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You the TPP Was Bad. Here's How It Gets Even Worse


You the TPP Was Bad. Here's How It Gets Even Worse

Dave Johnson

Negotiators are meeting in Atlanta, trying to wrap up the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It might be wrapped up as soon as Thursday. While the agreement is secret, there are reasons for people to be very, very concerned.

Here is a news article that explains why people should be alarmed about this secret “trade” agreement that the giant corporations have come up with. Reuters reports, in “U.S. business groups oppose exceptions in Pacific trade pact“:


Mitch McConnell: "...and a Joe the Camel in every yard!"


These TPP, TTIP and TiSA are 'trade' agreements that, zombie-like, won't quit coming. Hydra-headed, cut one off and they come up again with a new name and set of letters. Eternal vigilance is right.


Making the world "safe" not for Democracy, but for the plundering likes of Big Tobacco, Monsanto and its ghastly and equally unhealthy products, Big Oil, Big Fracking, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Guns (and/or MIC), and Big Banks. It's a 21st century version of armed and dangerous feudalism, and just think... so much of this usurpation of The People's Right to determine what they eat, how they live, and where their tax dollars go has come about from a false trigger. The scions of the Third Reich were very practiced in the arts of mind control, mass deception through lies told often, and the deft use of a scapegoat to terrify captive populations into submission.

Now, with all the talk of spreading freedom, what Civil and moral Liberty has NOT been eviscerated? And still, the troops march on.


Spot on, and may I add that all of the factions you mention are focused on the ultimate goal of monopolizing their respective industry. Although a big part of the creation of the middle class during the first half of the 20th century was breaking up monopolies, today we are witnessing the creation and expansion of monopolies on a scale that would make the gilded age robber barons green with envy.


"As you all enter the potentially final hours of negotiation, we ask all of the TPP governments to reject the exclusion of products from the coverage of the TPP and its enforcement mechanism," said the letter from the American Farm Bureau Federation, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers and other business groups.

Pretty sure that, as a general rule, anything that is opposed by "the American Farm Bureau Federation, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers and other business groups" is probably worth supporting for that fact alone.

Any different treatment for tobacco risks a backlash in the United States and could erode support in Congress for the TPP by upsetting lawmakers from tobacco-producing states like Kentucky.

Sounds like a plan.


Citizen's United but on the nation state level. Corporate citizenship now becoming corporate nationhood? The corporations given the rights of a citizen now being the rights of a nation?

I kid you not! Corporate nationhood is being born piece by piece, step by step, trade agreement by trade agreement.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Nationhood.

Corporate World Order

Unalienable rights? Is that so? We await the Constitution being challenged by a trade agreement.

Serfs up!!! Catch this wave!


Mutual admiration society? I just stated (in another thread) that you were a credit to the forum when it comes to financial analysis. Thank you for validating my perspective on this insidious "development."

Typically, when anything becomes too crystalized, it sets in motion the seeds of its own inevitable destruction.

Also, when power becomes too concentrated in too few hands, all the armies in the world can't maintain that condition. It's an insult to nature and an assault on what many of us take for the Source-sourced gift of Free will. Naturally, there cannot BE free will operational within a totally controlled, authoritarian state.

In other words, Shift happens. And if we notice the Leftist swings in the U.S. (Sanders, albeit not a full-out Leftist), U.K., this Pope, facets rising in Spain, facets rising in Greece, Iceland breaking from the clamps of the Big banks, campaigns to cut and run from U.K in Scotland, major anti-imperialism campaigns throughout much of South America it's clear that challenges to this damning and ecocide-driven status quo are mounting.


"The scions of the Third Reich": definition scion: descendant, child; especially: a descendant of a wealthy, aristocratic or influential family member (per Merriam-Webster).

Thus family member Jeb?, grandson and direct descendent of wealthy, influential war-time financier and politician Preston Bush, was anointed as heir apparent of the imbedded Bush bloodline for the 2016 conservative Republican bid for power and the U.S. Presidency. The New World Order will pick up where they were once forced to back away to feast on the remains of this centuries-long attempt at democracy.

Slow leaks have been the only source available for the little information available re: these secret "trade" agreements. When the hammer finally falls after we have done all that we can do to stop the "treaties", when the dust clears and we can access the death and destruction of this once great nation and the world, will we then be allowed to learn our fate?


I think the term works both figuratively and literally. And you pointed out one blood line example.

"What will be the world's response when the hammer finally falls and we learn our fate?"

Word is that the TIPP is falling apart in South America. The Europeans HATE gen tech "food." LOTS of resistance is building.

In sum, life is a lot more than a fixed conclusion. A paradigm change is asserting through massive fraud catching up in financial markets; refugee crises straining the War Business as usual; climate chaos costing billions and upending lives; and the emergence of a New Moral Voice to oppose the twisted agenda of today's Disaster Capitalists.


Thanks SR for your response. As I mentioned earlier, the legacy of the Third Reich as been an occurring nightmare for me since childhood, with images of smoking ovens and stacks of human remains not meant for any child to see, much less experience.

I believe that any politicians willing to sell their souls for any amount of wealth or power do not belong near the seat of power. I include both Democrats and Republicans who fall within that group, especially members of Third Way, these traitors are the ones who held the back door open for exchange while pretending to honor the people they represented. I would go further and seek prosecution with substantial, bare-bones jail-time of those who enabled and patronized them. Yes, their crimes against nature, country and humanity are that severe, but first we need to revisit and / or retry the sentences of the many jailed unjustly, we will need the prison space, all of it, to house those who had no compassion for the public but built fortunes on their pain. The stakes are overwhelming. For humanity to survive, this corrupt governance must change. Our time has run out.


Brought to you by your trusty Mr. Hope and Change, Barack Obama. He's the Second Coming of George W. Bush.


Big protest events coming up Oct 10 - 17 and Nov 14-18
Get out on the streets and help out.
See more at Flush The TPP


Much like the XL Pipe line there is no benefit but much downside in these TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) to WeThePeople.


I wonder if the natives on this side of the planet said the same thing in the late eighteenth and during the nineteenth centuries? I so hope I am wrong in my comparison and you are right.


Hi..."and you pointed out one blood line example"...there is only one blood-line, the majority of our President's are related by blood and or marriage, if you go out to the furthest degree it's 33 or 34...check out the works of Gary Boyd Roberts of the New England Genealogy Historical Society in Boston...Bye, onedman


The TPP and other trade agreements affects every American and should be a major issue in the news,but is hardly mentioned.A real issue that people should have a voice in-and can have an effect-but yet the corporate media keep the American people in the dark on these important issues.


All three of my "representatives" in Washington, DeCeit - Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell and Derek Kilmer - are in favor of the TPP AND Fast Track. I have informed them all that I will never vote for them again. That is how strongly I object to this direct threat to the very sovereignty of the United States in the name of "corporate rights" with the pathetic and short-sighted justification that the TPP "will bring more jobs to Washington".


It's what they do - that is why they are properly referred to as the "CORPORATE media".


But what is the overall effect of keeping people in the dark? From the middle east situation to an economy that functions for the few.