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You Know Nothing John Delaney... About Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/you-know-nothing-john-delaney-about-medicare-all

Delaney, who is apparently bedeviled by bothsiderism (especially the side that puts $ in his campaign che$t), should receive absolutely no more mention in any media whatsoever. Unfortunately, Biden is probably already eyeing him for second banana of the banana republic.

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John who?

Delaney is a corporate PR department impersonating a human being.


Why are all these Republicans running as Democrats?

My own Republican representative left the party over some petty disagreement, and when he couldn’t get elected as an independent, he ran in our district which is mostly indigenous reservation and won. He then (proudly) joined the Blue Dog Caucus and votes with and for Republicans.

And this is who I must always vote for (because Trump!!) simply because he’s calling himself a Democrat to get elected and vote Republican?

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Dylan has his own flare for propaganda. Medicare for All is a cost reduction plan researched by the Rand Corporation. And Dylan is an industry representative.

About BIHP. The Business Initiative for Health Policy (BIHP) is a public education and advocacy campaign led by CEOs, presidents, and other business executives and advised by health care professionals and health policy experts.


wooo,wooo __________ … thats the sound, then silence of the candidate train that was just derailed by its own ignorance.

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Yet with the California primary’s proportional distribution of delegates, even John Who might get one.

Of course, his campaign will be over after Iowa and New Hampshire, so…

I can’t tell from your post if you have an issue with Dylan’s article or the positive impact that getting businesses behind Medicare for All would have (I suppose propaganda is usually meant pejoratively, but I have seen neutral or even positive uses before). I’m 100% for it and though it may be possible to get it without any support from the business community (outside of the health insurance business obviously), it is clear to me that getting their support overall (e.g. more stories about how GM liked Canada’s health care system) is going to make it more likely to get to where we want to be. I’m suprised they haven’t made more noise earlier.

My issue with the article is that it is biased propaganda which is not unusual for this issue. Have you done the math, we are not getting business on board, they are getting you on board. I just dislike being pandered to. With all the problems outlined in the article, it fails to mention how they originated, they sold us the problem to begin with.

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I am very slowly reading the House bill but I assume you are implying this is not representative of where the business comminity wants to get to. What math are you referring to?

I think it great that you are reading the bill because that is what should be debated for pros and cons. I haven’t read it sometime and I’m sure it has been amended. The math is how these changes benefit or detract in each group affected.

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This is a No Brain-er. Mr. Delaney does not want to give up the Donations/Bribes he is receiving from the Private Insurance Companies, the Pharmaceutical Giants and other Corporations in the Healthcare Industry.

Congressman Delaney let me explain to you in simple plain English; For PROFIT Health Care only works for those making the Profits like:

Stephen Hemsley, UnitedHealthGroup—$279.3 million. Michael Neidorff, Centene—$170.4 million. David Cordani, Cigna—$142.5 million.

Representative Delaney, obviously your Greed matches those who are legally Bribing you.

Medicare For All works because we do not have to worry about exorbitant Administrative costs and CEO’s that are more concerned about their Salarie$ and their Stockholder$ then their Policy Holders who are in need of Honest Efficient Proper Healthcare, which is frequently and callously denied to save money.

My only suggestion to you Representative Delaney is for you to join the Heartless Republican Party that candidly and shamelessly represents the Corporations and not WE THE PEOPLE.

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You know that there currently are nonprofit healthcare providers and hospitals, lots of them.

What does it mean when a hospital is non profit?

The rest are private, nonprofit facilities. This means they’re exempt from federal income tax—and often other taxes as well. It also means tax-exempt bonds may be issued on their behalf. … Nonprofit status doesn’t mean a hospital can’t make a profit . But it does mean any surplus funds must be reinvested in the hospital .Oct 11, 2013

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Dear Wise- You are not allowed to joke about such a serious subject. John Delaney is toast.