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'You Shall Not Pass': Why Scotland Stands Against Trump


'You Shall Not Pass': Why Scotland Stands Against Trump

Richard Leonard

The following are the remarks, as prepared for delivery, of the speech Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard gave in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday, July 14, 2018.

We come to the crucible of Red Clydeside, And on the banks of the river there is a statue dedicated to Dolores Ibarruri Gomez – La Pasionaria.

Who famously said “No pasaran,”

“They shall not pass.”


The Scots were heavily involved in the Spanish Civil War against Franco, Hitler and Mussolini. Scots both raised substantial money to help the fight and many were volunteers joining the International Brigades who selflessly fought against fascism in Spain!

The American volunteers were the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

The statue dedicated to Dolores Ibarruri Gomez – La Pasionaria.- the author references was a great heroine of that Good Fight with the Spanish Republic against fascist forces. The Scots continue that tradition today, fighting the malignant trump regime of corporate fascist outrages and crimes against humanity! They see him clearly as a threat to all humanity and a person of great ugly nature! Trump fittingly puffs his little self up, and adopts a similar pose as Mussolini and pushes people around as a fascist wanna-be tin-pot dictator, but he’s mothing but a POS! A “Jobby”…


Why don’t we have a million people at the airport when he comes back to the USA, all telling him “Not HERE! There is no place for you here. MOVE ALONG, GRIFTER! We like our country better without you in it.”


because we have selected selfish and evil people to rule this country… Think about it, Reagan cutting taxes for the rich and doubling payroll taxes on the bottom 80%… Bushes taking us to war with IRAQ twice and Saddam was their man…and Clintons gutting welfare, increasing prison rates, and setting the Banksters free from regulation so that we had another great depression in 2008…and Bush and his TORTURE, he is still laughing about the Grunts taking the Blame…and Obama never even slapping the hands of the Wall Street criminal GLUTTONS…why is TRUMP different from these people…




Thank you Scotland… what an inspiration from that writing! I once tutored a student who taught me a wonderful Scottish word," Bahookie…" that thing you’re sitting on… so much nicer sounding than “butt”.
So taking DREAMBIGGERs idea…meeting Trump at the airport and shooting nerf balls at his bahookie. would be great fun. Although I suppose that nerf ball tubes are illegal since the NRA doesn’t sell them. : )


Because Americans have been mentally castrated.


Yes we have.


How very, very, very sad that it is a foreign leader who so eloquently states the case against tRump that neither the few remaining old-line Republicans and nor any Democrat can forcefully make. It is overdue and much needed. Richard Leonard ought to receive praise and commendation from the floor of the House and Senate for so clearly and crisply saying what is so necessary to say. The ineffectual politics and the normalization of the repugnant behavior of DJT must be stopped.


Because he does not come in to an airport. He comes in on the Air Force One into Andrews Air Force Base just east of DC - full of security measures that dont allow anyone to even get close to it. He then flies to the White House lawn in the Marine One helicopter - with an escort of several Apache or Blackhawks, bristling with guns.

No country in the world has anything even hundredth of the POTUS’s security cordon around their heads of state.


Most USAns think that “you shall not pass” was something Gandalf said in the mines of Moria in the first episode of the “Lord of the rings” movie.


“So what we are saying, with the eyes of the world upon us is that Donald Trump’s visit does not have the consent of the people.”

And what we are saying, hopefully with the ears of the world listening, is that Donald Trump’s presidency does not have the consent of the people.


Thank you for using the term USAns. I’ve been reminding folks for some time that the United States is not America…it is only part of an America that stretches from the polar regions nearly to Antartica and encompasses many nations and peoples.
Mr. Trump would do well to remember Canadians, Mexicans, and those who occupy all points south to Aguilet Islet are technically Americans as well.


I’ve ben using the term "USAns for many years. Any USAn visiting any part of Latin America learns quite early that calling oneself an “Americano” does not make a very good first impression. The somewhat more tongue-tying “Estadounidese” is the correct word. USAn for short.