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You Shall Have the Body: When Justice Is Gone, There's Always Force


You Shall Have the Body: When Justice Is Gone, There's Always Force

Despite the release of Shaker Aamer, protests against its abuses, and ongoing if enfeebled attempts to close it, the black hole of Guantánamo is still there, as are its 112 prisoners. Laurie Anderson's recent "Habeus Corpus," a multi-media work merging drone-like music with the streamed presence of former inmate Mohammed el Gharani, sought to ask hard questions about truth and justice, the costs of a culture that increasingly operates on remote, and a fear-driven politics in which, “Your silence will be considered your consent.”


What a beautiful heart-rending project! This is the "Art of the Soul."

There are no words to say that could justify places like Guantanamo. What human mind conjured up such hell?!

I close my eyes, not wanting to see such hideous betrayal of humanity. I close my ears, not wanting to hear the despair in the voices of the trapped bodies in this man-made hell hole. I close my mouth.....wait a minute! No! I don't close my mouth! Everyone, speak of this grotesque insanity!

Our silence is considered our consent?! This is exactly the "we" guilt that is inferred in all the "we" accusations bantied about. The "system" has constructed this paradigm. The "system" construes our compliance by our silence.

"We" are me, I, you, they, them.


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We need a new Bastille Day in the USA !


Uhmmm wohkay I'm with you that Guantanamo is a horrific place. But it is emphatically not worse than "any of the Soviet gulags ever".

Millions of people were worked, starved, beaten and tortured to death in the gulags. Not dozens, not hundreds, not thousands. Millions of people. Starved and worked to death, often digging their own graves.

It really is not helpful to erase history that way, even if you feel strongly about the horrors of gitmo.


But gitmo is ours. That is our responsibility. We aren't erasing history but gitmo isn't history is it?


Ahhh, Lori Anderson has had it right all along Superman.
Listen to the birds in the background "this is your mother calling..." Whenever I see this I find myself wanting to go deep into the forest to have some down time with mom earth.

A lie no matter how often it is told is still a lie. In the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

Paradise is exactly like where you are right now only .... much much better...
language is a virus from outer space



Latin conjugation aside, it's striking how much of the Cheney-Bush post-9/11 policy seems to be about the appearance of strength, or is it 'toughness' -- for the benefit of themselves, mostly.