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'You Saw My Brother Tortured and Murdered on Camera': Philonese Floyd Demands UN Probe Into Police Violence in America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/17/you-saw-my-brother-tortured-and-murdered-camera-philonese-floyd-demands-un-probe


“You have the power to help us get justice for my brother George Floyd,”

We must demand that the UN gets justice for George Floyd!


Much respect and solidarity to the entire Floyd family for the murder of George Floyd.

That said - and to change the subject somewhat to systemic racism and the role of the US and Canada treating First Nation Peoples, Black and Latinx people as fodder - victims - for the trained culture of police violence toward those groups. The training police receive that teaches confrontation, aggression, brutality and violence in their contempt for those and other people.

Police “training” aka indoctrination, that includes Israeli security forces training of US cops, that directly leads to the brutality, killings and murders of unarmed and non-violent people, especially people of color like George Floyd who become enmeshed in the training of violence to ALL police throughout America and elsewhere!!

The UN General Assembly (GA) on Wednesday will elect five new non-permanent members of the Security Council for a 2021-2022 term; these include Canada and support for Israel by the Canadian Gov. even tho 74% of Canadians reject Canadian support for Israeli racism and annexation of parts of the Occupied territories.

This issue should and hopefully will be written about here on CD but I want to speak-out now on the subject and provide background…




Although it is too bad UN headquarters in in the US, perhaps the current on-line meeting environment facilitates the UN identifying the US as a rogue nation and taking meaningful action more than under the historical face to face meeting protocol ?


1619 to current! Africans in amerikkka have been brutalized and terrorized by white supremacist! It’s never been about civil rights, it’s always been about Human Rights! If the federal government won’t protect Africans then maybe it’s time to build an Army! Why do we keep having this discussion. Power only respects power! Africans will never receive justice from a beast! Time to stop begging to some imperialist pigs in D.C.

Yes, except for the 1933-1980 timeframe DC has served no purpose other than being the place where 1) wealth is transferred from the 99% and into the hands of the 1%, and where 2) democracy is dismantled and where 3) progressive ideas and actions go to die.

America, and the cia in partucluar, are largely responsible for the creation of the UN in the first place.
Their headquarters are even built on land “donated” by the rockefellers.
At no point have they ever been anything but a tool for America’s imperialist ambitions, even if one of two rogue investigators may mistakenly debunk a piece of American propaganda every now and then.

Remember the Black Panthers tried that, too bad what happened to them!

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Sorry but I’ve worked with the Peacekeepers
Your analysis is too partisan

In the current world we are all guilty to some degree
But you don’t defeat an 80 yr old Brilliant Idea in its infancy With a sweeping damning accusation

It at least provides a forum for the Voice of those wronged

Plenty of Bad Guys that need attacking first

Course let’s divert U.N. Scrutiny away by attacking their credibility


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Amen to Philonise Floyd and his powerful statement. Bringing up police violence before a world forum may not immediately make changes and reform but it is significant that these words are heard around the world. As a traveler, I have often been surprised by so many comments from outside the country who have little understanding of the corrupt system that is the oosa.

“White” people need to be educated that in fact they are in the minority and although they think that they are the best of the best it is not possible to wage war on the entire human race. Of course that is exactly what bankers and corporate power has been practicing since the end of WWI by its pollutions and enslavement of the poor plebs. But I believe that if we start at the bottom and begin to teach children the correct history of civilization it is possible to change the focus from the gimmies and gotchas to realization of the limits of this planet and the need to care for the common good instead.
Start with a globe and instruct children in the vast areas where other that “whites” live and attempting to thrive as the corporations steal and rape their land for resources.
Well you all know what could and should be done. But again I am amazed by the fact that the oosa may be called upon to answer for its inhuman behavior. It certainly is way past time for it to be called to answer for rogue behavior while it preaches about terrorist on other continents.


This is true for the people of the Congo to the people of Palestine to the people of Central and South America and those of the entire surface of the raped, scorched earth.

I agree that they do provide a forum, but that when it comes to the countless crimes of America and its allies that is generally all they do. They are also very quick to condemn anyone America has decided is an enemy that month.
My contention is that justice is only justice when it is universially applied.
The UN has routinely refused to take action whenever the crime can be linked to America or its proxies and it took them over a generation to even acknowledge Israel’s ongoing genocide.
However, I am curious what cause, facton or party you seem to think is clouding my judgement.

Thanks for bringing us to the widow. We can see the elephant in the room now. Old, grey, wrinkled, and throws his weight around like some jerk off bully.