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You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Rhinestones: Kids Choose Commie-Themed Prom


You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Rhinestones: Kids Choose Commie-Themed Prom

The mission of Albuquerque's Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School is to provide "a dynamic environment where students learn to think for themselves." So now, for better or worse, they are. This week, seniors voted online to hold a Communist-themed prom they dubbed “prom-munism,” a choice that sparked some turmoil among conservative students variously bemused - "jokesters"! - or freaked - "a very powerful and destructive idea" - or just bummed they wouldn't have an aquarium theme. To each according to his or her needs.


Send a Kid to School and First Thing…They Start Thinking for Themselves
Now what the heck kinda program is that…


Yeah, 25 years is long enough to forget the communist atrocities. These kids were not yet born when communism fell and the wall came down. Political prisoners were freed and the world became a better place.

I guess modern American history books don’t really focus much on what happened on the other side of the world. How about a Nazi themed prom?


The “communist atrocities” pale in comparison to the US-led capitalist ones. A tally of the dead from Spain to Portugal to Korea to Vietnam to Iran to Philippines to Indonesia to all of Central America, all of South America runs in the tens of millions.


Exactly what expected to hear. Americans are kinda ignorant when it comes to to all things communist. I can understand, it was half a world away, didn’t really affect anyone in the US directly. So i can see why you would say that.

On the other hand, i can also see how these kids think it would be funny to have a communist themed prom. In all the eastern European countries we would have found it funny to have a KKK themed party complete with a tree and noose, not having lived thru that or being affected by it. You know the saying: "Ignorance is bliss’


So, the wonderful roots of Americanism: began with burning people at the stake. A fine display of governance; or was it the decades of a progressive American government’s genocide of Native Americans?; or the invasion of Haiti, the second democratic state in the Western Hemisphere, to steal its envied financial wealth; or the false flag sinking of the Maine to justify imposing US domination over Cuba and the American quest for empire continues.


Well, well, well, some American students have begun to think for themselves. They have finally pulled themselves away from social media trivia long enough to take up a subject of consequence.

If they connect the dots they will realize that practically all of their problems derive from capitalism. Then the next step will be to find, and to advocate for, an alternative economic system with a name that starts with ‘s’. Will the students do that - or will the powers-that-be find a way to derail this incipient thinking in American schools?


I really meant this to be Satirical. Now everyone went serious on the Thread.
You guys gotta loosen up and quit believing your own Press.

The great all time satire is the musical finale from Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles.
A Jewish Director and a Gay Chorus doing “Springtime for Hitler” it’s the best…

The Soviet Bloc was Totalitarian, Not Communist, Just like the US is not a Democracy

If you truly Educate the Young, You’re not gonna Control the resultant Intelligent Mind.
Why do you think ALEC is disassembling Public Education.


What irks me is not the kids prom, but the author, Abby Zimet, parroting the time-worn and discredited mockeries of communism. Perhaps she could read a book or two of history - the only “Lines around the block for punch and cabbage soup” were in American cities’ homeless shelters, not in Moscow. And “the occasional basement interrogation” reminds me more of FBI tactics and CIA blacksites than communism, notwithstanding the propaganda of American anti-communist industry. The last time I heard someone used the epithet, “Commie”, as Zimet seems to do so glibly, was decades ago against myself and others who were doing good things like organizing unions and fighting for civil rights. I didn’t find it particularly funny then either.


Thank you for your post. Just yesterday i was talking with a lady from Russia and we remembered how our parents used to send us out as kids to stand in line for food. We kinda joked about it and found it funny now. I guess those were just false memories implanted into us by the CIA to discredit the human face of Communism.

Trust me. there were lines. Not because people were poor (actually everyone except the party elite was equally miserable) but because there nothing available. Moscow was a little better i grant you that, just for show. Kinda like Theresienstadt.


Don’t you just love those lofty mission statements put forth by our educational institutions. About how they want the students to be open minded, fair and to think for themselves, right up until the time that they do think for themselves, then it’s oh no we can’t have any of that. Just remember capitalist, judeo-christian values equal nothing more than Greed, and none of the higher moral things that it claims to espouse!


Being a Russian-speaker whose job, 50+ years ago, was to do my tiny best to thwart Soviet ambitions, I’d say that, looked at carefully, there’s not a whole lot to chose from between the Soviet Communists and the US Capitalists. They got edu and healthcare, we got cars and refrigerators. Which is less harmful? They had tiny apartments where whole families were crammed into one room and often not even that much, we have people sleeping in the street and eating from dumpsters. Which is worse? They had the oligarchic nomenklatura with private traffic lanes, dashi, and unlimited access to western goods; we have oligarchic predators with private jets, seagoing yachts, and chateaux on the Loire. Which is more disgusting?


I would focus more on how many people wanted to get out of the East Block/Soviet Union and go to West vs how many were storming the borders to come and live in Communist countries.How many were killed trying to cross a border eastbound and how many trying to cross it westbound?

The question is more about opportunity which was basically nil. Would i take a chance to end up “sleeping in the street and eating from dumpsters”, as opposed to a certainty to being miserable all my life? Most people would.


Capitalism has always had lots better propaganda, for sure. And there are plenty people who value a car and fridge more highly than edu and healthcare because they reckon they’ll live forever. We see it all the time around here too.

But there are plenty folk, too, who, having grown up under the Soviets got a dreadful shock when they emigrated and found that in the US if you can’t get a job, you’re even more a non-person than some poor paren’ who’d got crosswise to the local kommissar back home.

But for ambitious people, you’re right, Capitalism is better. Even if they die poor, as nearly all do, they’ll have spent their lives believing the propaganda, certain that great personal wealth and high social standing is just around the corner, unaware that they’re being laughed at by the ones dangling the carrots…


Yep, you’re right. Problem over there was ambition did not help. If you were not with the party elite ot their clique you were pushed back down in the dirt or worse.

I also know the second kind you are talking about (the dreadful shocked ones). Most of them were losers there, they were still losers after they crossed over. Some of them came back and were used as propaganda by the party. everyone thought they were pretty pathetic.

All that being said, I’m glad it’s over and i don’t have to deal with it any longer.



And it’s the same here, just a different coat of ideological paint. GWBush and Chelsea Clinton belong to the “party” of psychopathic wealth and power and so they always win regardless of merit or even effort. Just like the children of the Party members over there.

I’m surprised that you’re not more aware of the similarities. If you really grew up there, as opposed to having left as a child with your parents, I’d think it would be hard not to realise that the differences are superficial, the substantive differences only a function of duration and the accommodations needed to maintain a particular form of feudalism.


No, I’m not talking about getting at the Chelsea, W level. what i meant was you could not get out of the general mediocrity everyone was forced into. I’m talking about a normal decent life, where you can go to a normal store buy food as much as you want whenever you want. I;m talking about not having to live with your brother and parents in what is called here a one bedroom apartment. I know it’s kinda hard to grasp. I have been trying to explain it to others that didn’t live thru it. Those were really messed times…


No, it’s not hard to grasp at all.

The principal difference is that over there it was basically a 19th, even 17th, century infrastructure, so nearly everyone who lived in a city was stuck “liv[ing] with [their] brother and parents in a one-br apt”. Or worse. Whereas over here only the disfavored were screwed that way. Would you rather be in the same boat as everyone else, so that you know it’s the damned system rather than your personal inability, or would you rather feel that it’s all on you?

The first apartment I’d rented in Germany, “up de waterkant”, was 1 room, kitchenette, and “bath” (loo and lignite-coal-fired water heater that supplied both the shower and the sink). It cost me half my salary.

When I lived in W.-Berlin, the first apt I rented, again for half my salary (W.-Berlin was a very desirable place to live at that time because as the last Occupied city in the West there was no conscription, so lots of draft-aged men flocked to the Freie Universität or scrounged a living in the streets), was 1 room with a hotplate for cooking and a loo down the hall. It was a 3rd-floor walkup in the city with what I thought in bewilderment and incredulity, on first seeing it, was a Slavic pech’ – a tiled heating stove. I later learned that they’re not exclusively Slavic as I’d supposed, but are found in eastern Germany, too, where they’re called Kachelöfen, and in eastern Scandinavia. That one had been converted to burn oil rather than coal/wood, but that didn’t save it from me ignorantly managing to ruin it because the fan didn’t automatically switch on, so I got what amounted to a chimney explosion one cold morning. Fortunately no one was hurt.

When I moved to the Boston area and was looking for an apartment, one “entrepreneur” was advertising a converted one-car garage --uninsulated, space heater, really nasty-- for $800/month. No, he wasn’t mentally ill, though I did briefly wonder. He was pretty confident that he’d rent it out, too: it was in a “good” town (Reading, only 15 miles north of Boston, and on the commuter rail line).

Where I live now, there are plenty other “entrepreneurs” who feel no shame about demanding $600-$800 for a 2-room piece of a Victorian flat. They don’t care. They’re “ambitious” and see nothing wrong with charging as much as they can get and providing no more for it than will pass the Health Dept. inspection. They’re as bad as any kulak or kommissar you’d run a mile to avoid.