that the Soviets were only doing what the U.S, had just done in Europe (setting up missiles near the Russian border) until much later… JFK and Khrushchev made a backroom deal - USSR withdraws missiles now and US withdraws missiles in 6 months so the optics are right for the US. Let’s hope the pendulum starts swinging the other way in this country this week.


so if gun toting is considered normal behavior in Michigan, I can’t imagine that Michigan voters would be concerned if gun toting guys in camouflage show up around polling places. notwithstanding the normalcy of gun toting in Michigan, these vigilantes should be reported to the FBI immediately. good idea to take your phone and get it digitally, as well. this is the day when – gosh, who knows??? – robocalled Flint voters and told them to vote after 8pm. so we’re in for the long haul, America.

Song from Titanic: how fitting is it that the trumptanic should hit an immovable object (iceberg/VOTERS) and be plunged into the murky water for 100 years???

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The FBI and the DOJ are strong supporters of violence committed by police. After all, they have a long history of committing lethal violence themselves.

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Losers - halloween has passed, get out of your wanna be macho man outfits.