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You May Hate Donald Trump. But Do You Want Facebook to Rig the Election Against Him?


You May Hate Donald Trump. But Do You Want Facebook to Rig the Election Against Him?

Trevor Timm

While the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency is a terrifying one, perhaps this is scarier: Facebook could use its unprecedented powers to tilt the 2016 presidential election away from him – and the social network’s employees have apparently openly discussed whether they should do so.


These numbers are NEWS to me:

"Some 78% of Americans have a social network profile of some kind. The dominance of Facebook in Americans’ daily lives, and the fact that more people get their news from it than any other source, means the influence of the company in elections has never been greater."

I always thought of Facebook as a social form of agreed-upon Narcissism... sort of a mass "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall..."


In the year 3535...
Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the pill you took today

..."In the Year 2525"

It is ending up being mind-manipulating telescreens on tiny electronic devices rather than pills, but aside from that minor detail, the prediction of that 1969 one-hit wonder from Zaggar and Evans (the only pop song to win a Hugo Award) is pretty uncanny.


Are you not forgetting that Republicans have a far longer and far more extensive record of electoral crime and corruption?

And I fail to see how an extremist in the white house signing every piece of extremist peace of legislation from an already extremist-filled US congress - abolition of all worker, environmental and civil rights protections - there is nothing to stop them - is the preferable option.

It looks like you must get all your news from Facebook conspiracy gossip too.


Facebook users are allowed to vote? Yikes!


An "unlike"ly prospect


Who's afraid of Facebook turning or influencing the election when this Nation has somehow, in it's prevailing insanity, decided to tally up the "Votes" on flip A switch/choose the winner electronic voting machines and where the "Red" States have all but shut out the Black vote with the "War on drugs"-Convicts usually don't get the right to vote and incarcerated people are out of the question- They have essentially incarcerated and criminalized about A third of the Black population and made it so difficult for the other 2/3 to vote- Go figure- The game is rigged from the very get go and this doesn't even take into account the Presidential Candidates are selected by the CFR and it doesn't really matter if A Rethug or Democrat wins-Two horns of the same beast..
Maybe Bernie will be different when and if he wins- Just Maybe.........


I have A funny feeling that Hillary will somehow go down in flames when one of her many "indiscretions" are hammered home by the Zionist Media- But, on the same note, she just might as well have Israeli Citizenship with the way she coddles everything Israel....
She is NOT Presidential material and never has been- Woman or not!


Yoo-hoo - we already HAVE "an opportunity for real progressives to run for offices" and they ARE running NOW - Stein for Pres., Flowers for Senate (MD) - so support 'em!


I think they are doing it now - Facebook, Google, and no doubt Twitter - does one honestly think that now they know they have the power to do it, they won't?

I don't do Facebook or Twitter, but Google is a big problem - just about everywhere you go online necessitates some interaction with Google ....


I think you fail to grasp Trump's authoritarianism. He has no particular commitment to any policy, good or bad, but is driven only by an obsession with power and a rage against anyone he sees as a critic or enemy. This is why he is an unprecedented danger the republic whereas the others you cite are not- Even Cruz would act within the restraints imposed by the constitution but Trump will say or do anything, and once in the White House he would be surrounded by thugs like Corey Lewandswki or Paul Manafort, eager to do his bidding.


As scary as Trump is, the presumed alternative is even scarier. Trump may or may not do things and may or may not employ more wars, but the Queen B of the Universe has a long record of what she will do - more servitude to big-money & greed, and more wars, and more lies and deceit. Sometimes the status quo system must be destroyed to effect any substantial change.

Bernie Sanders is gathering his strength to fight for us all even the brainwashed idiots supporting Clinton (for most a light rinse is more than sufficient) - Bernie is fighting for a future very different from either scary pathology, one based on truth and justice. I will never support either T or C especially, but continue to fight for real change - and Bernie Sanders.


How is what Facebook has and possibly will do to influence voter turnout or choice any different from the Extreme Corporate Media’s lack of coverage, and even neglecting to mention the name “Bernie Sanders” any different? This is what we should expect from the Extreme Corporate Media. Or, from all media. Media is nothing but propaganda.


Face book "rig" elections.


Okay let's get serious here. which ever side of the political spectrum you are on, you should, as a responsible human being, be checking other sources of information then Face book.

If we as a people are so damn ignorant as to ALLOW Face book and Google to "rig" elections, that's not evil on their part, that's STUPIDITY AND LAZY ASSETRY ON OUR PART.


Trump has a long history of association with organized crime figures in New York and New Jersey such as Fat Tony Salerno. He surrounds himself with minor thugs like Corey Lewandowski and major thugs like Paul Manacort who has worked for some of the worse international criminals from Ukraine to the Phillipines. Trump has called for ethnic cleansing of Latinos and Muslims and lies non-stop, e.g. Claiming to have seen thousands of NJ Muslims cheering the 9-11 attacks. He would use our international alliances s a protection racket and is cavalier about using nuclear weapons. What more could you possibly need to be convinced that he is an unprecedented threat to the republic?


Zuckerberg is an asshole. Nuff said.


He needs congress and the senate to go along with those plans.


Interesting range of posts here.

Let's not ignore what we might reasonably be said to know about these elements

  • Lots of people do use social media
  • It's used to socialize, not usually for serious discourse
  • People are influenced by their associates' opinions
  • We trust associates more than strangers
  • There's not much serious discourse in broadcast or print media either
  • The large corporations that run these things lie to us constantly
  • The software interface for Facebook controls which inputs readers see on Facebook

Therefore, of course Mark Zuckerberg controls a lot of votes, though "rig the election" sounds a bit off, unless he's doing something else on the side.

This does not mean that Zuckerberg is the only one who does. For months, The Nation and The Daily Kos have been stuffing my in-box with imaginative reasons to vote for Clinton instead of Sanders, as has the NYT. I guess that's what I get for signing petitions, but you can bet someone is not voting Sanders because of all that drivel.

Given all that, the article really asks an important question, and we ought to face it square. Here goes:

No, I do not want Mark Zuckerberg controlling what sort of information I do or do not get according to his political tastes and preferences, nor do I want my tweets filtered that way, nor my news feed. Nor do I want my ISP to do that. And here's some news, perhaps: they do. Most ISP filtering is not for politics or news, but to prevent our getting information freely that may be copyrighted somewhere. However, it is endemic, and a good deal of that information is political.

And, just as an added point, Yes, it's a big deal.


Yes, according to the constitution. But if Trump chose to issue orders directly to the security and military, (or military contractors) he would easily find those willing to carry out any command. Look at how easily those forces came to practice torture, indefinite incarceration without trial, and assassination in the last two administrations. What would keep Trump from exercising the same powers here at home?

He has already joked that he might kill journalists, and the mob yukked it up with him. He has already said he would kill the families of terrorists and the mob yelled USA! USA!