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'You Shell Not Pass!': Seattle Activists Blockade Oil Giant Over Arctic Drilling


'You Shell Not Pass!': Seattle Activists Blockade Oil Giant Over Arctic Drilling

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Culminating days of fierce resistance against plans to drill for Arctic oil, activists in Seattle on Monday are risking arrest as they attempt to shut down operations at Shell Oil's drilling rig.

In the wee hours Monday morning, hundreds of people stopped traffic on the Spokane Street Bridge before marching to the Port of Seattle where protesters blocked the entrances to Terminal 5, which houses the oil giant's floating rig, the Polar Pioneer.


“Today we’re not just shutting down Shell, we’re challenging corporate capitalism, imperialism and colonialism with a vision of people power and true mass democracy,”: Perfectly stated! Go Seattle! Love from a Green Socialist.


Peace and love to the sHellNo protesters in Seattle from Rochester, NY.


Seattle and Washington State Port Authorities and DOTs are aligned with oil and globalization interests, Costco Panamax class consumerism, Buffett’s BNSF and the Columbia River becoming a fossil fuel corridor with “international jurisdiction” according to the TPP; implied, inferred, mandated.
Unhappy with Seattle. The DOTs rule the roost ruinously.
Traffic frightening despite proclaimed solutions forthsoothish.
Business-suited apparitions declaring war with a smile.
Black oil salemen jerking off senseless dreadful harm.
Laughing drunks cajoling others like them, the officials.
Parading the party underground won’t erupt, disrupt, destabilize?
Pay to ride to the end of a hole in the ground, Bertha, yours, ours.
Seattle and Washington DOTs/Port Authorities are NOT trustworthy.
= I N V E S T I G A T I O N =


oH, OKAY… yyyyeeeeessss!!!


Really wish I could be there… but, I will try to do my best where I am…


What a delightful scene, i would have loved to have participated in person but my spirit is with all the brave and very creative protesters, qayakers and the indigenous folks. I’ll do my damnedest to end fossil fuels tyranny…


So, what else can we do to stop
Rapid, runaway, catastrophic climate change… from happening?.. we really haven’t much time left… and according to some, we have none…


Boycott Shell Products and Boycott REI and those people on REI Board Nomination and Governance Committee who helped to foist Sec. of the Interior Sally Jewell on us. It’s not enough to make a corporation a target, they not human. Boycotts have to penetrate the corporate shield and make those who profit from these corporations share the pain of the people. ** Particularly when they hide behind false pretenses to profit from what should be a wholesome business.

** Though REI is owned by its membership and the board ostensibly serves at the members’ pleasure, there is no path to board membership without the approval of the Board Nomination and Governance Committee.