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You Might Be Surprised at How Far Americans Are Willing to Go to Overthrow the Power of Big Pharma

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/25/you-might-be-surprised-how-far-americans-are-willing-go-overthrow-power-big-pharma

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This is a fantastic article. Yesterday the British Labour Party rolled out a terrific series of measures to rein in this corrupt industry and save lives.

Will the Democratic Party do the same?

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From the article:

“Mitch McConnell would undoubtedly call public drug manufacturing ‘socialism’…”

Great, let him throw a hissy fit about socialism. Two related things will happen: first, he’ll show how out of touch he is, especially among younger people who don’t know that the word is supposed to be a conversation-stopper; and he’ll cause people to research socialism, which will start conversations.

As to the oft-heard criticism that government can’t do anything right, note well that wingnuts never say that about the US military.


And this is precisely why the “opiate crisis” has been able to take off in spite of the fact that there is no sound science behind it. I love this article. But I also recognize that the understandable antipathy towards the business of pharmaceuticals has created an environment where people were willing to believe a mythology about medication that isn’t true (itself promulgated by another medical industry that has much to gain from the de facto prohibition of pain medicine).

My only request from fellow “progressives” is to please separate the business of pharma from the science of medicine. The perversion of one is not necessarily the perversion of the other. My life-and those of the people in the intractable pain community–depends on that understanding.


What should not be surpsising is how far Big Pharma are willing to go in order to maintain their monopolies, or how little public sentiment actually matters in Washington.


I know how far I’ve gone to defy Big Pharma. I don’t go to allopathic physicians. I don’t take prescription medications. I exercise, eat vegan and use cannabis as a medicine.
Haven’t used a Big Pharma product for years.
Just say no to Big Pharma, especially anti-depressants, sedatives, anti-anxiety drugs, Ritalin and similar poisons.


Money has already totally infected the scientific establishment. Pharma has oodles of tame scientists who bolster their lobbying and price gouging. Not all scientists, but very many.


This is a perfect example of what I mean:

Scientists have zero to do with pricing. They have zero to do with marketing. The people who do that are in the executive divisions of these corporations, usually finance and accounting for pricing, and marketing for the obvious.

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The idea that they have zero to do with marketing is nonsense. They’re in every important meeting, next to the lawyers and marketing directors. Plus the FDA and USDA and CDC advisory committees and scientific think tanks and university departments are chock full of scientist industry stooges.


Headline sez:
“You Might Be Surprised at How Far Americans (sic) Are Willing to Go to Overthrow the Power of Big Pharma”

If they were willing to go as far as voting out the politicians who work for Big Pharma then yes, I would be surprised.


“Negotiate” with Thieves & Murderers?   HELL NO!!!

OUR Government should SET the Prices of ALL drugs sold in the U.S.A.!!

OUR Government uses OUR Tax Money to fund the development of 99.44% of new drugs, and OUR Government should therefor SET the prices we taxpayers pay for the actual manufacture and distrib­ution of OUR drugs — just like OUR Government (used to?) set the rates that railroads and truckers
can charge for shipping various commodities.

Of course the above does depend on throwing all of the crooks and their cronies out of Washington
and the numerous state legislatures so that it really is OUR Government again . . .


I maintain the hope that sleepy ‘Morning Joe’ will soon be mourning ‘Sleepy Joe’, and that in about 16 months the wackos at Fox “News” will be in mourning at the eviction of Tweetle-Dumb.


Whether one agrees with granting patent protections or not it an absolute fact that in so doing that mythical thing called “the Free Market” is being manipulated.

in a true “free market” there can not be patents, trademarks or copyrights nor can there be a big bad evil Government passing LAWS to protect enforce those things.


you know what else is in “every meeting”? A clock. So let’s blame clocks. Or chairs. Or tables. Or secretaries. Can you be more dishonest?

Being in a meeting. You have to be kidding me. Of course they’re going to interact to, you know, explain this drug or that drug. That’s kinda part of their job. But again, they don’t set prices, and they don’t determine market strategy.

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Don’t be sophomoric. It’s perfectly clear what I mean. They are actively participating in and promoting corporate profiteering, not just clocks on the wall. Either you’re a pharma lobbyist apologist or harbor some naive belief that scientists aren’t just as subject to money and power as other people in society. Baloney. Just look sat the climate denier scientists, not to mention the Trump acolytes in FDA, EPA etc etc. I don’t know if the 1066 in your handle means you’re a Brit. I don’t know what’s going on in the British scientific establishment re corruption, but I do know what’s going on in American science.

You imply something that has a built in prejudice and succumbs to big pharma propaganda.
It would be good if you showed some understanding that there is no such thing as science that is devoid of human prejudice as well as control by big money interests. All you need to do read up on the history of big pharma and the AMA–both controlled by Rockefeller chemical money and the ‘new’ thinking about mass marketing and branding that was coming into vogue at that time.

Further, you would read that all that manipulation was needed to counter the extreme failures of the allopathic medical industry particularly in contrast to the successes of holistic healing protocols which still work and are still safe today. Aside from comments such as that from the 20 yr editor of the JAMA regarding at least 50% of medical studies are bogus, all that is needed is clear-eyed attention being paid to all the law suits against Big Pharma for drugs that were known kill even when they were first put on the market for human use. It is also known that legally prescribed drugs in hospitals kill more people than any other cause of death. Recognized by the medical industry is that drugs are the 3rd biggest killer in the US annually. Let’s not even try to glorify the medical industry which is nothing more than another huge industry for profit at people’s expense

What too often goes for science is the manipulated data of the industry. Most medical science is biased, manipulated and often downright fraudulent. There is way too much profit to allow real science to operate independently.


As the headline indicates , most drugs are of no benefit at all.

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